them boys be on the tramp

Hot Blooded

Warning:- Smut, Swearing 


This is a mash up of several request because they were pretty similar :) so I hope you like!!


wantated said: Hey! I love your blog! I spent like, a whole day reading you Masterlist and since then I am in love! So… I have a request but it is big… so sorry! I was wondering if you could write something about Jody, Charlie and the Reader having a girls night at the bunker or somewhere where they talk about girls, boys and relationships and they make the Reader admit that she is in love with Dean and that she should confess to him, because he totally loves her too. Thank you so much! You are great!

Anon said: Can we have a reader and charlie girly night? thanks

Anon said: Can I ask for a deanxreader where charlie and sam plot to get them to admit their feelings? 


You stumbled from the kitchen with snacks piled so high in your arms it was impossible to see over the top. It was your monthly “girly” night with Charlie and you were incredibly excited. Your knee collided with a chair on the way out of the room towards the converted “Movie room”; A string of not to colourful curse words flew from your mouth as the pain radiated up your leg.

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Don't you love it how Isak and Even are living together and yet in that Sana's Eid celebration, they were still together like all the time almost ?! I only wonder how clingy and inseparable they are whenever they're in the public!

Oh yes, anon! Isak and Even are that annoying couple in the group of friends, that’s SO CANON?? Even in such mundane situations they’re so grossly inseparable, like come on:

• don’t tell me that whenever in those rare occasions that Isak and Even agree to go to the parties with the boys (mostly to just have fun together and holler at Mahdi to go get some™ when a girl makes eyes at him) and Jonas goes to the kitchen to steal some snacks and comes back and sees Isak and Even cramped together on the sofa, Even’s knees nudging Isak’s as if he’s inviting him to sit on his lap and by the looks of it, he’ll soon be right in the place (and that’s not even the embarrassing part). What’s embarrassing is that he actually hears Even say do you come here often in a sultry tone to which Isak lets out a giggle and slaps Even on the chest and yeah, ok, Jonas’ is kind of embarrassed by them. And when I say kind of? I mean a lot.

• or when they’re in McDonald’s with the boys and they go to order their meals and Isak comes back and sees that Even is sitting near a wall and on the other side it’s…Magnus?! You can bet Isak is kicking Magnus out of his seat to sit next to his boyfriend (wtf Magnus he’s my boyfriend what the hell) but soon Even kisses that frowny expression and Isak is fine again so problem averted, they’re fine. Boys, however, are not, as they witness how Even puts a long ass fry into his mouth and wiggles his eyebrows for Isak to get the hint and eat from the other side. Isak rolls his eyes while Even quickly pulls it out of his mouth and happily exclaims The Lady and The Tramp, Isak, come on! and Isak is sighing and giving in more eagerly than he would dare to admit. The boys are just… they gave up okay? They can’t pretend they don’t know them, sadly. It’s too late for that.)

• also when they all go to a cabin together and Isak and Even fall asleep on a couch and in the morning Isak complains about his back and how uncomfortable and sore he feels and Jonas is like you know you could have slept on the other couch right? and both of the boys just snap their heads to him at the same time and Jonas is not so sure that he didn’t sprout a second head with the way they’re looking at him. Even pulls his boyfriend more insistently onto his chest as if he’s proving a point because really Jonas? you think we know how to sleep separately? the fuck…? Once again, Jonas is very embarrassed for his friends.

Enough Is Enough - Part 2

Summary: You have known Bucky Barnes your entire life and he is your twin brother’s best friend, so seeing him on a daily basis shouldn’t be all that much of a problem right? Wrong. You hate the guy, with a passion, and no matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to get rid of him. He is there, constantly, like some persistent little pest that refuses to leave from where it’s not welcome.

So what happens when you start to pick up on just why that might be? Will your strong opinion on him change or become even worse?

Note: This is the second part to my entry for Tay’s AU Writing Challenge I had the prompt  “I don’t hate you. It’s just that if you were on fire I wouldn’t piss on you to save your life, is all.” and chose to have it as a Bucky x Reader fic. I’m new to the whole AU side of things so I hope you enjoy!

