them growing so comfortable with each other

Time is passing in Yuri on ice

I don’t think people realise how much time has passed in Yuri on ice. Like Yuri loses in December and comes home in march of the following year

Victor arrived in April

 in episode 4 Yuri’s phone says May 7 

 and now as previously stated they’re at the preliminarys which is in september. 

So a lot of time is passing between each episode and the creators of the show want us to explicitly know this. That’s important because it means that they’re not making leaps in bounds in a few days. It’s not as if Yuri said no to being Victors boyfriend and then in a day says he loves him but instead this has happened over four- five months the two have become much closer and much more comfortable with each other. This anime is allowing them time to naturally grow close and I think that’s incredibly important because it allows everything to feel more genuine and organic.

  • being friends with a gryffindor is: never having to worry about not having someone to fight for you; knowing that you are arms length away from receiving the warmest hug you have ever had, like hot apple cider or hot chocolate; pillow fights at 1AM because why not? it's not like sleep could ever give you this feeling of joy; it's sitting next to a roaring fire painting nails, or trying to braid hair [and failing miserably]; it's watching the sunset together, and trying so desperately to memorize how the colors from the sky are making their face glow; it's standing up for them, even if they screwed up - because they're your friend, and what they did isn't worth giving up those uncontrollable giggles late at night; it's teaching each other how to grow up, and be mature, and learn from your mistakes; it's often going out of your comfort zone to do things that you might regret later, but you know will be worth it in the end; it's trying new recipes together and almost coughing it back up because you seriously needed to have had a recipe; it's always being there for each other when it counts.
  • being friends with a ravenclaw is: turning around in your seat during class, to look at them and roll your eyes simultaneously; coming up with new conspiracy theories about your favorite tv show; writing messages on each other's jeans and hands/arms, and getting in trouble with the teachers for not paying attention; it's not being afraid to tell them that they need to go back upstairs and change their outfit; it's not being afraid to give them the facts, and show them how it correlates with their circumstance; it's watching the stars together, and having a contest about who can spot the most constellations, before you both decide 'screw it,' and make up your own constellations - each with their own history and characterization; it's trying out new things together, whether it's completely foreign to the both of you, or just one of you - to please the other person and to gain their perspective; it's reading to each other late at night, while the other plays with your hair; it's always going above and beyond to keep your friendship alive.
  • being friends with a slytherin is: silent gestures and small smiles during the day, to let the other know you care about them; it's like finding a four-leafed clover - once you find it, you never let it go; it's throwing rocks in water and watching the ripples as they calm you; it's not being afraid to point out the bad qualities in each other, as well as the good, and have conversations about them; it's doing each others makeup and laughing so much that your eyeliner is all over the place, and you can forget about mascara; it's seeing who can sculpt the weirdest animal [with a backstory, please and thank you - along with its diet and habitat]; it's staying on the internet until dawn, and barely speaking, but giggling as you send each other memes; it's jumping on the bed to your favorite music while singing in a hairbrush; it's texting each other in near-tears, spilling your heart out, while the other listens and comforts you, and tells you all the reasons why you'll get through it, and how you don't need the person who is the source of your hurt; it's constantly picking each other up after someone's knocked you down; it's knowing that you have someone you can be completely bare-faced with, and know that they'll either cut all ties with you, or know that you have someone to love you for life.
  • being friends with a hufflepuff is: late-night talks about nothing and everything; sending each other baby hedgehog videos; hand-holding; seeing who can eat the most in one sitting [and then comforting each other the rest of the day, because oh my god who would even eat fifteen pieces of toast in their right mind]; sketching each other [and failing miserably]; lighting dozens of candles and laying down on the couch side-by-side, whilst your favorite instrumental record plays in the background; not being afraid of tear-stained clothes; sometimes having to pull all-nighters working through problems with each other, due to too much blatant and tactless honesty; always smiling at each other while you pass in the halls; always lending an ear when needed, even if you can't give advice; squealing at seeing their selfies, because oh my god, I am friends with the cutest little bean in the universe; making road-trip plans for the future; tripping over air while going on hikes together; drying flowers together; knowing that although they might have their head in the clouds, they will always come back down to earth just for you.

Fangirling aside, I just love how comfortable Yuuri and Viktor’s relationship is becoming. They’re not at all concerned with what other people think of them and don’t seem to be worried about putting a label on what they have.

