them overcoming the odds and learning to be better people BECAUSE of each other

Jonerys in 7.07 and Beyond :)

Okay so I have gotten a steady flow of asks both positive and worried after the finale so I thought I would just post one, big analysis of Jonerys in the finale for anyone interested in my take on things!

First of all I just want to establish that I loved this episode and it is my favorite of the season. There was much more to love than Jonerys here, but they are what I will focus on for this particular post, and I think this episode solidified their love in a major and lasting way. This is giant so I used a cut. 

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I requested MC with selective mutism a while back but just for vanderwood and saeran, could I get that same prompt with the whole RFA + V? - Kas

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Here’s the original!


  • He doesn’t care. Like he just - doesn’t care. Like he’s been forming these complex, indepth relationships on LOLOL and yeah, sometimes he voicechats, but half the people don’t so he’s completely comfortable with navigating a conversation where he speaks and the replies are all in text. It makes for some hilarious logs later, and sometimes you go back and laugh about them.
  • He gets you into LOLOL, and it’s freeing to be in this entirely text-based world where you don’t have to speak. It doesn’t matter. For once? Everyone is on your level!
  • When you join in on raids and people voice-chat to communicate, it’s easy enough to accommodate you and your particular needs. If you don’t have the time to type something you need to say, you macro it! Yoosung shows you how. It’s easy!
  • What a world of wish-fulfillment, far from the noisy and chaotic one where everyone just wants to hear your voice.
  • Your text communication with him is very nuanced. Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a meme is worth a thousand more, and when he asks you what for dinner and all you send is shrug.jpg?
  • Well, he snorts and has his answer.
  • On the voice-chatting program, you become the “guild robot” who occasionally pipes up using text-to-speech. You often use the artificial voice to stay things that are absurd yet hilarious. There’s an entire five minute bit where you all die laughing over how it pronounces kumquat.
  • (Every time you think of it, you snicker.)


  • With Zen, it’s a lot of tugging on his jacket sleeve and pointing.
  • He’s shockingly good at silent communication; is it his skills as an actor? He’s used to projecting so many emotions that he’s amazing at interpreting them in others. To him - your face is an open book, and gosh, does that make things easier.
  • When you’re overwhelmed, he’ll take you on a motorcycle ride. He’ll order for you at the counter so as to not make a big deal of things, and he’s fine with the silence and with texting you under the table. It gives him a chance to look at your face, anyway, to star at you lovingly and watch you squirm as he calls you his cute babe♥.
  • It kinda… freaks everyone out, honestly? People ask him if he’s a mindreader, because half the time, you don’t even need to tell him what you’re thinking. Sometimes, he doesn’t even need gestures, he just looks at you and knows.
  • He says it’s because he knows you well; they say it’s some kind of advanced telepathy device.
  • it’s not ‘they’ it’s seven it’s seven who’s saying all this
  • Zen likes it when you rely on him, and he’s wholly and entirely supportive as you go to therapy and as you slowly, carefully start to come out of your shell.
  • He’ll be there, he says. You’re my precious angel; how could I do anything else?


  • Briefly, Jaehee is disappointed, and admittedly a little perplexed. You don’t talk? she thinks, her fantasies of sitting beside you in front of Zen’s musicals and singing along crushed with a single sentence. She tries not to be sad. She tries to understand. But -
  • She can’t help it. It’s there, it’s unavoidable, but she doesn’t blame you, and she reorganizes her fantasies and moves on.
  • Instead, it becomes the buzz of her phone when she’s stuck late at the office, a message from you or, perhaps, a picture. It becomes your smile on a moonlight night, or the way you giggle at one of Zen’s hammy lines. the milky white fuzz of a whipped-cream mustache on your upper lip and how she wants to reach out a thumb to wipe it awa- 
  • (Jaehee pauses then, adjusts her collar, and gets back to work.)
  • It doesn’t occur to her to ask why; she figures if you want her to know, she’ll know in time, and if you don’t - well. That’s alright too. Your history is your own to share as you please, and she certainly knows how painful it is to let others know about what’s happened to you. 
  • She becomes used to finding notes from you. Good luck, Jaehee! slipped into the tax forums. Today’s going to be great! lying on top of the coffee beans, and You look pretty today! taped on the mixer she uses to make her cakes. She smiles, and makes you a latte with a heart formed from the cream.
  • Jaehee learns the sound of your footsteps, the particular way your shirt rustles when you walk by her. Jaehee learns the difference between a sniff of amusement and a sniff of disapproval, and when it’s an alright time to hold your hand.
  • After what feels like no time at all, she’s forgotten even the possibility of her old wishes, like they’d become so unimportant she’d forgotten they’d ever existed in the first place. What remains isn’t silence - it’s filled with a million small things she might not have noticed otherwise.
  • Jaehee’s entire life has been about rushing and doing things as fast as possible, and now that she has a chance to slow down and listen…
  • It feels good.


  • When he says that he wants to hear your voice, your heart shatters because you know you can’t speak, even for him. But when he says that just hearing you breathe is enough - just knowing you’re alive, knowing you’re listening - it’s put back together again, and you have to press your hand to your mouth to keep yourself from crying.
  • You’re an odd pair, the shiny, pristine businessman and his partner, the one that won’t talk. But you’re also a good pair, as what Jumin needs isn’t really validation… but to be understood. And you do. Sitting by his side, letting him pour out all of the feelings that no one else will listen to… you understand.
  • Exhausted, tired, worn down from trying to untangle the ugly knot that’s overcome his heart, Jumin feels a buzz in his hand, and he checks his phone to see a message from you.
  • ‘I love you.’
  • He smiles because he knows you do.
  • Jumin doesn’t need you to speak. He doesn’t have any ‘romantic aspirations’ of how one day you’ll feel comfortable enough to vocalize your thoughts for him, nor does he particularly mind the silence as you walk by his side. All he needs is to look you in the eyes - those eyes filled with such compassion - and he knows, in his heart, everything that you want to tell him.
  • To him, your ‘voice’ is the click-click of your phone’s keyboard. To him, your ‘voice’ is the way you’ll tug on his sleeve and smile, and the sound of his phone binging softly during a meeting with a message of encouragement and support.
  • Sometimes, he thinks of the mindless way his stepmothers used to prattle on, and he thinks of you, quiet and sincere and afraid to assert your own presence, and he smiles. To know what you’re thinking, he has to slow down and look for it, and he likes it, being the person who can always understand you in return.
  • Jumin doesn’t worry. He doesn’t fret. He doesn’t feel insecure, because sitting next to you, the both of you on the messenger and occasionally looking at each other and smiling…
  • That’s perfect for him.


  • It both takes him forever and no time at all to notice. Or, rather, perhaps a better way of putting it is this - he snoops into your personal information and finds it pretty easily, but doesn’t really understand the ramifications of it until much later in your relationship.
  • You’re energetic in the chat-room. You have time to moderate everything you say, and you don’t have to hear your voice when you’re typing. You joke and laugh and spam memes at each other. Seven feels like he’s walking on air.
  • And in phone conversations…? Honestly, he’s noisy enough for the both of you.
  • He knows - like, it’s clear he knows. It’s hard not to, when you don’t say anything in response to him. He jokes that he knows your true heart, and therefore you don’t have to say a word! Which in a way is… a nice thought?
  • In a way it’s not, because you know it’s not true. You’re filled in a world inundated with conversations and you acknowledge that, you’ve been dealing with it for so long, but some part of you appreciates Seven saying so.
  • It’s a bit shallow, but it’s fun, so you don’t complain.
  • It hits him one night at around three a.m., while he’s thinking about you because he’s so disgustingly in love but doesn’t know how to say it. It’s just this profound, shocking moment of revelation that you are not the way you are because of some quirk.
  • You are the way you are because the world has silenced you.
  • And it just - tears him apart inside.
  • He gets a lot more sensitive after that. He asks you… what it’s like. If you need anything. Are you okay? And you’re surprised, because you didn’t really figure him for the kind of person who took things so seriously, but he does because it’s you and he can’t help it. he asks if it hurts. He asks if there’s anything he can do.
  • When you’re hanging out… should he talk to you? Or type to you?
  • It’s weird, being asked your preferences so forthrightly, and not being made to conform to a world that wasn’t made to fit you. But Seven is so sincere about it all, and you don’t forget about that, even when he goes right back to laughing afterwards. 


