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Have a terrible, quickly drawn and badly colored sketch of these two goofy dads !

This has been in my folders incomplete for weeks so I just wanted to get it out which means it’s super sketchy with close but not quite right colors 

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Reasons why Jaspball is more likely to be canon than you think

• The episode ‘Earthlings’ contains two iconic Jasper quotes,
- “Nobody I fuse with ever wants to stay.”
'Back To The Moon’ was the very next episode, and what did it contain?
- Eyeball expressing affection and devotion to Jasper. She wants to stay.
- Eyeball admitting being witness to Pink Diamond’s shattering. She sympathizes.

• It would be a great way to show multiple outcomes of escaping an abusive and unhealthy relationship (if Lapis remains single.) It would show that, in Lapis’ case, you can find freedom, find new friends, and be happily independent. And, in Jasper’s case, it would show that finding a healthy relationship is possible, that there’s someone out there that could make you a better person for you and for them, and that you can learn to love again.

• It would be the first romantic relationship between two antagonists on the show (or two used-to-be antagonists, if/when they’re redeemed.)

• It would be the ultimate irony for Jasper to say “Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak gems stronger!” to Garnet, only for her to one day fuse with a Ruby herself.

• It would be the first romantic relationship in the show between two gems with a dramatic height difference!

• Eyeball has more in common with Jasper than any other character in the show so far. Both of them are soldiers, both have seen the roughest parts of the war, both have served under Yellow Diamond, both have a vendetta against Rose Quartz, both are brash and headstrong.

On a final note, I’d like to say that I think a lot of people don’t take Jaspball seriously. It’s probably the last Jasper ship anyone expects to become canon. But think about it.

Wouldn’t that be the best way for Jasper to find love again? With someone new? Someone who’s seen the same war, has a similar mindset, and honestly admires her?

I’d like to remind ya’ll that Rebecca doesn’t play with our feelings when it comes to girls having romantic feelings for other girls. Sure, it’s funny and cute to see Eyeball get jealous over another Ruby getting to sit in Jasper’s lap. In any other show, I’d see it as comedic relief because there would be no reason to hope for more. But with the Crewniverse, there’s always a reason to hope for more. Just look at ‘Future Boy Zoltron’ and how Mr Smiley was confirmed to be gay soon after. Everything in that episode was subtle, but no less real. And Eyeball has shown a desire for Jasper since day one.

- Hit the Diamond: She had a no-nonsense attitude about their mission. She didn’t fool around. She just went through the motions. She thanked them when they told her where Jasper was. All she cared about was finding her.
- Back to the Moon: She was the one to approach Jasper, speak with her personally, express her admiration, take her on a tour of the moon base … heck, did you see the look on Eye’s face when Jasper said she couldn’t file the report? She rushed to her side filled with concern. She usually looks so frustrated and tense, but her eyes were innocent like a child’s.
- Bubbled: She speaks somberly about being fooled by the Crystal Gems, and all the joy of meeting Jasper has left her. Because, to quote her, “It wasn’t even her. Just another trick.”

Eyeball is an important character. She witnessed Pink Diamond being shattered. And to have every episode of her screentime involve her dedication to Jasper in some way means that she will be back, and she will meet Jasper, and there’s gonna be some heavy feelings there.

I’m not saying it will be canon. But it’s more likely than you think.