Everyone else seems to ship them as hard as we do, and there aren’t any of those awkward “no homo” qualifiers from ANYONE.

I also like that they aren’t dancing around each other in a minefield of misunderstandings.

Yuuri and Victor feel like a realistic couple who are growing closer together and that might be my favorite thing.

I’m legit crying over Kara right now because she’s so alone. Alex is now spending more time with Maggie (which I don’t blame her for of course, she deserves to be happy with Maggie and have all the things that she missed out on before). She’s still tense with James and Winn about the whole guardian thing. Cat’s gone. Mon-el has feelings for her that she doesn’t want to deal with. She has no one. 

Except Lena. Which is why I’m looking forward to them getting closer because they both need a friend so much, they need each other and even if it isn’t romantic I still need to see their relationship grow and allow them to find comfort and familiarity within each other.

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Paladins' reactions to their s/o falling asleep on them?

;;sure! !! thx for sending!

Lance -

He’ll turn a little red, wrapping his arms around them and letting them rest comfortably against him, but not before planting a lithe kiss on their forehead and wishing them the sweetest of dreams. If anyone makes a little too much noise around them, he’d be ready to fight

Shiro -

This guy would stiffen like a tree, he’d be so scared of waking them up with any kind of movement–but eventually he’d grow tired himself and the next moment they’ll be fast asleep on each other, legs intertwined and a flustered storm on its way once one of them wakes up.

Hunk -

His s/o falling asleep on him would be super endearing for him, and he’d note how adorable they look while they’re resting so peacefully, before pulling them closer and proving to be the world’s best pillow.

Keith -

He wouldn’t necessarily think much of it, seeing as only they were tired and too lazy to lay down in their bed. But when the other paladins catch a glimpse of his s/o laying against him, he’d grow red and bring a finger to his lips, shushing them away aggressively.

Pidge -

Similar to Shiro, they’d freeze and cautiously sling an arm over them, playing with their hair and gazing at their resting soft features. Eventually, after staying put for so long, they fall asleep as well–and it’s up to whatever paladin walks in to drape a blanket over them.


Dear Sterofam,
All in all, no matter how disappointed I am in the finale, this ship was so important to me. And no matter what the writers did or didn’t imply, we watched Caroline grow into herself and we watched Stefan find someone worth fighting for. We saw them go from friends to best friends, to girlfriend/boyfriend, to fiances, to being actual canon husband and wife. We got a canon “I will love you forever”. I choose to believe that they find each other again, I will take comfort in the fact that we got our June Wedding.

I will choose to forever love my broody, Bon Jovi loving, hero-haired saint, and my insecure neurotic control freak on crack.

I will always remember the girl he was always willing to wait for. The girl he overlooked for so long, who became his better than true love.

I will always remember the new mystery guy and the girl that was by his side when he needed a friend, made him laugh, made him dance, and told him that he would find love again..


I am so conflicted because on the one hand, I want ep7 to have been their first kiss because of all the opportunity for mutual pining beforehand, but also I love the idea that this is nowhere near their first kiss. I think there’s a lot of evidence supporting them already being in an established relationship at this point. 

It’s been a considerable amount of time since the show started (I’m not sure how long but like maybe around 6-8 months?) and they would’ve had a lot of time for their relationship to grow and develop. In this episode we saw them falling asleep cuddling (to which Yuuri only expressed surprise because he wanted to make sure Viktor set an alarm) and Viktor was at a loss of how to comfort Yuuri so he offered to kiss him, like it was a default for him to resort to kissing as a form of comfort. Just in this episode alone, it seems like they have established some kind of romantic relationship with each other because of how casually intimate they are with each other. 

Because of this I’m thinking that the kiss could be interpreted as surprising Yuuri because he wasn’t expecting Viktor to kiss him in public. The look they give each other after the kiss is loving and affectionate, but after the initial shock of being knocked over, Yuuri seems natural and composed, not a blushing, stammering mess because his coach just kissed him. 