  • Being a man who communicates in photographs, it’s only natural that he would accept someone who doesn’t want to communicate with the spoken word.
  • Honestly, he gets a little - mmmn. How to put it. Romantic about it? V has problems, and one of his problems is idealizing people’s suffering to make it “beautiful”. When you first get to know him, he is a little weird about this in regards to the “you not talking thing”.
  • Like - like you’re some kind of “silent princess” or whatever.
  • Which is a bit… alienating? And pedestal-y? And while it’s nice to not be made fun of or to be pressured into speaking (it’ll be good for you!) it’s also strange for him to weave this elaborate emotional tale about your suffering.
  • no dude.
  • you just don’t talk due to your wide assortment of crippling anxieties. don’t get weird about it!
  • You’re not beautiful because you suffer; you’re just a person trying to get through life while carrying your own blend of burdens. And he starts to realize that once his own burdens really start impeding his communication with you. 
  • V… can’t see very well. It makes logging into the chat-room hard, along with reading messages from you. You both struggle with this, because you like each other, but it seems like you keep not being able to match up with your own problems. 
  • He feels guilty. If he’d gotten the eye surgery earlier, maybe his vision wouldn’t be this far gone. You feel guilty, because - well, because of everything, because if you just “got better” faster this wouldn’t be a problem, and it’s Seven that suggests you both try to bridge the gap through technology.
  • You learn to write in braille. He starts getting the courage to navigate resources for those who have difficulty seeing, and your relationship becomes one of mutually acknowledging and finding a way around your troubles.
  • It’s oddly empowering, in a way, as you both figure out new strategies to reach out to each other. You get how the world doesn’t really feel made for you, you get the feeling of struggling, and by the end of it, V has stopped seeing you as this delicate ice princess and he, the worthless, sad man who’s ruined his life.
  • In the end, you’re just two people trying to make things work… and it does.

I should go to sleep. But the sugar hit from my late night cheesecake hasn’t worn off yet and my brain wants to play with more SW AUs.

I have plenty.

But the one that grabs me at the moment is purely self indulgent. I had to play with the timelines a bit but still…

Imagine an AU where it is not Obi-Wan leaving the Order, but Qui-Gon. In the wake of Tahl’s death (which happens a few years earlier here, but is no less traumatic) Qui-Gon is a devastated man on the edge of falling. There is so much anger, so much pain! But as in canon his Padawan keeps him from making a very bad mistake. Except…

Old doubts resurface. About his ability to teach, about the way he keeps managing to hurt his Padawan, about his role in Xanatos’ fall. There is Darkness in Qui-Gon Jinn and he fears that he will lead another student to his downfall. Obi-Wan would be much better off with a proper master, one not plagued by the shadows of his mistakes, teetering on the edge of madness…

He needs to leave. He has often been accused of being more grey than is acceptable, and this last incident has only shown Qui-Gon that if he is to prevent himself slipping further he will need to find a new approach. The Force is unsettled, giving him no clear direction. The choice is his alone.

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When we think of education, we think of learning, that is the acquisition of new knowledge and materials applied to a context that supports our development and understanding. But what we often do not think about is how the opposite also supports our development, how the adverse (as opposed to the cessation) can also give way to new and unexplored terrain when it comes to our development. We have learnt how to learn, but never how, or more importantly when, we must unlearn so as to progress and adapt to ever-changing social conditions.

First, unlearning is different from “not learning”. The latter is a vehicle with no movement, the former is a vehicle that must shed some of its load (not a vehicle moving backwards). In simpler terms, think of learning as getting dressed, and unlearning as undressing. But removing only the layers which are redundant, serve little purpose, or do not benefit a person in their current condition.

We must think of unlearning as acquisition and reversal, or a return. The act of checking out knowledge from a library and knowing when to return it when we no longer need it. To unlearn is to adapt, to shed, to confess, and to acclimatize to a changing world. But it is also to better ourselves for our own sakes and not just for that of social benefit.

For many, it may be difficult to think of anything that one should need to unlearn. But unlearning is unlike learning in that it is not a universal “one-size-fits-all” curriculum such as those taught in the schools of our youth. Unlearning has more to do with our understanding of social cues and our individual emotional intelligence, and has more to do with our personal selves than we may realize.

In that sense, everyone’s “curriculum” or itinerary for unlearning will look vastly different, and will undergo multiple changes perhaps on a daily basis. Unlearning is, or should be, the method in which we self-identify traits, behaviours, and patterns within ourselves which are harmful to us and others around us. It is a journey in betterment and self-realization, a process which has no set timelines or templates, and something that we are (and should be) in total control of always. And perhaps that is what makes the concept of unlearning so difficult and frightening. Because it is self-directed. It is a battle in which we both lose and win and are faced with constant decisions that will test us to our limits. Some decisions will be easy, and many not so much.

Unlearning is a process in which we must question ourselves and our conditioning, and whether our thoughts, beliefs, and practices are still relevant, tolerant, accepting, and inclusive of others’ and their spaces. It is not an experience in which others highlight our faults for us to examine and consider, it is one in which we must hold the spotlight upon ourselves and be brave enough, and at the same time vulnerable enough, to consider.

How do my actions affect those around me? Am I overly critical or judgmental? Am I partial to a specific race, sex, or creed? Do I favour one kind of friend over another? What are our faults? These are some of the questions we might ask ourselves. But this is not a game of Detective in which we find someone to blame. Blame is counterproductive because it does not guarantee accountability. The only way we can bring change is to admit that something that we had personally known to work or to be acceptable in the past is not as such any longer, and work to change or adjust the habit.

Unlearning is the new (unofficial) curriculum of education. It is taking what we know that no longer serves us and returning it to the archives. There may be a time when we must relearn that which we have unlearned, but until that time comes we must be able to trust in our own judgement and character to stow away that which is not mutually beneficial. Today, nations struggle with the concept of unlearning their tragedies and overcoming the lingering demons of their nightmares. Nations struggle with unlearning colonization, the horrors of genocide and famine, and terror. We each struggle with something, but personal (or even collective) struggle does not, and will not, ever justify forcing similar struggle upon someone else.

The term “we are only human” is often applied to many scenarios, but let this not be one of them. We, as human beings, are too aligned with our past and we are so convinced that history shall repeat itself that we do not even bother to prove it otherwise. Let us break the cycle and look inward before we look out. Let us unlearn the damage we do to one another, as individuals, communities, and nations.

We live in a society that is changing daily. Our core values are being challenged at a much more rapid and constant rate than ever before with the emergence of new standards of social interaction. We are closer and more connected today than we have ever been in the past, and that connection is only bound to grow. As we find more of ourselves in the same crowded room, there is bound to be conflict of some sort arising from some odd corner. But before we begin to shift blame, let us look inward and alter any possible causes of conflict or disaster by correcting ourselves first, so that we may be justified when holding others accountable for their actions. Let us learn to unlearn.

—  Nav K, Unlearning
The Catfather

Part Two: Leave it to Chewie

Captain Swan, Captain Cobra, [G], ~5.4k words, 2/?

Summary: Thomas O'Malley couldn’t say he had the perfect life, but after adopting Swan the cat and her two kittens, Thomas finally had a sense of normalcy restored. That was until the day his dead wife’s long lost son Henry Mills showed up on his doorstep, claiming that not only is his wife alive, but her name is really Emma, he’s really Captain Hook, and that it’s his job as her True Love to find her and save her so she can save everyone else.Quite a lot to swallow before breakfast.

From the Beginning

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And without further ado, Part Two!

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A Guide to Healthy Kismesissitude

Hello, everybody! Toxie here! Today, we will be looking at examples of Kismesissitude from the Homestuck story (And even pop-culture!) and examining them to point out the qualities of healthy and unhealthy pitch relationships! As Kismesissitude is outside the human spectrum of romance, it is often done incorrectly when intended to be a healthy relationship built on hate. Keep reading to learn more about about healthy hate!

