them details tho

jsyk my au has a ton of alternate ends cause i like a lot of ships and this is how weiss and blakey would look in the monochromey end


NTT Solmare is going to AX and I’m going to hopefully get my friend heartraits to deliver this sketch for me <O><O>


(I drew my favourite solmare chars heheh….Pale Ghost/Nick from Niflheim, Randy March from Wizardess Heart and Roy from Castle Break)


night time selfie studies/self portraits are the best


#look at my vampire husband #isn’t he beautiful (7/?)

Based on the CUTEST OISUGA FEA FIC by volleybird that I found a while ago and I meant to draw art for it but finally got around to it… appropriately so since I’m replaying FEA rn lol and I’m about to recruit Inigo (once I get Galeforce on Olivia… sigh)

I feel like Suga would still have his team mom personality and look after all the units and Oikawa would still be his charming self but he’d get super shy around Suga hahaha

There ya go~! Family pic finally done~! Not gonna tag peeps cuz