So I think that they were pining for all this time is plausible BUT I also think that it would make sense for them to have been in a relationship with each other for months at this point. I like both options tbh, and I think that there’s enough evidence for both to be real!

dirk liking his hair played with but only trusting certain people with it

dirk’s really anxious a lot during the events of sburb so he forms a habit of fidgeting with his hair

after the events he begins to trust his hair with roxy and dave a lot, roxy always styles it and braids flowers into it while dave just likes to play with it

he never really asks for it, they just know he trusts them so whenever they’re bored or anxious they find themselves plopped down and playing with it

jake is a different story, though

dirk is really uncomfortable with jake touching his hair at first, and he proclaims so

but over time he slowly grows more and more comfortable around jake as they spend time together, even leaning into his touches and asking him to play with it

they find mutual comfort in spending this time together and find it in themselves to finally sort out their bad issues and forgive each other (ofc with help of gcatavrosprite) and finally rule over the consort kindgom in peace

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I wonder how H would be with a girl who wasn't comfortable using pet names for whatever reason, like she didn't grow up with her parents using them for each other or even for her so she just wasn't used to it. But one day she unknowingly calls him baby when she wanted to get his attention and he starts smiling and even blushes a little cause she's never called him that before, and they've been together for awhile, even said i love you's but no pet names on her end.

He probably wouldn’t think anything of her not using pet names – in fact, it might only occur to him right in that moment where she says it at last, you know? Cause it’s such a shock and thrill for him and it’s such a foreign sound – like a new note that hasn’t been found before. And he tries not to smile – that little smile like…..

Originally posted by megan-is-the-bestest

Like that kinda.

And if she asks him, “What? Why do you have that look on your face?” he just chuckles and shakes his head and says no reason. 

if you’re ever upset please consider:

  • autistic zuko being really impressed w/ jet’s affinity for words and how great of a public speaker he is
  • jet helping firelord zuko write and rehearse his speeches 
  • jet being really intrigued by how expressive zuko is w/ his body language and how comforting his presence can be
  • modern au jet and zuko making a video of zuko’s hand stimming and zuko being shocked and f lustered at how popular it gets
  • zuko st i mmING WITH FIRE B ENDING
  • jet and zuko growing old together and making “ur getting old” jokes at each other every chance they get
  • and each time jet tries to prove zuko wrong by picking him up
  • both of them being sarcastic as hell
  • jet telling their friends that zuko doesn’t like unexpected physical affection and so they start asking each time they want to hug zuko
  • three words: trans boy zuko
  • honestly just remember that jetko is 100% canon  
School Mates [a Jimmy Darling imagine]

Request: could you do a jimmy darling x reader where the reader goes to a regular school and ethel tries to let jimmy go to ‘normal’ school, and he befriends the reader. after the kids start bullying jimmy, he leaves and the reader comforts him. she begins to frequent the camp and they grow up best friends. they have feelings for each other, but when the reader admits them to jimmy he just gets nervous and is insecure!jimmy cause of his hands? thank you so much love:)

a/n: holy fuck, welp grab the holy water


Walking in the hallway, you clutch your school books to your chest, keeping your head down. It’s not that you hate school, quite opposite actually; you are a very smart twelve year old. But you only have one friend. His name is Jimmy and he’s different. Not only because of his hands, but also because he’s nice, understanding and caring.

Today is his last day sadly. His mom decided to take him out of school, since he’s getting bullied. He comes to your side, ripping your books from your grasp. “I’m the only one that carries your books, let me do it one last time.” He snorts; you smile sadly. Jimmy sighs, “I know you’re sad, I am too, but you can always visit!” He tries cheering you up.

You sniffle, drying your eyes. Of course he is right. “I’ll visit a lot. I’m gonna miss you, Jim.” Grabbing his hand, or ‘claw’, you lean on him, continuing to walk.

“I miss you already.” He sighs.


Well, you certainly kept your promise, seeing as you come to the campground almost everyday. Grinning, you duck under a moving board, clutching the end of your purple pastel dress, so it doesn’t get caught. You run around, seeking for your best friend that’s hiding from you. A giggle escapes you, catching a glimpse of his grey button down.

Cutting Paul off, you run in front of him, making him stumble. “Sorry Paul!” You cringe, racing behind Amazon Eve’s caravan, boxing the lobster boy in. You smile, walking up to him; your purple headband falling above your eyebrows. “Got’cha.” You say out of breath, poking his squishy chest.

He rolls his brown orbs, bringing a hand up towards your face. “Alright, alright, ya got me dollface.” He grins, nodding while a chuckle passes his plump lips. “Now, what’cha wanna tell me?” He asks, gliding the headband back to your hair. You are so beautiful to him.