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Hiccup, the Doctor, and Role Models for Boys

I absolutely adore the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. Both movies are full of heart and have some of the most fascinating, nuanced, well developed characters I’ve ever seen in a movie targeted at children. Also, they have dragons. Really, they could’ve stopped after animating Toothless and I would’ve been happy.

But for those of us who are hyper aware of gender dynamics in media, HTTYD is an absolute delight. The entirety of the first movie was a subversion of gender tropes in media from start to finish. The movie showed us an egalitarian society where men and women were considered fully equal without making a big deal of it. Astrid was clearly the most best fighter of the group, but no comments were made within the movie about how she was exceptional or rare as a woman for this trait.

The relationship between Astrid and Hiccup also defied traditional gender dynamics in media. Astrid occupied the traditional male movie role: she was the strong fighter working to overcome her fears, develop her skills, and become the most powerful warrior in her village. It’s Hiccup’s job to teach her the value of empathy and compassion, and he ultimately encourages her to accept her village’s traditional enemies: dragons.

The second movie was equally as good as the first. Five years after the first movie ended, Hiccup is still viewed as an unconventional leader in his community. While everyone around him believes war with this movie’s villain, Drago Bludvist, is inevitable, he still attempts to negotiate for peace. 

Drago is presented as a dark parallel to Hiccup. Both grew up viewing dragons as their enemy, and both have been hurt in various ways by dragons. But while Hiccup reacted with empathy, attempting to understand and befriend dragons, Drago reacted with violence. He dominates and controls them through aggression and brute force. Without giving too much away, Hiccup is ultimately able to defeat Drago by displaying the trust and love that he and Toothless have for each other. 

In short, Hiccup and the entire HTTYD franchise challenge ideas about masculinity and femininity. Both men and women can be strong warriors, and both can be empathetic and gentle. Hiccup is a hero because he is thoughtful, intelligent, compassionate and kind, not because he is violent and aggressive.

All of this is a very long, roundabout way of saying that I don’t buy the argument that the Doctor should only ever be portrayed by a man because the Doctor is the only positive role model for boys.

The typical argument asserts that the Doctor “is the only non-violent ‘superhero’ male role model” because he solves his conflicts by being clever and kind, not by being violent or aggressive. I’ve always found this argument to be a bit perplexing. Sure, the Doctor is a wonderful role model in this regard. Steven Moffat (and yes, I do think he sometimes says wonderfully brilliant things), summed it up best when he said:

When they made this particular hero, they didn’t give him a gun, they gave him a screwdriver to fix things. They didn’t give him a tank or a warship or an x-wing fighter, they gave him a call box from which you can call for help. And the didn’t give him a superpower or pointy ears or a heat ray, they gave him an extra heart. They gave him two hearts.

These qualities make the Doctor exceptional, but not necessarily unique. Most of the media I grew up with featured a male protagonist whose strength came from compassion and love, and who defeated his enemies by being clever and kind instead of being violent. And this type of model is increasingly common.

One of my earliest childhood heroes was Luke Skywalker. I remember being stuck on a long camping trip as a kid with nothing but the original trilogy to entertain myself and watching those movies a dozen times each. I would play at being a Jedi at every new campground, waving around a tree branch like a lightsaber. But I remember being struck by the fact that in the end, it wasn’t Luke’s strength or skill with a lightsaber that made him a hero. He threw down his lightsaber, refused to fight, and was saved by his father’s love. His strength lay in his ability to empathize and love.

It wasn’t long after I started watching Star Wars that I began reading the Harry Potter novels. Harry rarely tried to solve his problems with violence, and when he did, it was always shown to be counterproductive and regrettable. He was ultimately able to defeat Voldemort not because he discovered a super powerful spell or became the best wizard ever, but because he understood the power of love better than Voldemort ever could. Harry cast a disarming spell, and Voldemort’s killing spell rebounded on himself. Voldemort was killed by his own act of violence.

Around the same time I was reading Harry Potter, I was watching Avatar: The Last Airbender. Aang was the most powerful kid in the world, the only person capable of bending all four elements. He spends the first three seasons mastering all of the bending styles in order to defeat the Fire Lord and save the world. But by the end of the last season, he begins to question whether it would be right to kill the Fire Lord, a man who committed genocide by killing Aang’s entire nation and plunged the world into a massive war. Aang solves this conflict creatively, refusing to kill the Fire Lord and instead learning an entirely new bending style to disarm him.

All of these characters had the ability and skill to solve their conflicts with violence, and they aren’t above fighting to defend themselves or others. Even the Doctor, who is held up as the 'only nonviolent hero’ for boys, isn’t above using violence when there is no creative solution and his adversaries refuse to negotiate or back down (“No second chances. I’m that sort of a man”). 

But these heroes are more well known for their empathy, compassion, cleverness, and their desire to avoid resolving conflicts with violence. And they all share many traits in common with the Doctor. Hiccup is intensely curious about his world and is constantly trying to learn more. Luke tries to understand someone who most people assumed was fundamentally evil and gave him a chance to change himself. Aang is unironically enthusiastic about everything he encounters and isn’t afraid to show it, even if it makes him appear odd.

And Harry, who even years later is still in many ways the lonely boy in the cupboard under the stairs who would rather do whatever dangerous thing must be done alone, needs his friends. They keep him grounded, they keep him from brooding, and they encourage him to talk about what’s bothering him. He is better when they are around.

The Doctor is not the lone positive male role model for boys, he’s one of many. 

I’m not convinced that letting a woman portray the Doctor would “take away” this positive role model for boys. First of all, her presence wouldn’t negate the impact of the twelve men who preceded her. And I think such a regeneration would do a lot to challenge ideas about gender in media. It would teach young boys that certain character traits and behaviors aren’t inherent to any gender, but are learned. It would teach them that they can look up to women as their role models, instead of shaming them for doing so. 

So lets talk about how the Doctor does and does not defy traditional models of masculinity. Let’s talk about his value and importance as a character. Let’s talk about how the character of the Doctor can be a role model for little boys and little girls, regardless of gender. But let’s not hold the Doctor up as an ideal, dismiss and ignore other characters that don’t fit the traditional mold, and use this argument to derail conversations about whether the Doctor should ever be portrayed by a woman.

cutekitty145  asked:

The reaction of BAP with a girl added to their groups and their relationships with her, I really like. So I was wondering if you could do that for BTS or Got7 and if you can do both that'd be awesome but if not that's fine too. Love.your blog. 💕💕💕

I’m really glad you enjoyed it!! I will do both. For now, here is the BTS one. [:
Other versions: B.A.P // EXO // GOT7 // MONSTA X

Jin: Mama Jin is Mama Jin. He’s going to be her knight in shining armor, always making sure the other members stay in line and mind their manners around her. He’ll also constantly be getting after Namjoon for quite a few of the things he says and does to test her limits. Poor Jin will nearly be driven nuts trying to keep things in order. All the while, he and the newest member will develop a very humble friendship. As her own way of showing her appreciation for Jin’s efforts in maintaining some sanity amongst the group, she’ll happily ask for cooking lessons and let him have his hay day in sharing one of his best talents with her in such a way.  She will easily and happily become his guinea pig for trying new recipes.  They will also have this subtle habit of helping one another improve their weakest points - she will stick around and practice the choreography with Jin, and help him improve on parts that are hard for him without making a big deal about actually helping him to save his ego, in return he subtly helps her with vocals and overcoming her nerves about being added to one of the most popular K-pop groups.

Suga: This is another one that will end up having a special kind of relationship with this girl member. When she first comes along, he’ll be one to keep his distance and offer little for a warm welcoming, but that doesn’t mean he’s a blatant jerk about it… just nonchalant per usual. Basically, things would remain stagnant between the two until a random moment in the studio where she offers a little suggestion for a change in the beat or the key that gives one of his songs a completely new sound and things transpire from there. He would actually find great joy in working with her and pushing even more boundaries musically with the changeup that she offers. It will also be great fun for others to watch how open and excited he becomes when they engage in conversation over a shared interest, not to mention the completely mind-numbing, ear melting awesomeness that they create together. This girl would quickly become one of Suga’s favourite people once she can get him to open up.