Bucky x Reader (AU)

Words: 1,669

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

Part 1, Part 2

The walls around you were moving, closing in around you, and your breathing became so erratic that it was becoming harder and harder to get enough oxygen into your body. This created even more panic and you were audibly crying out now until you feel a strong pair of arms wrapping themselves around you. There was a sound filling your ears as the grip around you tightened but you couldn’t make it out, it just sounded like you were underwater.

“[y/n] follow my breathing….” It was Bucky. His worry for you had become too much for him not to do anything about it and so he had sat himself behind you, his arms wrapped around your body, as he pulled your back flush up against his chest for you to feel it moving. “You don’t need to concentrate on anything else.”

“Get…off me!” You struggle in his grip as your mind refuses to believe he is there to help you. All it sees is him stopping you from getting out of here. “Th-This is your fault!”

“You can blame me later doll. Right now you just need to calm down. There’s nothing here that’s going to hurt you.”

He found himself having to keep his own emotions in check as he continued to fight against your struggling form, remembering the last time this had happened and how he had done nothing to stop it.

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That coaches fic was brilliant buy it made me think. We've seen Chris and Victor being crazy and extra whereas phichit and yuuri are more subtle. How about a story where it's revealed that the two were arrested for like destruction of property or some other stupid prank while they were drunk and Celestine has to bail them out. And this comes to light when they run into the police officer at an event in detroit?

Innocent (Sequel to Ranting)

“Can you believe it? He wanted a live band to play while he skated. A LIVE ROCK BAND!” Alain groaned while rubbing his forehead, while the other three males at the table hid snickers of amusement behind their classes of beer.

“That isn’t allow,” Lilia said ever so softly while frowning at the destressed Canadian, “Right?”

“Exactly!” Alain shouted.

“It’s okay, Alain, we have all dealt with troublesome skaters,” Josef said while patting the upset Canadian shoulders.

“Everyone but Celestino,” Yakov mumbled.

“Hey!” Celestino said while raising an eyebrow, “Where did you get that impression?”

“Your ‘horror’ stories are mild at best,” Josef pointed out.

“Media scandals are your most common complain about your Thai Prince,” Alain pointed out.

“Phichit isn’t a prince. Don’t let him hear you say that,” Celestino said seriously before taking a large sip of his drink.

“I am interested to hear what type of complaints you have for your skaters that doesn’t involve social media,” Lilia spoke up, getting hums of agreement from the three other male coaches.

“Any of you ever had to bail any of your skaters out of jail?” Celestino questioned, causing the table to go quiet.

“Jail?” Alain questioned in surprise.

“Yep. When I was in America with Phichit and Yuuri, they got themselves arrested,” Celestino sighed deeply.

“Dare I ask why?” Lilia questioned with a frown.

Celestino opened his mouth, only to pause and let out a loud sigh.

“God, it is such a stupid story,” Celestino mumbled more to himself than his fellow.

“Now I really want to hear this,” Alain mumbled, earning a chuckle from Josef.

“Simply, it involved alcohol, spray cans and government property,” Celestino said with a sigh.

“That sounds,” Yakov started before trailing off, letting out a sigh and shaking his head.

“Boys will be boys,” Lilia pointed out, earning a deep sigh for Celestino.

“You say that, Miss Lilia, but my boys aren’t wild child’s unless alcohol is involved,” Celestino insisted while lifting up his beer and slamming it down onto the table again.

“Do explain,” the former prima ballerina said, waving her hand in a circular motion.

“Hold on a second,” Josef spoke up, “The drinking age in America is twenty-one.”

“That it is,” Celestino said with a nod.

“Thai Prince isn’t twenty-one,” Alain continued, earning a nod from Josef.

“I’m well aware,” Celestino groaned.

“Okay, I really need to hear this story now,” Alain said while catching a waitress as she hurried passed and ordered another round of drinks for the table.

