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i am procrastinating animation, homework, and finishing setting up the narvin rp blog by doing literally anything else including finishing a bunch of work-in-progress drawings, so i guess that still counts as productive?

Some Highlights from “The Music of Rogue One” Panel at SWCO17 (aka the panel that blew my mind)

So since I can’t find any filmed version of the “Music of Rogue One” panel with David W. Collins I’ll post some of the highlights here. I’m a music theory nerd myself but I was surrounded by people who have never paid attention to music analysis and were still moved to tears so I encourage everyone to check this out (and watch the panel please if it’s ever made available.)

  • the Panel began with Collins discussing the legacy of John Williams and the Star Wars main theme specifically. He discussed how it was originally meant to be Luke Skywalker’s theme, and how that interpretation can still hold true considering Star Wars is the Skywalker Saga
  • The coolest thing pointed out re the main theme is that it’s musical construction mirrors the structure of the Hero’s Journey, the monomyth structure that all of Star Wars revolves around. It rises suddenly with the call to adventure, then builds with the journey, drops during the abyss, is reborn with another musical rise, then returns to the beginning. Collins emphasized that Williams is without a doubt a musical genius and that Michael Giacchino had a big challenge in making a score that lived up to William’s legacy while standing on it’s own. This was a challenge he more than met, as this panel made clear.
  • Now moving on to Rogue One, Collin’s discussed the title theme “Hope.” This theme is clearly heard over the title of the film, during Jyn’s big speech to the Rebellion, and throughout the film.
  • Collins pointed out that, like the main Star Wars theme, “Hope” echos the structure of the film itself. There are heroic major key moments in the theme, but it ends in a melancholy way that almost sounds unfinished. It represents the sacrifice at the center of the film. This is a story of incredible heroism that merely paves the way for others to finish the journey. 
  • Collins moved on to discuss the musical themes for each character in Rogue One, with a lot of focus on Jyn’s theme. Jyn’s theme is the most frequently heard piece along with “Hope” in the film. In fact, we hear it three times in the film’s prologue alone.
  • The fascinating thing Collins pointed out is Giacchino’s use of Dies Irae throughout the score. Dies Irae, or Day of Wrath, is the medieval hym describing the end of the world. It is sung during funeral masses and musically is quoted widely to represent death
  • Giacchino was signaling from the beginning that this is a story about death. He wrote the sacrifice of these characters right into their themes.
  • A notable use of Dies Irae beyond character themes is it’s repetition as Cassian and Jyn begin to climb the tower in the archive during the climax. The first two notes of Dies Irae are repeated as they do so. When Krennic walks down the hallway with his Death Troopers, all three notes play (death literally chasing them). And when Jyn almost drops, than catches the data tapes, Dies Irae is replaced by “Hope”
  • Jyn’s theme in particular is a melancholy theme centered on Dies Irae, but with a lovely, lullaby like feeling. It tells you from the beginning that Jyn’s is a story of hope and inspiration but also death and sacrifice.
  • An interesting use of Jyn’s theme and “Hope” together is during Jyn’s speech to the Rebellion. First we here “Hope” swell as Jyn speaks to the Rebels. Then when her speech is shot down, the theme drops, replaced by Jyn’s theme. This represents that it is Jyn herself who inspires the sacrifice that will eventually bring on the Hope. Jyn is the hope.
  • Another mind blowing moment was a musical parallel that Collins pointed out with the character of Bodhi Rook. In the scene where he recalls his mission, repeating “I’m the pilot, I brought the message,” listen for the flutes. That exact same flute theme plays in A New Hope when Luke discovers Leia’s message hidden in R2. By doing this,  Giacchino is directly mapping the journey of “the message.” Bodhi receives the message of the Death Star and how it can be destroyed from Galen, he brings it to Jyn, who with Rogue One, transmit the message, which ends up in the hands of Leia, then to R2, then to Luke, who must return it to the Rebellion. Those flutes represent the origin of the message with Bodhi through to A New Hope.
  • This panel was full of mind blowing moments, but the most mind blowing moment by far was another musical connection to A New Hope. After we had become very familiar with Jyn’s theme over the course of the panel, Collin’s played a scene from A New Hope for us. It was the moment when Obi-Wan asks Luke to come with him to Alderaan and Luke resists. When Obi-Wan says he’s getting too old for this sort of thing, Jyn’s theme plays clearly under Luke’s hesitation. In the original context, a hint of Dies Irae was WIlliam’s way of foreshadowing Obi-Wan’s death, but after Giacchino used that musical queue to build Jyn’s theme, it suddenly has deeper meaning. It’s Jyn’s sacrifice calling to Luke, compelling him to be the hope she fought for. And it is connecting Obi-Wan’s eventual sacrifice with that of Jyn and her comrades.  
  • Collins also highlighted how Giacchino’s score for the final moments of the film, from Jyn’s confrontation with Krennic through the arrival of Vader and the death of Jyn and Cassian, is unconventional and incredibly effective. Jyn’s confrontation with Krennic is silent, no music, unexpected for such a key moment. Only when Cassian appears does the music return. And throughout the final sequence, as we witness horrifying destruction, death. the arrival of the Death Star and Vader’s Star Destroyer, the score stays distant, gentle, melancholy. It does not highlight the horror. It steps back and mourns over it, like the eyes of history or the Force itself, honoring the sacrifice. 
  • So yeah Giacchino’s score for Rogue One is brilliant, Williams’ music for Star Wars is brilliant, this panel was brilliant, and I can never get enough of analyzing Star Wars scores.