J-Hope: If it’s at all possible for this ray of sunshine to shine any brighter, the addition of this female member to the group would be the very thing that brings that out.  He’s such a sweet, easy going guy that easily befriends others and with her, it would be no exception.  I think when she first comes, he would have no hesitations about taking her under his wing and helping her assimilate to all the changes.  He’d be more than happy to help her learn all the choreography and would also team with Jimin and Jin in making sure she’s well cared for as well.  This all would lead to a close, sweet friendship between the two - and probably a much-needed one for Hoseok.  After being cast in a shadow of the more popular members, it will be a sweet breath of fresh air to have a girl outwardly cheering him on and constantly offering him an ego/confidence boost whenever he’s running low.  He would also be more than happy to return the favor any way he can.

Rap Monster: Better watch out for this guy. Though he’d have this outward appearance of being a good leader, he’d also have this habit of constantly tossing subliminal, flirtatious suggestions at the poor girl. Granted, Rapmon wouldn’t be a straight-up dick about it. He keeps things extremely subtle to begin with (to the point it’s hard to tell if there was sexual innuendo involved or not) and had she been obviously uncomfortable with things, he would immediately back off. But no. She’s going to dish it right back at him and make his head spin from the fact that he very well may have met his match. And though they have this strange bond over dirty jokes and whatnot, they also have a tendency of seeking out one another in the middle of sleepless nights to discuss philosophical ideas and whatever odd thoughts that might come to mind. Because she’s got a different perspective than the rest of the group due to her gender, Namjoon will have a ball picking at her brain and they will develop a deep, yet bizarre bond.

Jimin: Ugh. His sweetness would be lethal. This guy would be all sorts of just too perfectly respectful with the girl. He’d be a complete gentleman in making sure she’s always well taken care of and that includes her taking care of herself. He’d be the one reminding her to eat and rest even though he’s not the best at doing so himself, so this would become something they do for one another. It’s their own deal ‘I’ll eat if you eat" “I’ll rest if you rest”. They’d have a pretty special friendship of being each other’s guardian.  He would also be the one that is very conscious of how the fans respond to her.  Whenever they are promoting or have a broadcasting schedule, he would be sure that she gets plenty of chances to speak and show the fans what a wonderful person she is so they can love her as much as the rest of the group.  He will also do his best to shelter her from any backlash she may receive out of jealousy from the fans or simply hurtful things said about her because of the sudden fame.  I’m more than sure she would do the same and constantly remind him that he doesn’t need to change his appearance for the fans, but simply remain happy and healthy for their love.

V: Contrary to what most people would think, Tae would actually be one of the most guarded with the addition of a female member. He’s not going to be exactly outward about this, but there will be a notable distance he keeps between himself and this girl. Still the sweet ray of sunshine that we know and love, he wouldn’t be one to exclude her in activities, but he also won’t seek her out to join him on adventures either. This isn’t something that lasts forever, but he does keep himself guarded for quite some time as he works through how to react with a female around all the time. In the end, she will end up being a very close friend just as the other members. He’ll come to see her as a sister and partner in crime rather than a threat to him of sorts.  I can see an unimaginable amount of energy between the two, and once they do become close, they very well may be a point of annoyance to the rest of the group… in the best way, of course.

Jungkook: This boy will actually be silenced with curiosity.  We all know how shy he can be around females, and it will be no different with this girl when she first comes.  For a while, he will be noticeably quieter as he tries to work out how to act around her.  Even she will pick up on this and gently work his nerves until he overcomes them.  I think this change would bring on a completely new side of Kookie for everyone to see.  Once he gets used to having this girl around, I can see him taking on a whole new level of confidence and oh boy will the fandom have to look out then.  You think the smirks and the hip thrusts are bad now?  As for their friendship, they will definitely have a unique bond.  There will probably be a noona-esque relationship of sorts between them, and of all the members, I think this fella would possibly be the most likely to develop feelings for her - whether it’s just a little crush or more.  With his youthfulness and probable inexperience in dating (not to mention the lack of girls around for the most part), it would just be too easy for this poor fella to have a soft spot for the girl that’s always around and so happily spends time with him.  I don’t think things would ever go beyond that, though.  It would forever remain just a simple, innocent, one-sided crush.

I See a Lot of Myself in You: A Reflection of Ourselves in Korra's Hero Journey [submission]

Preface: A quick shout-out to lokgifsandmusings​ and queertoonqueertoons, whose meta inspired me to write this. Before we begin I highly recommend you read or revisit lokgifs’ essay Running With Subtext to give context to the concept of Korra’s queer coding. See also the follow-up here. And if you haven’t read ‘Dear Bryke’, by queertoons, what are you doing with your life?

written by highlyclassifiedshit

Four weeks before the Legend of Korra finale aired I told my parents I was bisexual. I had a dialogue planned in my head so that I could get out what I needed to say without shakily stumbling over scary words like ‘bi’ and ‘girls’. All things considered, it went well. What I hadn’t planned for was how emotional voicing thoughts that had been cooped up inside my head for years would be — it had taken me until I was almost 22 to be sure enough to say it. But the moment the words ‘not one-hundred-percent straight’ slipped from between my lips I burst into tears, taking not just my parents but myself aback.

I hadn’t expected to cry. In fact, I’d expected to feel relieved. Wasn’t this supposed to generate some form of closure? I thought I would feel more confident. I thought a weight would lift from my chest. Instead, I felt scared. This was real now.

The catharsis I had no idea I needed didn’t come until December 19th.

As my tumblr feed exploded with the glorious golden-yellow screenshot that was Korra’s finale, I felt less angry about the major spoilers and more relieved, in fact genuinely awestruck, at what I was seeing. I was only partway through Book Three at the time and hadn’t even realised I was following any Korra fans on tumblr yet, but the news had brought everyone out of the woodwork. Not long later, Bryan’s infamous post found its way onto my dash.

Korrasami is canon.

I could continue, but the rest of the story is the same for almost all of us who relate positively in any way shape or form to queerness. The hours and weeks that followed the canonical verification of what was once a far-reaching femslash crack ship brought a wave of feelings, included but not limited to pure joy, disbelief, triumphant satisfaction, validation, and even a degree of new-found confidence in my own identity. What I’d like to focus on for the rest of this essay is Korra’s hero journey; how she subverts this hero journey and foreshadows her own queerness, while preemptively reflecting mine. 

