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i don’t mean to be sad sometimes, it’s not easy to forget things. you understand, don’t you? maybe it’s a good thing that we can’t forget everything. because why else would they call it life lessons? i love talking to old people, it feels like they’ve got something to say. and yeah, they’re not always happy about the younger generation, but who ever is? change is hard to deal with. hell, how can we expect them to be happy with a changing world if it’s hard for them to accept changes about themselves? i don’t blame them, it’s human nature, right? sometimes it feels great to be human, other times– i feel sorry for us. i really do.

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TFP Megatron and Arcee headcanons?

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Eeeey my first Transformers Prime request! I’ll be doing only SFW headcanons for the two since it’s not specified if NSFW was desired. If you want, just shoot in another ask and I’ll get to work on that. )


✦ Does the human want to know why they’re the constant target of attempted kidnappings? It’s because Megatron has a thing for them. Clearly that means the best solution to this is to get his servos on the human.

✦ What draws him to this organic, this little being whose entire lifespan will be a mere footnote compared to his? He isn’t sure and that’s what vexes him. Something about the human’s smile and the way their eyes light up whenever they laugh causes his vents to hitch and his spark to ache. It’s a weakness, they are a weakness. A weakness he’s willing to embrace. Provided he gets the human and keeps them to himself forever and ever.

✦ If Optimus becomes the guardian of the human since someone needs to look out for them, considering the attempts to capture them and all, expect the Decepticons’ efforts to get them to double. Megatron is a petty, jealous ‘con when it comes to Optimus and will not take well to the news of the Prime getting closer to his human.

✦ He confesses his feelings in the most overdramatic, villainous way possible. When a competent Decpeticon finally captures the human - Soundwave, most likely - Optimus leads the team in getting the human back. Megatron and Optimus duke it out and are generally yelling at each other, exchanging barbs before Megatron starts talking about how he’s lost so much to Optimus already, there’s no way he’ll allow him to take away his human.

✦ So the cat’s out of the bag and the human is out of the cage after Optimus is able to knock down Megatron long enough to get them and have them escape. Naturally the human is unsure of how to feel about this situation. Not every day you get a warlord to fall in love with you but they also have a warlord in love with them. Team Prime and the human are going to have a long chat about this when they finally escape and Megatron goes back to plotting.


✦ At first the human will think that Arcee doesn’t like them at all with how she’s aloof around them and doesn’t want to even speak with them. Every time they try to approach her for something, she waves them off or hands them over to Bumblebee or Smokescreen. (Sometimes literally. She. Just picks them up and hands them to a confused ‘bot as she walks to somewhere else. At least she’s very careful when handling them.) It worries the human a lot because… Did they do something wrong? They were only trying to help her out like polish her armour and get her energon and little things like that. Maybe she thought they were being condescending or something…?

✦ It’ll take Jack pulling the human aside to explain hahahaha no. That isn’t the case at all. Arcee likes them a lot but is scared of opening herself up again considering what happened to her last two partners. Hearing this will help strengthen to become closer with Arcee, now refusing to let her push them away. She gets frustrated by their efforts, at first, before they start to worm their way into their spark. She doesn’t realise it until one day she sees the human laughing with Raf and paling around with Miko and finds the sound of their laughter beautiful and their smile mesmerising and. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no she caught feelings.

✦ Confessing will have to be done on the human’s part and they need to be serious about it. No joking around, no attempts to pull ‘haha kidding and haha no for real I have feelings for you’ - They gotta show Arcee that they want to be with her despite their differences in a lot of things, that they’re willing to make this work because they love her and want to give her the world since her smile is one of the most dazzling things they’ve ever seen.

✦ Very protective after they officially become a couple. She doesn’t want her human to get hurt and she has Jack to watch out for. Will run herself ragged to protect both of them and it’ll take both humans to get her to not do that. Her human will do what they can to help her unwind and relax when she returns to the base after she’s been out on a mission. Which includes kissing her faceplates and cuddling sessions. Very important stuff.

✦ Loves to flirt and tease their human as their relationship strengthens and grows. Witty banter and a flirty back-and-forth is expected now, to the point Jack groans and leaves the room since the couple don’t seem interested in getting a room anytime soon but no one is really complaining about the change in relationship Arcee has with the human. If anything they’re happy for her. She starts to open up again, starts to loosen up again and Optimus can’t help but watch the lively conversation Arcee has with her human with a small smile on his faceplates. It’s been a long time since anyone has heard her genuinely laugh.


Pairing: Klaus/MC

Summary: This follows the night after the celebration of the Return of Souls festival in Reitz, and it dawns on the couple that they will be spending the next week alone, and for the second time they would be spending a night alone.

She shows Klaus around her home town, and introduces Klaus to her world, something small, simple and quaint, something the lavish upbringing Klaus had would never know.

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Jen Keith recommends Nenetl of the Forgotten Spirits #2

Introduced in Nenetl of the Forgotten Spirits #1, Nena is the mischievous forgotten spirit chased by Bastian, an exorcist, through the streets of a city in Mexico on the Day of the Dead when the barrier between the world of the living and the world of the dead is thinnest. The only way to truly be dead is to die the third death and be forgotten, and Nena seeks her family so that they might once again light a candle for her. We find out in this issue why Nena, though unremembered, walks again, and we meet Father Eduardo with his group of young exorcists.

Now is the ideal season to start reading this series with its perfect fall atmosphere and palette echoing the colors of Autumn. Nena’s dress and bursts of golden and fiery leaves are shockingly bold against cool evening blues, creating a gorgeous contrast and pop. The overall movements of the characters, especially Nena, flow beautifully across the page. Artist Laura Müller does a wonderful job creating sumptuous illustrations interspersed with graphic work in the style of the famed sugar skulls of the Day of the Dead.

Writer Vera Greentea jumps right into the story with endearing characters that all feel like they have some intriguing story behind them. Each one, though only two issues in, feels very human and natural when making trouble with each other, and there is no short of trouble to be made when the spirits are walking again. There are more mysteries yet to be revealed, and Greentea built a strong foundation early into this tale.

Check out Greentea’s Papa for more of her work, and get ready to dive into the spirit world with Nenetl of the Forgotten Spirits #2!

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Jen Keith is a Digital Editor at comiXology, comic artist, music addict, and is already made of pumpkin spice even though the season only just started.

Just in case you think you’re strange for mourning a fictional character’s death, please know that there are many people like you. We understand. These characters are important to you. You become close to them and bond with them and follow them so closely. It’s human nature to feel this way.

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