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y’all…..if this isn’t the most reylo song I’ve heard…

keep your distance / keep away from me / I’m not on your side

I can recognize a scrap of myself in you / And I can’t get over it / I can’t get over it  / Can’t get my head around it

anonymous asked:

Any tips to get your thoughts out by using a bullet journal? Do you let people look in it? If yes do you private stuff in it? (I suffer from different mental illnesses and I think it's hard to find answers to it)

I don’t normally show people my journal unless they are curious about what it is. Even then, I only show them my calendar or weekly set ups. My personal pages are made for my eyes and use only. 

I actually have used my journals for mental health many times. I’ll make a post about the things you can add for mental clarity. Hang tight!

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“…so by that logic the whole second canto is obviously a veiled critique of Meroc’s appropriation of the Hebitian epic style for State propaganda purposes, and - uh - Garak?”


“Are you playing footsie?”

“What a charming term! I’m not familiar with it. But please do continue, Doctor - I’m eager to see how this fascinatingly wrongheaded analysis of yours will play out.”

“Hang on - I’m winning, aren’t I? I’m winning the argument, and you’re trying to distract me.”

“Whatever do you mean.”


‘95 line fanboying over NCT U vocal line


ToDae demonstrating why it’s never a good idea to hit TOP, even in play: TOP hits back harder.