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Reasons I love Person of Interest and think you should love it too
  • Team Machine. Team machine fits the five-man band trope, and they all genuinely care about each other. There is a very strong recurring theme of redemption and finding your family, for each character in different ways.
  • The entire team is delightful. The man who created god. The non-misogynistic James Bond. The emotionless former marine with her own gold-plated moral compass. The reformed assassin for hire who found a higher calling and devoted herself to the greater good - no questions asked. The cop with the heart of gold/the dirty cop, turned noble when presented with a better alternative to his previously shitty choices. 
  • There’s also an amazing attack dog who also functions as the heart of the team. Who doesn’t love a dog? 
  • Well-written, empowered women. Women who can protect themselves. Women who stand up for good. Flawed, well-developed women. Women who like to dress up. Women who hate dressing up but are still confident when they do. Women who contribute to the team, and regularly save the day. In fact, there are a *lot* of times when there will be a perfectly capable male counterpart on screen, and it’s the female character who does the thing and saves the day. And the men respect and value them as equals. They’re never hit on, or belittled, or underestimated because of their gender. There are even things they do better than some of the guys and the guys love them for it and are regularly impressed and rely on them for their expertise. The women also don’t rub the men’s faces in their victories. There is a very strong team bond, where they all work very much together in solidarity and respect, which is rare for action shows. Hell, it’s rare for most shows in general.
  • Disabilities are treated with respect. Root was tortured until she became deaf in one ear, and she forgave and even eventually protected her torturer because of her beliefs, without becoming a doormat or defining herself as a victim. She works with her disability to overcome odds and be a hero. It isn’t vanished away; she lives with it for the rest of the series (so far). Shaw has a type-II personality disorder, and no one ever belittles her for it or insinuates that she’s less of a person or even that something is wrong with her. Root and the rest of the team love her for who she without ever expecting her to be different or to change, and her character development is touching and real and careful not to ever belittle her disorder. The story shows her growing and developing within her own limitations and shows her as heroic quite often. In fact, I could argue that Shaw has a stronger moral compass than almost any other character, in that she follows her morals strictly and not based on feeling. She has made the choice that certain things are wrong, apart from having a feeling of guilt to guide her. Finch works through a severe case of PTSD and learns to not only function but flourish within his limitations, and he eventually faces his attacker and deals with his past, as well. 
  • Orientations are treated with respect. Root is unabashedly attracted to women from the beginning. She knows who she is and makes no effort to hide her emotions from her team. Likewise, Shaw is extremely vocal about her feelings (or lack thereof) and is never judged for it or asked to change. She is clearly depicted as being sexually attracted to both men and women, and vocally states several times that she is romantically attracted to no one. Here is a bisexual (or possibly polysexual), aromantic character being portrayed positively and without apology. (Some people might disagree with me about the aromanticism, but I would counter argue that lots of aromantic people care about others and enjoy romantic relationships. The spectrum is incredibly diverse.) Either way, her orientation is only ever depicted with respect and with no intent by anyone on the show to change her. (I actually think that Root loves her not in spite of her disorder but because of it. It’s one of the things she values about her.)
  • The writing is refreshing. This show genuinely makes me feel things. The banter is excellent, and there are moments of absurdity that bring a certain amount of levity to an otherwise heavy show. There are also moments of break-your-heart-and-leave-you-for-dead (read: Fusco and his son Lee, Detective Carter, the entire If-Then-Else ride) where the acting backs up the writing. I have laughed out loud and cried out loud multiple times on many different viewings. I care about the characters and the choices they make. I love seeing them interact with one another. Any time there is a Shaw/Fusco scene, I perk up. Whenever John and Carter are together, I feel the connection between them. I love it when Root not-so-subtley hero-worships Finch, flirts with Shaw, and cracks skulls with Reese. I adore how closely Finch/Reese parallel Root/Shaw and how tender Finch is towards Shaw and how protective they all are of each other. They’re very much like a family. The bad guys are believable; the alliances made and broken are sometimes surprising and refreshing. There is no clear-cut black and white, good and evil. Everyone on the show makes bad choices and dumb mistakes, but in the end our team is always trying to do the right thing and I always feel good about cheering them on.
  • The only thing that makes me a tad uneasy is the glorification of guns (there are a *lot* of guns), but even this is handled with some finesse, in that Team Machine is extremely careful about killing people. As in, they almost never do it, and if they do, they almost always receive some kind of backlash from others on the team. Even Shaw, who cannot feel (she can) and argues consistently that she should be able to kill her targets, has a very strict moral code and eventually makes the decision to only kill someone if she absolutely has to. I really think by the end of season four, Shaw is opposed to killing, as much as any other member of Team Machine (though she still loves fighting and weaponry).

In conclusion, Person of Interest is one of the best shows on television and should be supported by people who value good writing, character equality, and a sense of family bonding in the entertainment they consume. There are four seasons on Netflix. I urge you to enjoy them. 

Merry Christmas, Baby

Originally posted by asianworld-g

I really wanted to keep my promise and post this up by Christmas and I finished this by 1130pm but my wifi screwed up and now it’s currently half an hour past 12 I’m so sorry about that… ): But yeah hope you guys will like it nevertheless!! I tried my best overcoming my writer’s block for this one and coming up with something a little different since I’ve already written a lot of Jay fluff so yeap heh :-) Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year! Lotsa hugs for all of ya ♡

Christmas just wasn’t the same this year.

You were walking along the same street though, past that same café in the corner which used to be your favourite late night go-to when the both of you stayed up at his office. It was just as packed as it was last year, couples and families out to soak in the atmosphere and everything jolly the season had to offer while there you were, sitting on the bench alone as you warmed your hands with a cup of hot chocolate deciding that you weren’t going to be a light bulb on your friends’ Christmas dates in the ice rink.

They had insisted that you come along with them after learning that you were going to spend it alone and despite your repeated protests, you were eventually dragged out of the house to be the odd one out of your two friends who were with their boyfriends. You understood that they just didn’t want you to be cooped up at home alone on a festive day and you appreciated the thought but really, this wasn’t doing you any good either especially when everyone else around you had company. It would’ve been better to just be under the sheets catching up with my dramas, you thought.

For a while you just sat there people watching until a familiar smell wafted to your nose and you turned around to see a long line of people queueing in front of a food cart selling waffles. The exact same ones you had with him last year.

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anonymous asked:

How would someone who has been learning self-defense for their entire life, but were only doing so because they were told to, compare with someone who has 6y of experience and are enthusiastic about their training? Extra inf.: Both are 16 and live in a desert. The former is female, and the latter male, which may, perhaps, give the girl an edge, as they use a fighting style that was created by & for women, with very few changes through the generations.

Okay, so when it comes to anything and not just martial combat, enthusiasm is the make or break between being okay/good and being great. Honestly, the nerdier you are about it, the better.

Even using a combat style which favors her, your female character is going to face an uphill climb because she’s only trains when she’s told to. This is especially important when dealing with atheletics, where you suffer/fall behind by not working out consistently. She’ll be behind in cardio at the very least, slower, and her endurance will have suffered. The amount of time she spent training was high in the beginning, but your male character rapidly closed the divide between them and at this point has probably surpassed her. Without her own inner drive, she’ll fall behind.

Cheesy as it sounds, dedication, critical thinking, belief in yourself, and love of what you do (with no small side of talent) are the primary sources of success. Wanting to be good at something is the first step in being good at it.

6 years is a long time

If he’s sixteen, that means his training started when he was ten. That honestly doesn’t put him very far behind your female who began training when she was say four or five. That gap isn’t impossible to close. If he’s been devoting himself to learning, to challenging himself, to pushing his limits, and generally working to understand/overcome his limitations than he will simply be flat out better.

Talent is nice, leg up on when training began is nice, but willpower is the absolute driving best. You know what’s really behind every successful athlete? Love. When you love something you work harder at it, you’re more dedicated to the struggle, and you keep coming back even everyone around you tells you to quit. When everything in your bones tells you to quit. Against the stacked deck and impossible odds, you persevere. You love what you do and wouldn’t trade it in for the whole world. These are the people like my master instructor who come into practice with a leg broken in seventeen places and a doctor telling them that they’ll never do martial arts again, and beat the odds.

Someone who truly excels at martial arts does so out of enthusiasm and love. Everything else? It can be overcome with hard work, dedication, and the willingness to make sacrifices.

And 6 years? That is a long time in the martial arts world.

For reference, the average the American Military training period is about six weeks. U.S. Police hand to hand is eight weeks. Eight weeks and they put you out on the street. Is it perfect? No, but that’s about the time it takes to be “combat ready” in the current world. 6 years is about the length of time it takes for most recreational Taekwondo students to reach 2nd dan or the rank of second degree black belt. This is someone showing up three days a week for hour long classes. Second degree is officially the rank of an Assistant Instructor.

The short answer is that he’s probably actually very good, especially if he’s had teachers willing to give him a chance. Someone who enthusiastically commits to their training easily outstrips the person who has been practicing longer but drags their feet when it comes to classes, extra training, and prefers to hang out with their friends.

He’s had more than enough time to overcome any difficulties born from technique differences that are gender based. Women excelling at martial arts designed for men and men excelling at the ones developed by women isn’t unusual. The impediments happen in the beginning and are often more cultural than anything else. In six years, he’s had more than enough time to adapt to the training style and modify the techniques to his body. If he faced anything, it was overcoming low expectations if he lives in a gendered society that favors female combatants over male.