Song is Itsumo Nando Demo music box, original from Spirited Away





So I really like Persona 5 and I especially like the girls on the team.


A little something for my beautiful child @itsscrow because they made me love these guys (together gdi)

drew this while waiting for the fuckign video to render

these two become younger everytime I draw them

It’s 2:30 am and I just finished reading Good Omens and going through the tag (as I do when I finish A Thing) This has nothing to do with casting it’s just my own personal hc for how I saw Aziraphale while reading lol mainly cause when I read my mental image of most characters is vague at best 

 -Shorter than Crowley by a smidge

 -broad shoulders, narrow waist, hips, thighs that can kill you

 -basically an hourglass figure but with more emphasis on shoulders and chest width 

 -he seems fit but in reality he’s a Very Very Soft boy

 -under thos clothes is SOFT esp on his thighs, a little bit around the belly, and soft soft chest (I can just imagine crow burying his face in that chest)

 -incredibly dark skin, but it always looks like he uses rainbow/metallic highlighter 

 -long eyelashes and very fluffy hair 

 -can’t decide on very light colored eyes or very dark ones

-He overall looks like someone who was extremely, devastatingly attractive a decade or two ago, and has since softened around the edges

Storytime: Arella the Snack Thief

My abuser kept shelves and shelves full of food and drinks in their bedroom. Just an entire wall’s worth of floor to ceiling shelving full of things that *I* wasn’t allowed to touch. The rest of the family, sure, but ESPECIALLY NOT ME. I had to sit in this house and watch them hoard my favorite foods - things they didn’t even like - as a passive aggressive thing against me. They were mean enough to admit that’s why they did it to my face, and dared me to tell the rest of my family, because nobody would believe me. Instead I bit my tongue, and planned my revenge.

Two days before my then-fiance arrived in North Carolina for our wedding, I did the thing. They were out of the house for the day, a very rare occurrence. They said they couldn’t stomach all the wedding prep that was centralized around “a brat like me”. I had shrugged and continued making the favor packages on the dining room table, and they stormed out, slamming the front door so hard that a picture frame fell off the hallway wall. 
And the second their car pulled out of the driveway, I was up, and I was running. I grabbed my giant Hello Kitty backpack, the one I had saturated in perfume to make my family avoid it, and I rushed into this person’s room.

