them two ugh


KARAMEL || Kara x Mon-El || SUPERGIRL || S02E05 || Actual cinnamon rolls smiling at, and posing for, each other.

E.E Cummings- i carry your heart

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I hope in Season 4 we get background glimpses of Isak and Even. Like:

• People know now of Even and Isak as an official couple, so they start to get to know Even and find out what a cool guy he is.

• Others never forgeting to invite Even alongside Isak now to the parties.

• When they get comfortable with public affection, we see them holding hands.

• Hot making out action going on in parties.

• The boy/girl squad mentioning them, like ‘Ugh, those two are inseperable now’, or one of the girls going 'the way those two look at each other it’s so sickeningly sweet. I want that.’

• Isak, now being the side character, talking with the main character and mentioning Even and not being able to control his fond smile.

•Whenever there’s a pre-game or something being hosted, Isak and Even are somewhere in the corner together being sweet and cute and sometimes borderline-hot-sexy-action and mostly oblivious to anyone around them.

•The honeymoon phase ♡

• The boy squad appearing sometimes and somehow mentioning those two, because yes, they are the biggest Evak shippers ever. Like, 'Yeah, those two, now that they’re officially together, they’re like always, like, linked physically or something, it’s disgusting’ with fond smiles and teasing.

• Isak blushing in the background and Even smiling his adoring only-for-Isak smile at him.

• So yeah, I hope we get some Evak background sweetness.