“Yuuri had just turned twenty-one,” Celestino started before pausing to finish his beer which was half spilt across the table. “And gave them both a weekend off, let Yuuri experience adulthood, you know?”

Celestino paused and gave the other four coaches at the table a pleading look, clearly wanting them to agree with him.

“I did give Victor the weekend after his eighteen off,” Yakov mumbled.

“Do not remind me,” Josef mumbled with a sigh, “The current skating legend took my sweet, innocent Chris out clubbing. When he was underage!”

“Chris is far from sweet and innocent,” Alain snorted.

“I would have to agree. I feel like out of Victor and Chris, Victor is the more… innocent one,” Lilia piped up, earning a hum of agreement from Celestino and Alain.

“Okay, back to my story,” Celestino said as new drinks were brought to the table.

“So, gave the boys the weekend off, expecting Yuuri to go out with a few friends, experience alcohol and swear himself off the liquids for life. But no,” Celestino shook his head with a pained look on his face, “No, Phichit – somehow – gets his hands on a fake ID and convinces Yuuri to go out clubbing with him.”

“Doesn’t sound that bad yet,” Josef said while helping the waitress collect all the empty glasses.

“Did I mention that Yuuri is a horrible drunk?” Celestino asked while glancing around the table.

“I was at the banquet,” Yakov sighed.

“I’ve heard all about that banquet,” Alain pipped up.

“Do not remind me,” Josef sighed while shaking his head.

“What banquet?” Lilia questioned, earning a groan from Josef.

“Last years. Yuuri Katsuki got drunk, pole danced with Chris and somehow convinced Victor to be his coach, half naked might I point out,” Alain said with a bright smile.

“I… see,” Lilia said while slowly nodding her head.

“Yuuri isn’t a good drunk. It runs in the family,” Celestino explained with a weak smile, “Anyway, Phichit and Yuuri went out clubbing. Somehow, after getting kicked out of the club, for fighting, they somehow appeared sober enough to buy spray cans.”

“And then they vandalised some state propriety?” Alain guessed.

“Three police cars, a state library, the seventh floor of a popular hotel,” Celestino listed off, only to pause when Yakov held up a hand.

“Whoa, what? Seventh floor?” Yakov questioned confused.

“Yep, outside walls,” Celestino sighed sadly.

“Outside walls?” Alain gasped in surprise.

“I’m not even done,” Celestino said blankly.

“When did they get caught?” Lilia questioned with a frown on her face.

“They didn’t, they turned themselves in,” Celestino groaned.

“This… doesn’t surprise me,” Josef admitted.

“How much was it to bail them out?” Yakov questioned with a raised eyebrow.

Celestino gave all the other coaches are sorrowful look, “The police didn’t believe Phichit and Yuuri were the culprits because they were… too sweet.”

Alain started to laugh loudly at Celestino comment, laughing so hard that the table shook.

“Both boys do come off as rather… innocent,” Lilia said while giving Celestino a small smile.

“Neither of them are innocent, trust me,” Celestino mumbled before taking a large sip of his drink.

“Okay, so what have we learnt?” Josef asked, a smirk on his lips.

“That Celestino has the most innocent skaters?” Yakov said, the corner of his lip turned upright slightly.

“Over twenty-thousand dollars’ worth of government property damage!” Celestino declared loudly.

“Innocent,” Lilia agreed with a nod of her head.

“They beheaded the college statue!” Celestino groaned.

“At least your skaters don’t have a stamp tramp,” Alain groaned.

“Not again with the stamp tramp, Alain,” Yakov mumbled while sending the Canadian a bored look.

“They sent three people to the hospital with broken bones!” Celestino almost sobbed as he leant forwards and rested his forehead against the table.

“It’s okay now,” Lilia said while ever so awkwardly patting the long-haired man’s back.

“MY OWN SON HAS A STAMP TRAMP!” Alain yelled loudly while glaring at Yakov, “I have lost my pride!”

“At least you don’t have to dry clean your skaters costume after every use.”

The table grew silent at Josef’s words and the bald man nodded his head sadly.

