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No, You Are

Summary: Reader is in a toxic relationship with Billy Hargrove. She gets sucked into the Demodog takedown, and Billy isn’t happy to find her and his baby sister with Steve Harrington.

Author’s Note: I LOVED WRITING THIS SO MUCH. As much as I love writing Billy as a somewhat sympathetic character, writing him this way was fun! Also, shout out to Dad Steve for being dad of the year.

I hate this title, but I don’t know what else to call it. Give me suggestions, please!

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Roadhog with a chubby s/o or crush headcanons?

I’m gonna do s/o. If you want a crush one, just ask!


  • He honestly loves your chubby form. He loves how you giggle and how your plush form is just so… perfect.
  • He loves to hold you at night and knead his meaty fingers into your squishy hips, running them along your curvy love handles.
  • He honestly melts on the inside when he kisses your chubby cheeks, watching them slightly giggle with the amount of force he puts behind the kiss.
  • His favorite thing to do with you is pig out on the good kind of food and then take a big nap with you on top of his big belly.
  • When he’s out with Junkrat invading and stealing from the Austrailian cities, he’ll snag some big sweaters and some comfy joggers so you can stay comfy.
  • If you’re ever feeling self-conscious, he won’t hesitate to sit you down and just compliment you, stating that you’re perfect and nothing is wrong with you.
  • Cue Roadhog bringing home a ton of plushies to cheer you up afterwards.
  • He’s gonna fuck up anyone who even dares to harass your beautiful form.

Jeonghan: VISUAL
Joshua: VISUAL
Wonwoo: VISUAL
Mingyu: VISUAL
Seungkwan: VISUAL
Vernon: VISUAL

Yazz ugly cute fine ass😍
Algee baby face fine ass😍
Luke sing me out my panties fine ass😍
Keith tall model face ass 😍
Woody funny stroke game gotta be bomb fine ass 😍
Elijah dark chocolate singing fine ass 😍

concept: lance scooping up the crying little kids he finds on missions, putting them on his hip, and chattering to them about how cool voltron is while carrying them back to safety. lance hushing little kids who are crying and telling them how brave they’re being. lance making silly faces at kids behind their parents’ backs until their sniffles turn into giggles. lance making kids who haven’t smiled in days burst into laughter with a few goofy jokes. lance hugging scared little kids and telling them all about his friend hunk, who gives the best hugs, and hey you should ask him for one when you meet him! lance just. bringing little spots of joy to the little people who need them most

Jungkook can fuck you better

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