them legs okay

It’s early but I was awake so I got online for a bit. Saw a very large spider crawling down my wall, and while I’m not absolutely terrified of spiders now, the leggier ones still give me the heebie jeebies. I waited for it to reach the floor and quickly trapped it under a cup and envelope. 

I moved to the door as fast as I could, and at this point my mom’s up and getting ready and asked what I was doing and I said “VERY LARGE VERY BIG SPIDER” and she said “oh baby why don’t you just kill it?” and the answer is I want to be nice and also I’m a coward. 

She tells me to release it at the end of the driveway so it won’t just come back inside, so I hightail it down the path and set the cup down and turn it over. It was empty.

That doesn’t make sense, it was huge! How could I have missed or dropped- my thoughts were interrupted when I found the spider; inching its spindly legs along my pajama pants. I screamed, probably waking up the whole street, and flailed around for a good 10 seconds until I was sure it was gone. My mom poked her head out the door with an “Are you okay?” to which I replied “THE SPIDER WASN’T IN THE CUP IT WAS ON ME,” still patting my legs and shaking the fabric of my pants. She laughed. I wasn’t sure where the spider was, so I apologized to the general area of grass.

And that’s the story of how I tried to be good and kind at 6 in the morning and it backfired on me horribly, I’m going back to bed.

How To Fall In Love With Your Ship's Cook In 5 Steps. A Guide For Marimos.

How to fall in love with your ship’s cook in 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Acknowledge each other.

Step 2: Put on your most shitty face. Note: can be cute as fuck

Step 3: Say the same thing at the same time.

Step 4: Glare at each other in silence.

Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 as much as preferable.

Reaction to Working Out with Them

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“Okay, now you really have to work your core to achieve those abs.”


“Ha I ran more miles than you on the treadmill!




Youngjae: “Okay, let’s do some basic math here, if we go on the trea-
You: Youngjae do you have to make a math equation everywhere we go?


“If we keep doing this an hour a day you will have perfect cheetos like me!”


“We should do a video for Instagram couples doing exercises” *Gets ready*

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kuraryou at your service

Another, more recent fanart of Nico Robin! I love this lovely lady so much, and I wanted to draw her again, but better this time! I actually sketched this late last year, but only recently finished the rest and cleaned it up just a bit ago!

Here is my other Robin fanart if you wanna compare~


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Taehyung drabble in which he and his girlfriend have sex for the first time and it's really clumsy and their giggling the whole time because they know they're so bad at romance?😊😇 thank you!❤️❤️

You giggled as Taehyung struggled with the buttons of your blouse and you wondered how in the hell he was ever going to be able to get your bra off.

Just like in your everyday life, you and Taehyung weren’t able to keep a straight face as you made out and eventually started to take it to the next level, something that you hadn’t done with each other before. 

You were glad that you and Taehyung were able to laugh and make light of the whole awkward situation since you were really starting to get nervous about it all. Seeing that he was nervous as well made you feel a tiny bit better. 

After he had finally managed to get both your shirt and your shorts off, you reached out and removed his clothes with the same amount of awkwardness, but in a much less amount of time. 

“I probably should have set out candles or something,” Taehyung said as he watched you unbutton his jeans and quickly slide them down his legs. 

“It’s okay,” you replied, “We don’t need all that sappy stuff and with our luck, they probably would have ended up burning down the house anyway.”

He laughed at that, causing you to do the same as you stood up fully in order to kiss him. You wrapped your arms around his neck as the kiss deepened and you gasped as you suddenly felt the two of you fall back onto the bed so that Taehyung was now hovering over you. 

“Maybe we don’t have candles, but I can make up for that,” he whispered in your ear as you felt a shiver run down your spine. It seemed like Taehyung had a serious side to himself too. 

Clara and 12 as Sailors Mercury and Mars because this is what people wanted to see. Well, my interpretation of what people wanted to see.

Happy Halloween, kids. :’D


chacha chacha chacha

Also, I was at a coffee shop eating breakfast and using their wi-fi this morning, and I was listening to my music on headphones, of course, which I don’t normally do alone in my office. I guess I was really into Tumblr or something and forgot where I was because the good line of a song came on and I just belted it out and only realized when I heard the applause.