“Gross,” Alain mumbled while shaking his head.

“I… have to agree,” Lilia said with a disgusted look on her face.

“They broke into a pet store and stole thirty-two hamsters,” Celestino ever so quietly mumbled into the table.

mush meyers headcanons

im crying i was working on these and then the loml @spotsies​ gave me this url so now they’re celebratory headcanons!

  • he’s dyslexic and autistic
  • he has a speech impediment
  • he’s diabetic (thank u @timetogoslumming​ for this hc)
  • hes a huge animal person- but he ESPECIALLY adores dogs. like, absolutely adores. he wants to own so many dogs. i cant put into words how much mush meyers loves dogs
  • he’s gay. he’s gone on dates with girls before, b/c girls like him because hes sweet and funny, but they always felt like he was just chatting with a friend or awkward to him, and he hated the expectation that he had to kiss them at the end. turns out, he enjoys going on dates with boys much more
  • modern era mush? he’s terrible with technology. he’s just really bad at figuring it out and it takes him a while to get the hang of it. he adjusted the volume on his phone in settings for months
  • he loves sweet food and pastries a lot
  • his favourite movies are dog movies. especially talking dog movies. hotel for dogs is one of his absolute faves. he also loves lady and the tramp, beethoven, air buddies, beverly hills chihuahua. as long as its happy he loves it (he hasnt watched marley and me and he refuses to)
  • he also likes old disney films, the ones with the really cute animation styles like aristocats, bambi, robin hood, peter pan… lady and the tramp crosses over into that category
  • he loves puns. dumb jokes (like jacks “on my back”) always get to him. he laughs about blink listening to blink 182 for weeks
  • he doesnt fight often at all, but if he does? he’s really good at it. mush is super strong and knows how to defend himself. he’s had to prove it- and he felt really guilty afterwards, because he genuinely doesn’t like hurting people. but if he has to stand up for himself, the people he loves, or something he truly believes in? watch the fuck out
  • modern au mush would wrestle and play baseball. he’s so strong
  • he believes in ghosts, and if the newsies in the lodging house tried to use a ouija board (probably race) he would be very very opposed and scared. the next month would be mush telling race that he’s going to die
  • he asks lots of questions. he wonders about the world a lot and though at a young age he realised no one really cared about his questions, blink always asks him what he’s thinking and he always answers honestly- questions like “do you think ants have feelings?” and “do you think animals have different noises like we have different words?” and “why do i know paint isnt tasty if ive never eaten it?”
  • he goes on a run every morning. he loves the way the morning feels- crisp air and the morning dew on the grass and the freshness of the day all just appeal to him. even the slight cold that always manages to get a shiver out of him even in his warmest coat is something he loves, and it wakes him up so that by the time he has to go out selling he can smile at the world
  • when he gets a dog, the dog accompanies him on these morning runs and he LOVES it so much. he loves being able to run alongside a dog and play fetch and stuff.
  • he also would bring his dog selling, and he’d bring his dog to dog parks in the afternoon. he and his dog would be BEST FRIENDS and inseparable
  • he and blink co-own the dog and theyre the best dog dads you could ask for
  • he’s known for being dependable. mush keeps promises and doesnt break deals. people have probably taken advantage of this before, because hes also kind :(
  • he’s also known for being resilient. it’s not easy to genuinely insult mush- a lot bounces off him and he laughs it off or just carries on his day. though there are certain topics that are sensitive to him, but it’s difficult to see unless you know him well- he prefers to lie in bed and think about these late at night than react on the spot
  • he scrunches his nose a lot. when someones jokingly teasing him, when he’s upset, when he laughs, and a few of his smiles
  • mush meyers is an amazing guy
Family Matters

Originally posted by blueaurastreak

Request:  Could you do one where the reader is Dick’s s/o but all the other batboys don’t like her cuz she takes up Dick’s time and the s/o tries really hard to get them to like her but they don’t realize and when the do realize they feel really bad for being mean to her

Pairing:  Dick Grayson x reader

Summary: Dick is the love of your life and you never want to lose him, so of course his family is important to you. You never understood why Dick always went out of his way to keep you away from them, until you actually met them.