A blush rises to your cheeks and you stand up straight. Your hands ball in your dress, causing it to ruffle. “Well, before you rudely ran away from me,” you pout, bowing your head, “I was… I‘m in love with you, Jimmy.” You whisper, swaying your skirt nervously. Truth is, you’ve been in love with him since he started school.

Those big brown doe orbs widen, filling with water. “No, Y/N, no…” He shakes his head, the light brown curl dangling. A frown tugs your lips down; he doesn’t love you? “I love you, god, do I love you, but…you deserve so much better. You’re so beautiful, in every possible way, and I-I’m not. My hands…are so ugly. You don’t wanna be seen with me. I’m a…monster.” He whispers, looking away.

As fast as lightning, you tug his hand, turning his chubby face to you. Biting your lip, you try not to cry. “Did you not hear me? I’m in love with you! I want you, Jimmy! You are not a monster, I promise you. You have beautiful hands; just like every other part of you. You’re beautiful.” You smile, blinking back tears.

Jimmy stares at you through watery eyes for a minute. His hand slips from yours, reattaching to your hip. The other one cups your cheek while he quickly leans down, molding his lips to yours as the wind whips your hair in his face. He gasps against you. This is the best kiss ever.

buddy,,,so much new t'chucky material,,,t'challa personally seeing to bucky’s recovery, t'challa giving him a new arm, t'challa comforting bucky,,,,,,bucky comforting t'challa,,,,,,,both of them dealing with their trauma & shared pasts,,,growing together as people,,supporting each other,,,falling in love,,kissing,,,,,

2x10 is such a monumental episode for clexa because you can physically see them growing in love and finding so much comfort in each other, like the first thing lexa did when clarke awoke in the woods was reassure her that she was protected and the first thing clarke did was check how lexa’s arm was and despite everything else that was going on around them all that mattered in that moment was that the other was safe

Madzie and Magnus

This comes between my other two Madzie stories you can find them here (before) and here (after)

With essentials taken care of, Magnus had no idea what to do next. It was not that he disliked children, in fact he was quite fond of them, but he had rarely been allowed around small children, even warlocks, and when he was, it was never for long.

In the end, he and Madzie wound up in a staring contest, seated across from each other at his dining room table. He had let down his glamour so that she would be more comfortable around him, and was growing uncomfortable with her staring at his real eyes.

“So…” Magnus drawled, “What do you like to do?”

Madzie continued to stare at him, then said one word, “Play.”

Magnus smiled, “What kind of things do you play?”

Madzie thought for a while, “Games.”

Magnus nodded, “I can get you some games, but dear, just like the bedroom and clothes, you will have to be more specific.”

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Headcannon: That after everything with the auction arc happens, Urie is an awkward noodle around Mutsuki. And sometimes he’ll be the typical tsundere towards him around the squad. But every now and then he’ll go to Mutsuki to just talk or for some type of comfort. And Mutsuki doesn’t mind at first but slowly they both start treasuring those moments and slowly but steadily grow feelings towards each other. But the both of them are too awkward and shy to confess to each other, so they just continue comforting and talking to each other until the comforting and talking turns into something more like shy kisses and sometimes hugging.

Westallen cuteness in 2x09!

They were so damn adorable and sweet together in the Flash mid-season finale. Their emotional scenes were all so amazing, even better than last year’s mid-season finale. I missed Grant and Candice’s interaction so much this year and I’m so glad we finally got a bit of an explanation for why Iris had been ducking Barry this whole time. She was angry about the whole keeping a secret identity thing. I want to see more scenes between these two I’m sick of all this boring Patty/Barry crap. She’s a horrible person who likes to shoot people and nearly kill in cold blood. I want someone to tell Barry that she tried to kill Wells! WHY IS TEAM FLASH KEEPING THAT FROM HIM?!?

Anyway back to Westallen, this episode reminded me again of why I adore them so much. I love their chemistry, their sweetness and the way they comfort each other when things are at their worst. I wish we could continue to see Barry and Iris grow closer into something more because if this episode was any indication its that Iris is fighting really hard to suppress her feelings for Barry. Its so obvious in her eyes which hold so much sadness even through her smiles and the way she says “I’m happy for you” referring to him and Patty. Ugh writers please allow these two to interact more its killing me with how much angst you’re throwing at them with no pay off. 

