them jacks

so I was doodling this while covering the front desk at work and one of my coworkers stopped by asked about it all excited like

I work in a professional office

I’ve been here less than a week

I will never be ready to admit how deep I am in dp hell to anybody who wasn’t there for the fall- much less my coworkers…

needless to say, I’m glad I was drawing au stuff so I could brush it off hahaha

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Pitch has always been an asshole, i mean yunno its pitch. But like MAN he is SUCH an asshole in TGATNW(still love him tho... still love him) and I freaking whooped when Jack finally got the last word in during the hallway scene of ch18 where hes like 'have fun healing DAT BITCh' and then just heeleys out into a cloud of awesomeness

where hes like ‘have fun healing DAT BITCh’ and then just heeleys out into a cloud of awesomeness             

I can’t write this story anymore because I’ve met someone with superior writing skills and they’re now in charge (SERIOUSLY I’M TRYING TO IMAGINE ALL OF TGATNW NARRATED THIS WAY AND IT’S LIKE A DREAM COME TRUE)

(Also, yeah, Pitch is a mega asshole in TGATNW. Idk, a lot of people headcanon Kozmotis Pitchiner as like idk, this super suave, determined, but generally really pleasant loving father. And I’m like, he was arrogant enough to think he could defeat the Darkness completely on his own without any help, and thus caused the ruin of an entire society.

So my headcanon is a tAD different.

Actually also I just really love writing characters who are assholes. And in terms of Jack and Pitch, I’m not sure what else could have fully shaken Jack’s hero worship away in a shorter timeline, and I really need Jack to start relating to Pitch’s power in a different way than he has. Him seeing this side of Pitch before other sides was sort of… ahh… it’s important to the plot.

That being said, I think Pitch is a good guy, he’s just a good guy who is cynical and jaded, trying to protect his daughter at all costs, while under the thumb of a Tsar who clearly has power issues of some description or another with Pitch, and under the influence of a regime that doesn’t particularly care for its individual citizens or their wellbeing (golden age regimes were often deeply, deeply classist, even as they often provided for their poorer citizens). I think it’s hard to be as old/experienced as Pitch in that and come out completely in touch with the part of himself that’s still capable of love and care.)

Septiplier headcannons
  • mark wearing stilts to feel tall
  • proud mark bc he’s finally taller than everyone and everyone else is like ya sure mark okay but jack is so salty because HE WANTS TO BE THE TALLEST GODAMMIT
  • jack trying them and mark being all pouty because he wants to be the tall one
  • one of their tall friends wanting to try and they are both like “aw hell no you don’t need stilts you living lamp post go hang out with your lampost friends”

Jermain just came in the house with a bouquet of flowers, saying he bought them for me “just because.” I literally started tearing up because he never does something this sweet. Then, he proceeds to say, “Just kidding. I found them laying on the ground outside and thought I’d trick you into thinking I bought them.”

Jack. Ass.

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have you seen felix's last two selfies on instagram?? he looks so good i like to imagine he sends them to jack and asks jack if theyre good enough to post on ig and jack sends back something like "YES YES YES 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍" with way more heart emojis than that

i KNOW!!! hes so hot like what the fuck

but yes omg thats cute

So my birthday is coming up and my lovely little sister decided to write this letter to Rooster Teeth, knowing how much I love them.

And being the kind souls they are, they responded to the letter. NOT ONLY with a handwritten letter, but also with Achievement hunter merchandise for both me and my sister.

AND that map, when unfolded, is a map of Los Santos signed by all of the Achievement Hunters!

I am so thankful for both my sisters thoughtfulness and the kindness in all of the Achievement Hunters’ hearts for this birthday gift. I thank them so much. Also I bawled my eyes out when I got this.


Is it in the glove compartment of your fancy car?

Things that Make My Heart Melt in Achievement Hunter Videos

-Gavin asking Geoff or Michael if he did good
-Someone coming to the rescue
-Ryan helping Gavin understand something
-Geoff talking about the boys like they’re his kids
-Anyone sticking up for Gavin when he’s right
-Geoff being emotional about little girls because of Millie
-Someone congratulating someone else on a good shot/move
-Jeremy being patient with Gavin and helping him instead of getting angry
-Michael and Gavin calling each other “boi”
-Anyone sacrificing themselves for someone else