Words Count:2,131

Genre: angst

Notes:  So I’ve seen a few fics with a request a lot like this, so if this fic is too much like a fic you have written please tell me and I will take it down. I don’t want to take any credit away from any other amazing author.


   “Are you sure you have to leave?” You whine at your boyfriend.

 “I wouldn’t leave you if I didn’t” Dick says and kisses your forehead. “I won’t be back until morning, don’t wait up for me!” he says as he pulls on his mask and jumps out of your window.

  Any other person would be freaking out at this moment but after three long years of dating, Dick finally revealed his second persona Nightwing. That was 2 years ago and you were coming up on your 5 year anniversary. Even though you had been dating for so long and he trusted you with his most important secret, you had still not met his family. You had no family to speak of and you always wanted a big family so when Dick told you about his family you got giddy and you couldn’t wait to meet them. You pressed the matter quite frequently but Dick always found a way around it. You couldn’t tell if he was hiding you from them

“Nice going Dickhead!” Jason yells as soon as they get back to the Batcave. “Not only were you late, but you were distracted! you could have gotten me killed! Again!” he gripes.

“We get it Jason, you died. You don’t have to bring it up in every argument!” Dick yells back.

“He’s right Grayson. You were too distracted. I saw you trip tonight. You don’t trip.” Damian says, defending his slightly annoying older brother. “Is there something you want to tell us?” he asks seriously.

Dick sighs. He was hoping this day would never come, he hoped you would maybe just forget about his family and he could keep them separated from you. His family was more than just intimidating. They were rude, overbearing pricks and Dick knew they would scare you away before he could ask you the question that was burning through his mind.

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-meeting at a party, or in the caf, or at a coffee shop

-his frat brothers teasing him endlessly about you

-especially when he gets all head over heals for you

-like when he worries about asking you out because what if you say no?

-but they get him all pumped up and he asks you out and he says yes so they throw a party because you said yes to a date!

-you getting invited to this said party and they have to lie about the real reason for the party because that would be dorky (but Teddy lets it slip)

-Teddy would crash your dates so much!

-like you and Pete would be innocently watching a movie and Teddy would just sit between the two of you like ‘hey kids, we using protection?’

-or you’d be in Pete’s room and Teddy would open the door and peak in like ‘hey kids, we using protection?’ (also who is we?)

-meeting for dates outside the frat house and the whole frat will wake up to watch it because you and Pete are so cute

-and if you kiss outside the frat? they whistle like crazy

-the frat are like your brothers too. like if any of them see you in public they go into big brother mode, no one will hit on you while you have your army of frat boys protecting you

-date night where he tries to make you classic Italian Pasta and uses this horrible italian accent but probably ends in some super cute Lady in The Tramp type stuff

-he’d love giving your piggy back rides

-kissing like you’re the only two people in the world

-at parties its like he sees no other girls, there’s only you and him

-the brothers actually getting protective of you when Pete gets too touchy feely in public which is super weird?

-Teddy would be the type to invite you over to hang out with him

-or he would try to steal you while you’re on dates with Pete

-the guys would all love you so much they’d all want your attention 

-trying to convince the frat that they should be nicer to their neighbours

-the Radners actually letting you and Pete baby sit Stella?

-Pete would just get all heart eyes when he sees you with baby Stella. then he’s like damn, i want a baby with her and he gets all freaked out because this is Pete

-music festivals together

-cuddles in bed all day-you can talk to him about anything, hes so smart you can never be bored with him

-studying together

-studying during sex, like you’d have him reciting stuff and terms while you’re doin it

-the frat making fun of you two that one time you did it in the frat house, so you never do it in the frat house again

-the entire frat house probably helping Pete surprise you for your anniversary. letting Garfield and Scoonie take care of the cakes was not Pete’s best idea since they made a dick shaped cake. then repeatedly told Pete to eat it.