I loved when they held each other watching the snow fall it was beautiful. And then Westallen sassing Captain Cold was so great lol! Why can’t we have more nice things like this on the show its not fair :( I’ve been missing Barry and Iris’s relationship so much and this episode felt a lot like what we used to get between them in S1 it’s actually sad when I think of it. Also I LOVED the introduction of Wally West, that was a fantastic acting moment between all four of the main actors ^__^ I got teary eye watching Iris and Joe reunite with Wally for the first time T__T It reminded me of when Oliver reunited with his son!

Oh and speaking of Captain Cold/Leonard Snart I’m really loving his growing respect and twisted care for Barry. He protected him even if it wasn’t much Leonard still went out of his way to warn Barry. The Coldflash *feels* were strong in this episode! Grant and Wentworth are just so damn amazing together, such a beautiful parallel to the Oliver Queen/Malcolm Merlyn relationship. 

P.S Iris bless your little heart for that Olivarry reference at the beginning when you mentioned you were searching for BOTH a Flash and Green Arrow doll as a package deal ^__^ So does this mean Barry told Iris who Oliver is?! ^__^

On that note I didn’t appreciate Joe’s “crazy man” remark mocking Oliver’s friggin PTSD. I wish the Flash writers would STOP trashing Oliver and Arrow like this on The Flash series. Its disgusting, petty. childish and its only making me resent this show more and more. Most of the characters have become unlikable to me because of this sh*t. Its very disheartening as a fan of Arrow for me to watch this other series I enjoy trashing a series I love. The Flash is going to start losing viewers and fans at this rate if they keep it up. Without Arrow THERE WOULD BE NO FLASH SERIES just remember that! 

Teen Wolf: Tyler Posey says season 6 is a 'new level of Sciles'

Posey says the Scott-Stiles bromance, which had to overcome a major hurdle after Theo tore them apart, is very much alive. “In the beginning of season 6, they are not better than ever, [but] they kind of come back to the season 1 vibe. Everything’s laid out on the table, there’s nothing hiding between the two of them and that really creates a really solid bond or brings back the bond that they used to have.”

Posey continues, “They’re in the same frame of mind that they were in in the first season, but they’ve gone through all of this stuff together, so they’re way more mature and wiser and more comfortable with each other, so you just see the love between Stiles and Scott grow even more and fans are going to fall in love with that. It’s a new level of Sciles.”

Teen Wolf returns this fall to MTV.

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Osomatsu-San as it was

So what happened between epiisodes 24 and 25 of the show?

Choromatsu had a job and four other matsus went their own ways around the city. They were growing up, trying to better themselves, struggling to live as an adult, this and that and so and so.

Osomatsu gets an invitationals letter- for the whole family to participate. Back in the Letter, as each matsu left, he didn’t make any actual attempts to stop them.

Now he has. His brothers were seemingly comfortable with their new lifestyles (considering what they were doing and where), but now they stop what they’re doing and go home.

Everyone looked at the invitational as the one thing they need to get out of NEETdom. The fast and easy way, in contrast to all the struggling they went through back in ep24. They quickly dropped their struggles and hard work(?) because this was an easier way to get what they want.

They lose their match, and stayed NEETS for another whole year to prepare themselves for a rematch, only to lose again and- you know.

The Matsuno brothers are trash for life and we learned this once and for all today after seven whole days of tearful reactions, angsty fanart, fanfiction, psychological evaluations, real life comparisons, happy pick-me-ups and speculations from fans all over the world. They are precious children to us and at the same time, they are absolute garbage of human beings that are only in their early 20s.

You don’t even see their parents anymore- they walked out of the episode.

This is what Osomatsu-san was.

I enjoy this show a lot and the fandom is really amazing.

But let’s not forget the most important part of episode 25

Jyushimatsu did not lose his hand.

I mean, the guy’s probably capable of growing a new hand anyway, but seriously

The one thing I have particularly noticed is how smoothly Mulder and Scully being estranged has gone so far. The tension is still present but it’s not the same tension as the one we were used to, the one residing in the unspoken words and feelings. The Estranged Sexual Tension works well, as they have managed to keep the chemistry while establishing a great level of familiarity between them. Even though there clearly is some nervousness around the reality that Scully left home, they are comfortable around each other, they look at each other with this understanding that only grows after spending years living together and having the most inane to the most serious discussions. We no longer see the emotional restraint which would exist between work partners who have feelings they would rather not confess. They have opened up to each other and they know they need to keep doing so if they want to move forward as a couple again.