About self-defense:

Think long and hard about what you mean when you say “self-defense”. Self-defense is an umbrella term and it primarily focuses on teaching survival methods. By “survival” we mean determining/avoiding dangerous situations and training specifically in techniques that are designed to allow you to exit a situation as quickly as possible. Self-defense can cover the more pacifistic techniques of Aikido to the brutality of Krav Maga.

It’s important to note that, while it sometimes crosses over into practical, self-defense doesn’t focus on martial or military applications. Some military martial arts have a self-defense component that has been adapted for civilians, but they aren’t the same.

If you haven’t, take some time to think about you characters, your setting, and whether or not the self-defense moniker is really what you want when it comes to what you want your characters to be doing in the story. You can write fabulous stories about characters with self-defense training, but often self-defense is force fed into the actively martial “kickass” characters. Many writers choose self-defense as a term simply because it sounds better/more acceptable/less destructive than “martial combat/military trained”.

The Amazons in Wonder Woman, for example, don’t practice self-defense. They’re a martial culture with a focus on militarized training. The historical Amazons were most likely the same way. The same would be true if you were writing female warrior Celts. They’re warriors.

So, what is the purpose of this training your characters are going through? Is it to teach them the necessary life lessons they’ll need should they go out into the world or is it primarily to defend their homeland/territory against invaders?

Defending your homeland/territory is actually martial. It’s a military goal.

If you’re confused, I understand. A lot of terminology gets batted around that often sounds good/like it applies but really doesn’t. Words get cross-ways of each other, concepts overlap, and the marketing makes it all confusing. Self-defense is for characters (and real people) who want to add a sense of safety into their everyday lives, who recognize the dangers which might be present in walking across a dark parking lot or riding the bus home from work. The ones who are looking for ways to avoid more so than handle muggers, rapists, drunkards, and individuals suffering from anger management. It is not primarily about fighting, but exiting bad situations. That’s the training goal and purpose. Picking up a beer bottle and bashing an assailant over the head in order to run away is as valid as performing a shin kick to their knee and then running away.

If you’re visualizing your character’s standing and fighting for any reason other than protecting someone else with this action not running counter to their training, then self-defense may not be the horse you’re looking for.

That’s general martial combat and some martial arts.

All in all:

Consider hard work as the primary criteria on who is the best/most likely to win. It doesn’t always prevail. Still, when it comes to down to someone with talent and someone without who worked hard, the one who worked hardest often wins especially in terms of athletics. The human body isn’t static, it takes persistent and regular commitment to build up endurance, strength, dexterity. These are all traits which are trained up more than just naturally had. One of the mistakes that get made in a lot of books is the idea that “some people are just better at X”. It’s true in concept, but often the writers spouting that nonsense were the ones looking at others sailing past them at the mile and not realizing the students running fast were the ones who ran every morning. The students best at gym are often the school athletes and they practice.

See, comparing someone who runs maybe once a week to someone who goes for a thirty minute run every morning and evening is just bad business for the self-esteem. It’s also unfair. Like the base version of mystifying someone else, it’s easy to define someone else as “just naturally better” when you don’t know how hard they worked to get there.

Always remember: will to power.


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The Power Switch

Requested By: Anonymous

Sunmary: The King is bored and decides to pull a prank on two unsuspecting gods.

The King of the heavens had been rather bored lately. Nothing interesting was happening and everything seemed to be almost too peaceful. Of course, as King he should be pleased that everything was so quiet, but nope, not this King. He lived for amusement and would do anything that benefited him. The King wasn’t just the King of the heavens he was also the King of pranksters. Ichthys could learn a lot from him.

The King plotted his next scheme and came up with the perfect plan. He knew Leon and Scorpio had a strong rivalry going on and thought it would be amusing to stir things up between the two. What was his plan? He intended to switch the power of the two gods but that’s not all…he would make it they can’t be more than five inches apart or they would be overcome by an intense pain. Oh what a glorious prank this was. He was the King after all, he had to do a prank that would befit his status. His status as the King of pranksters that is.

Down on Earth.

Scorpio and Leon had been minding their own business when suddenly a sharp pain shot through their bodies and they could hardly move. Not knowing what was happening they rushed from their bedrooms out to the living room and there they saw Huedhaut relaxing with a book.

“Hmm. What is going on?” Noticing them, Huedhaut put his book down and realized the pained looks on their faces.

“Don’t tell me that damn Lion is also experiencing the same pain?” Scorpio said as he realized Leon was also in the room. Both of them glared at one another but found it odd that Huedhaut was in no such pain.

“How odd. Only the two of you seem to be feeling it.” Huedhaut rubbed his chin as he thought about it and then the two of them got closer so they could sit on the couch.

“Huh?” They both looked surprised to see their pain had stopped.

“Did the pain stop?” Huedhaut asked and they both nodded. Huedhaut found this perplexing that both stopped at the same time.

“Whatever it was It was freakin’ annoying.” Scorpio huffed and in frustration began to walk off but was stopped as he was once again plagued by the pain.

“What the hell?!” Scorpio barked.

“Don’t tell me. No way…” Leon’s eyes went wide. He looked deeply troubled. He moved to get closer to Scorpio and just as he thought, the pain stopped again.

“Interesting. It only seems to stop if you two are side by side.” Huedhaut said as he understood the situation, a small smile on his face.

However, Leon and Scorpio hardly found it amusing.

“This is freakin’ ridiculous. Why am I stuck next to him?” Scorpio spat and glared at Leon.

“I can say the same to you, you impudent Scorpion.” Leon clenched his jaw and the two engaged in a staring contest and just then the two accidently touch each other.

“What?” Leon’s eyes went wide. He was in utter confusion.

“What is it you stupid lion?” Scorpio asked sounding impatient.

“I just read your mind. That’s not right.” Leon looked troubled but then he scowled at Scorpio, “And how dare you think of me as an ignorant and pompous piece of scum. Just because you didn’t say it out loud I won’t have you insulting me in your thoughts.” Leon scoffed and pursed his lips.

But Scorpio ignored him as he was more concerned that Leon had read his mind to begin with. “If you have my power then what power do I have now?!” Scorpio said and looked down at his hands and then to Leon.

“Don’t you dare even think about trying it on me!” Leon protested and tried to run away but was again wracked by pain and quickly stood by Scorpio again, “If you touch me, I swear I’ll kill you!” Leon said through his clenched teeth. He didn’t fancy the idea if Scorpio did have his powers that… He’d receive pleasure from Scorpio of all people.

“Stop being a baby. I just want to check for a moment.” Scorpio chided Leon but he still was against the idea.

“Go away!” Leon shouted but Scorpio just ignored him as he placed his hand on Leon’s skin.

“Urgggh!” Leon tried to resist but it was useless as he grew weak from Scorpio’s touch and nearly fell to the floor. Before Leon could take no more, Scorpio finally took his hand away.

“So I do have your power. Disgusting.” Scorpio clicked his tongue.

Leon was breathing heavily and looking for sour with Scorpio, “How dare you. You forced your touch on me and all you could think about was how amusing the look on my face was?”

“That’s not my fault. I can’t control what the expressions that ugly mug of yours makes. If you didn’t want me to think that then control yourself better.” Scorpio grinned wickedly.

“Why you…!” Leon was fuming at this point. He wanted to strangle Scorpio but he also was too afraid to touch him and yet they were stuck standing side by side.

“This is better than a movie.”

“You can’t buy entertainment like this.”

“You were right. This is fun to watch.”

“Only the King would think of this. I should have him teach me.”

Leon and Scorpio were far too busy with each other that they failed to realize the other gods had gathered in the room and were watching the pair with uncontrolled laughter. Huedhaut already guessed it must have been the work of the King and knowing there would be nothing that could done, Huedhaut gathered the other gods to join in the fun. All at the expense of the two fuming gods.

The King watched from above, all too amused from the results of his current prank. It worked even better than he thought. The two gods tried so hard to not touch each other as Leon found it infuriating to read Scorpio’s mind and Scorpio found the idea of pleasuring another man, and Leon of all people, very repulsive. How long did the King plan on keeping this going? Probably until he was bored of it or the two gods found out about his little prank and came to the King themselves. Either way It sure provided a lot of amusement for the King himself and the other gods.