Youtube was still a fledgling little thing, but it already had tutorials of all sorts. I had used a weird tutorial that had been in Spanish, teaching you how to carefully open any kind of cardboard packaging and reseal it without it looking like it’d been bothered. I’d been practicing on snack packages at my aunt’s house for months, where if I messed up they’d just believe one of the six cousins had done it. I had this shit MASTERED now. Within an hour, I had emptied every box of pop tarts, gummy snacks, granola bars, cracker snack packs, and candies on those shelves.
Now I wasn’t stupid. I often volunteered for 3 - 4 year old Sunday School teaching, and when there gathered up all the craft scraps these kids left behind (which was a lot). Toilet paper tubes, tissue paper, actual paper, plastics, cello paper… it all went in my bag as a part of “KIDS! CLEAN UP TIME! PUT IT ALL IN THIS “TRASH” BAG!”. Nobody was the wiser. That was the material that made up the new insides of these packages, so if this person picked up one of these “sealed” boxes, they wouldn’t question that they had contents.

The soda cans were tougher. With a lot of precision care, you can carefully move the tab back into place. Not perfect, but enough that a quick glance would be fooled. I knew they drank these too, but they had the Sam’s Club crate’s worth, and had just recently restocked their supply. This had been prepped a week in advance, where I had been picking their cans out of the recycling, washing them, filling them with water, and maneuvering the tabs back into place. On the day when I actually did everything, I removed the bottom level of her soda collection, and replaced the new cans with the water-filled old ones, stacked everything back together, and slid it onto the shelf.

I almost got caught. They pulled back in before I had slid everything properly, so I got some water from a spilling soda can on their desk - I had to clean it with my shirt fast and bolt away. To cover for the water spill, I quickly ran the kitchen sink, and yelled “AW MAN!” loudly, holding the sprayer part, making it look like it had soaked me when I’d grabbed it. They laughed at me, called me a fucking idiot, and locked themselves in their room.

My husband and I enjoyed the snacks and sodas during the week-long road-trip we took after our wedding. Knowing I had taken it from this person who had made me so miserable in so many ways made every bite that much sweeter. 

By the time they got to the cans with the water, I had been gone for three weeks. I’ve been told they did a rampaging tear-apart of their entire room, only to find that none of their boxes had any actual food in it. I was sent a fuming e-mail, threatening me, etc. I just sent back a smiley face. I was thousands of miles away, and they couldn’t touch me now.

And I had their gushers.

had a dream where I was frantically trying to get ahold of someone and I’d become convinced they had died and I was trying everything to get in contact with them

and then I “woke up” and someone was by my bed and they told me that she had died and my griefscream was so intense I woke myself up for real, and basically punched my tablet across the room bc I was trying so hard to grab it

and now I am awake this feels like A Lot to put on a person so I’m just saying it here instead of a message, bc dreams are more often silly and..yeah.

but anyway I love you. if you’ve gotten this far into a text post you are probably someone I care a lot about (whether yr the dream person or not, this applies to u) and just. I love you. want to hug u all and make sure you’re safe, but I know going around all my friends going “u alive?? u ok?? love u!!!” falls into Crazy Person Actions so I’m just thinking of u all and hoping you’re okay. be nice to yourselves. make yourself a hot drink and get back into bed n snuggle up. buy yourself a present. *throws vague caring sentiments at u*


who knows what’s going on? they do and its giving them a headache

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night time selfie studies/self portraits are the best

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NTT Solmare is going to AX and I’m going to hopefully get my friend heartraits to deliver this sketch for me <O><O>


(I drew my favourite solmare chars heheh….Pale Ghost/Nick from Niflheim, Randy March from Wizardess Heart and Roy from Castle Break)

khams9  asked:

What happened to knk? I'm very much out of the loop.

Well they went to YG’s survival program Mix Nine and some sources say one of the judges suggested they should change their name to (sth along the lines of) “nothing special”

jsyk my au has a ton of alternate ends cause i like a lot of ships and this is how weiss and blakey would look in the monochromey end