Sexism in the Dresden Files

Well it’s a big can of worms but I’d like to put my own thoughts on it out there. Is Harry, and by extension the Dresden Files sexist?
Those who argue that it is point out the long lascivious descriptions of women in the books, the fact that Harry describes the attractiveness of all female characters he meets in depth, the sheer number of female characters who are in a relationship/have been in a relationship/want to be in a relationship with Harry and his chivalrous behaviour.
To take each point in turn: Women constantly described as attractive. Yes, yes they are. harry finds many many women to be attractive and describes them as such. Does this make him as a character sexist? No, finding women attractive does not make a man sexist, he means he has a libido. He describes women in detail but not men, yes, because Harry is a heterosexual. He does not find men attractive. 
A lot of characters have some form of relationship with Harry. Well, not really. Susan was his love interest, and his sole love interest for a long time. He really truly loved her, as the White Court vampires discovered and enjoyed having sex with her. This is a man in a relationship, that does not make him sexist. She then left the relationship and left him. They met up once again after, had sex but did not restart the relationship. Some time after that Luccio began making moves towards Harry. He accepted and they started a relationship. Unfortunately it was powered via mind control and broke down. But Harry really did love her. Harry’s relationship with Murphy has developed throughout the books, readers see them move from untrusting allies to allies to friends to  both wanting a romantic relationship but not feeling the time is right. So Harry has had two ‘proper’ relationships and is on the cusp of a third. That is not an unreasonable amount of relationships for one man over the time period of the books. Having several romantic relationships does not make you sexist. Characters having a crush on Harry? There is only one character with an unrequited crush on Harry; Molly. Again, not unreasonable to assume somebody could fall in love with somebody who doesn’t return the feelings. This does not make Harry sexist. Lot’s of characters try to use sex to get Harry to obey their wishes/distract him from something/display power over him. These characters are all monsters and repeatedly called evil and wrong. Their acts are painted as despicable and rape is never treated lightly by the novels.
Harry’s chivalrous behaviour. He likes to open doors, pull out chairs and pay for dinner. Many people would call this gentlemanly/polite/nice behaviour. I guess you can argue it may be seen as sexist. If you really wanted to. 
But, the main argument against the Dresden Files being sexist is this: Women are NEVER treated as inferior or weak or stupid or less than men in any conceivable way. The women in this series are kick ass awesome. Murphy is a well respected and excellent police lieutenant who occasionally wields a Holy Sword and held Chicago against the Fomar for months with no magical ability at all.  Susan was an investigative journalist who got in over her head but adapted and developed and went on to fight vampire oppression across the globe until she sacrificed her life to save her daughter. Molly is an incredibly powerful wizard in her own right, with skills that exceed Harry’s in many areas who helped hold off the Fomar in Chicago while suffering from severe PTSD and dealing with Lea. Charity and Harry may not always get on but he respects her utterly and is never dismissive of her. Oh, and she also marched upon the Winter Palace in chainmail armed with a hammer to save her daughter. She is anything but weak! Justine survived being fed upon by a vampire for years, and willingly sacrificed herself for a person she loved. Then she managed to overcome a severe addiction, work as an inside agent in the White Court, drag her true love out of his depression, manage to find a way they could be together and has now, despite all the odds against her, found a life of love and stability with him. The majority of the Fey we have met have been female, and have been cunning, clever, skilled, powerful and dangerous. Mab succeeds in every plan she puts into motion, displays an absolutely pants wettingly scary amount of power when preparing for battle and wields absolute ruthless control over an enormous army against the outsiders. Luccio rose to become the leader of the Wardens on her own merit and led them well and wisely throughout the war against the Red Court. She adapted to being shoved into another body and despite the mind control, which was not her fault, has pulled through and continued to be amazing. Need I go on? Helen Demeter lost her daughter and has since dedicated her life to bringing down the man she holds responsible, who also happens to be the most feared mobster in Chicago. And she nearly succeeds and is never suspected for it by anyone except Harry. Georgia learns to become a werewolf, fights in open battle against fairies, fights against many many supernatural baddies and resists the Fomar mind control. Harry’s mother, Margaret Le Fay knew the Ways better than any other Wizard, assassinated the King of the White Court and has probably done so much more that we haven’t discovered yet. I’ll stop listing all the incredible women now, otherwise I’ll be here all day.
But you get the picture. The women of Dresden Files are powerful, dangerous, loving, clever, cunning, occasionally evil and always amazing. They have characters and flaws and power and virtues. They are never treated as anything less than people in their own right, the equals of men.
And Harry, for all his chivalrous ways, never treats any woman as less than a man. It may be instinctive for him to want to protect women, but he does not patronise them, think them incapable or foolish. Murphy is his equal, Susan is his equal, Luccio is his equal, Molly is his equal. Some women may have less magical power than him, but that does not make him better than them. And that is the essence of sexism, treating one gender as inferior to the other. Harry, and the books themselves, never treat women as anything less than amazing powerful characters in their own right, equal to men in every way.
The Dresden Files are not sexist as they always treat women as the equals of men, and women in the series are intricate, nuanced and powerful characters..

Addictions - Derek Luh Imagine

You woke up and rolled over expecting to feel the body of your boyfriend but all you felt was ruffled blankets. It was odd that he got up without you but these last few days he’s been a little distant. You weren’t sure what was wrong and you tried asking him about it but he said he was fine.

You got up from bed, brushed your teeth then headed to the living room/kitchen area. To your surprise, you see Derek making breakfast. “Hey” you say with a smile. He turns around and greets you with the sweetest smile. He turns back and finishes scrambling up the eggs he was making. “Go sit down baby, pick a movie and I’ll bring the breakfast” he says as he starts putting the breakfast together.

This put a smile on your face. You sat in the living and picked a comedy movie on Netflix. He brought over the breakfast and you both ate and watched the movie. After you were done eating, he layed his head on your lap and you guys continued watching the movie. He seemed tired. Not physically tired but emotionally tired. You just ran your hands through his hair and watched the movie.

The movie ended and you both just stayed there in a silence. It wasn’t awkward but it was calm. “Hey” he said. “Hey” you reply back with a small smile. “I’m sorry I’ve been weird these last few days. I’m going through some things and I’ll talk to you about it but I’m not ready yet” he said softly. It hurt you a bit to know that he was hurting but all you could do was be there for him the best he can. “Take your time baby, I’ll be here” you reply and reach down to kiss his forehead.

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Shortly after, he gets ready to go to the studio. You would’ve gone with him but you had some things to take care of. “See you later baby” he says as he kisses you and walks out the door. You sat in on your laptop answering emails and doing some work. After a while you found yourself thinking a lot about Derek so you decided to take a break. You texted him to ask how things were going and roamed Twitter for a bit. On Twitter, you see that there is some drama with Derek and his old label, Fly America. You knew that Derek wasn’t with them anymore but you weren’t aware of the core of the reason. From the Twitter drama, you learned that not only did Derek struggle with drugs in the past but that he relapsed. You weren’t together for very long so you can understand why he didn’t tell you immediately but it still hurt to know he had to deal with this without you.

Derek still didn’t answer your text but you knew him well enough to know that he’ll answer when he’s ready to talk. You were never one to get mad over someone not texting you but tweeting because texting requires having a conversation while a tweet is just a tweet. Derek was on your mind though.

At around 10, Derek finally came home. “Hey” you smiled but your expression quickly came to worry when you saw his face. You stood up and he walked over to you and just hugged you. All you could do was hug him back. He didn’t say a word, he just held you tight. After a while, you slightly pulled away and looked into his eyes. You could see the sadness in his eyes but you didn’t want to push him to talk yet so you just led him into bathroom. You started the shower and you both undressed and entered the shower. You both just stand under the water in each other’s arm.

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“In high school, I had a bad influence around me. Weed was never an issue but then I was introduced to other things. I should’ve known better but that’s a part of life right. I became addicted to the harsher drugs and I felt like I lost so much in that time. Finally, I sobered up. Got my life together. Then I started this music thing and fell into another bad crowd. It’s not that they’re bad people, just not right for me. But being able to do something that makes me so happy, I overlooked it. Then I relapsed and shit just kept getting worse. But then I met a new crowd and I know it’s a better fit for me. So I took it but I still have to struggle with this. I wanted to tell you sooner but I didn’t know how you’d react. The last thing I want right now is to lose you but I understand if this isn’t what you asked for” Derek rambled on. You found it so sweet. He had such a big heart and he’s really trying.

“I’m glad you told me and I’m not mad at you for trying to find the right time to tell me. We haven’t been together for that long but I’m here for you. You can talk to me about anything and I’ll be here for you to my best ability. And Derek, you’re exactly what I asked for. We are all working on something.” You said to him. You pull apart and he kisses you passionately.

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Every one is working on something and you would not drop him for falling down.


And there is my new Derek imagine! :) what did you guys think? This drama with Derek was revealing but my heart goes out to him! Hopefully with our support he can overcome the addiction again!

anonymous asked:

Maggie and Glen got together in a few days or weeks because they fell in love and it was real. Daryl had like 2 years to fall in love with Carol and didn't She had a chance but he didn't love her because if he did he would have done it by now He fell in love with Beth in a few days and that I why people say Carylers are crazy If it's love then why is it taking so long I mean come on? It's pathetic to think just how many you' corrupted and deluded with your bullshit It will be Beth Bye

Hey there “friendly”,

As part of my contribution the Ambassadors For Peace initiative (patiencetakestyme and bellogretchen)  I had pledged to refrain from posting hateful anonymous messages like yours BUT because the beginning of your inquiry did bring up a good question and an issue worth debating I decided to overlook the deragotary insinuations at the end and respond anyways.

That being said I will only be addressing that part and that part only - mostly because I believe the purpose of your insults were to get a rise out of me and provoke something I am not willing to give to anyone.
Of course I am sorry you feel my opinions are “corrupting or deluding” others but i am prone to believe you are giving me too much credit here - CARYL doesn’t need delusions and imagination to exist, not when it has 4 Seasons worth of history and emotion backing it up.

The reason I liked the first part of your question is because it not just compared Maggie and Glenn’s relationship to the one Daryl may or may not have with Carol in the future but also the very concept of romantic love origin and pace at which it can develop.

Personally I believe that love is almost always a journey and not something that solidifies two people seemingly overnight or on a whim for that manner. The majority of timeless love stories are developed over time and it is exactly that journey and the moments it consists of that ultimately end up keeping two people together. There is no set time limit that decides when a persons ability to “fall in love” expires or some kind of restriction that decides that “romantic feelings” need to be revealed by a certain point because if they aren’t then the potential is somehow done-and-over-with.

We all know people that were friends first before they fell in love and we all know people that instantly knew they belonged together - it’s different for everyone and just because Carol and Daryl haven’t acknowledged the depth of their feelings doesn’t mean that it’s now “too late”!
Who is to say that perhaps they aren’t already “in love” but both external and internal factors are holding them back from revealing it?

Saying that “Daryl had 2 years to fall in love with Carol but didn’t” and that “he fell in love with Beth in a few days” are both assumption based statements because you simply have no way of knowing either for a FACT!

Carol and Daryl coming together and the CARYL appeal in general for a lot of shippers revolves around the very thing that makes their union uniquely different from the traditional couples like Maggie and Glenn.

This is not a young romance like Maggie and Glenn whose connection came before the world had time to damage them, before love was used by someone else to break them and while they still had the naïveté and trust to convince them that losing themselves in the moment was enough to keep them going.

Both Carol and Daryl had love used against them before the world ended and once it did the little love they managed to keep for themselves was ripped away from them when Sophia and Merle died so violently. Not only did they both lose the last person in the world they felt was “theirs” to love but the loss was also accompanied by betrayal of hope and a brief window of possibility that maybe-just-maybe the world might not be as cruel as they expected it to be.

Daryl gave Carol hope that Sophia would be found in the form of a Cherokee Rose and the Doll he brought back to the farm but Sophia still walked out of that barn and Carol was once again reminded that hope and love might not be in the cards for her life.

Daryl lost Merle at the quarry then reunited with him after Woodberry and they even managed to find their way back to the prison after a brief departure. Just as Merle was acclimating into Daryl’s new reality and there was hope that both brothers could have a chance of a better existence he too was ripped away and as Daryl put him down hope once again became a lofty act of betrayal.

The optimistic “all you need is love” mentality is not something Carol or Daryl have ever afforded themselves to put any stock in and Season 4 only cemented and reminded both of them of the fragility believing in people and love can actually bring.
The expectation and “normal” instinct for people living in that kind of uncertainty would be to grasp one another and not waste a moment of love and connection to someone else BUT what if that’s exactly the thing you’ve been conditioned to avoid or push aside because it’s always come back to haunt you.

After all Season 4 only reminded Carol and Daryl just how much losing yourself in moments of hope and happiness can hurt you if you let your guard down and dare to believe that good things can survive and thrive in this world.

Carol was rejected and pushed out by a man she considered her family for an act done in the name of saving that very family.
Daryl whose entire life meant nothing to him before the apocalypse lost his home and the first family that gave a damn about him. The man he called brother banished someone he cared deeply for without even so much as a warning or an opportunity to have a say in who he gets to keep around…

These are major blows for anyone to deal with but especially for people whose love map was distorted almost from the get go.

Daryl doesn’t have the the freedom of devotion and youthful fire of young love that seems to drive Glenn to Maggie.
Carol doesn’t have the unabashed faith that love triumphs over every tragedy that made Maggie so certain that she will eventually find Glenn.

Maggie and Glenn had suffered horrible losses and faced terrible things too and I don’t want to minimize that in any way BUT they didn’t have the emotional baggage and personal fragility to deal with within themselves the way Daryl and Carol did.

It wasn’t so much that they weren’t able or didn’t want to pursue a relationship of something “more” and it certainly wasn’t about them not caring about nor another - the big obstacle and one that needed dealing with is that they both weren’t ready, both weren’t capable of giving the right kind of love and both needed to love themselves first and foremost.

Carol and Daryl had to grow in to their own, define themselves individually and grow the instinctual trust and acceptance that blossomed between them while their connection progressed and they learned how to properly be there for one another.

The beauty of their characters is the fact they are both flawed, damaged and vulnerable, which makes them unique and interesting BUT together they compliment one another, strengthen who they are and want to better for one another.

Powerful love stories are about two people coming together with unconditional acceptance of the other, no expectations, no ultimatums or demands of change to be together.
Love that inspires the will and determination to overcome whatever odds or hardships that may stand in the way of being in each other’s presence.
Love that is willing to go the distance, to stand up to anybody or anything, to fight and do whatever it takes to ensures the other persons proximity.
Love that sacrifices everything to protect, save and cherish the other
Love that means something is love that doesn’t come easy

Maggie and Glenn already have all of that BUT dismissing that Carol and Daryl have a chance to get there too simply because it’s taking them longer to trust and overcome wounds Maggie or Glenn didn’t have is not just presumptuous but also very unfair.

They say that love can eternal, everlasting, timeless even.
There are some love stories that overcome all obstacles,
Despite the universe, and everyone …

All I am saying is that Carol and Daryl Have a Chance To Get There (and especially now!)
Taking a chance on LOVE after the pain LOVE brought them in the past is a HUGE LEAP and one I think they are very close to being ready to take!

Thank You For Your Question - Please remember you may not agree with my opinion and the way I see Carol and Daryl but you asked for an explanation so I hope we can put the insults behind.

You Ship Yours and Let Me Ship Mine - the animosity is unnecessary!



*To my CARYL Family - CARYL On - The Best Is Yet To Come - XOXO SANJA

I have a renewed belief that we are going to be ok. And here is why...

I have had some time to think, and while I still don’t know how I feel about the current situation on a character level I am starting to feel a bit better about where we are headed when you look at the way the writers are presenting the story to us. I could be way off, but it’s starting to feel like we are finding our boys in an Us v.s. Them situation.

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