-romantic dancing in the christmas light lit backyard (the boys totally recording all of it)

-Teddy would actually get jealous because he wants that kind of relationship

-”cant i borrow your girlfriend?”

-”no Teddy, you can not borrow Y/N.”

-the frat making new drinks and naming them after you then forcing you to try them.

-”try it! i call it the Shining Goddess That Is Y/N!”

-”ew what’s in this Scoonie?!”

-”whiskey, vodka, coca cola and orange juice, but i blended some popcorn left over from the movie i went to last night and let it sit in the popcorn for an hour.”

-after that Pete protected you from Scoonie’s drink by distracting him in time for you to spit it out or just like dump it into a plant


requested by anon

this sort of turned into what dating the frat would be like TBH :)

Mary’s Boys

Originally posted by xattackxattackx

Pairing: Alpha!Mary x Omega!Reader, Alpha!Sam, Alpha!Dean
Word count: 963
Warnings: Swearing, mentions of blood, threats, angry!Winchesters

Part 3 of Between Two Alphas

“Get. Out.” Mary snarled at you, making your eyes go wide. She’d never spoken to you like this before.

“What?” You asked, confused. Standing in the laundry room, you were folding Sam’s shirts when she had simply walked in. “Do you need the laundry room that badly?” Why the hell was she getting like this over the laundry room?

Mary glared. “Of the bunker.” She clarified.

Turning, you crossed your arms over your chest. “Why would I do that? The boys are on a case, and I’d like to give them a clean home to come home to.” You told her. “Eva might be walking by the time they get back, so I’m using the wide space in the library to help her with that. What do you want me to do? Go on a vacation?”

Standing tall, Mary’s eyes were on yours. They were cold as her lips moved again. “You think I want my boys sharing some little tramp?” She ground out. “Going from one bed, to the other?”

You looked at her in disbelief. “You’re out of line, Mary. You don’t know what goes on with my mates and myself, how our home works, or anything. Sam wanted you here to spend time with Eva. Not judge us.” With that, you turned your focus back to Sam’s clothes.

Mary’s hand gripped the hair on the back of your head. “Now. Here’s what’s going to happen.”

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Happy Father’s Day || Jeongcheol Smut

Sooo, basically this is my first ever smut and it’s also my first fanfiction! :D I’m really excited that I finished it since this fic was looong overdue since I wanted to finish this for Father’s Day but oh well. I hope that you enjoy this!#

Warnings: Smut, Daddy Kink, Lingerie???

Pairing: Jeonghan X S.Coups

Father’s Day, that one day in the year where fathers around the world get treated nicely. Flowers being received, the house being cleaned, picnics being made and eaten. The day that brought smiles to the various fathers of the world being around their families and being spoiled by them.

Jeonghan wanted to do something special as well, just to show his thanks for everything. He wanted to show his thanks to his one and only, leader. Seungcheol, more known as S.Coups, the leader of the boy group Seventeen, was Jeonghan’s lovely boyfriend that would do pretty much anything for him and the others. Someone was thirsty? He was the first one to buy drinks for everyone just in case they thirsty as well. Someone was tired? He made sure that they were able to take a nap without anyone noticing or bothering them.

Jeonghan had to admit, Seungcheol was everything he ever wanted and admired in a person. Seungcheol was always so nice and caring, always noticing the little things, like what his favourite flowers were, how he styled his hair and what his favourite movie was. Not only was he a great leader, he was an even better person. The way he cared for the members, always putting them before himself and making sure that they were healthy. The way how he held Jeonghan after a long day at practice or when he tried his best to braid Jeonghan’s once long hair. (He had a bit of help from Jeonghan’s younger sister.) It showed him how much the leader cared and how adorable he could be, using his aegyo to convince Jeonghan to do something for him. Don’t even get him started on his body, his beautifully built body that had Jeonghan drooling over, but also cuddling into during the night, that held him snugly to the eldest.

What better way to thank his lovely boyfriend, than to suprise him on Father’s Day? Jeonghan made the boys clean up the dorm while Seungcheol was out with the American Line and once they were finished, he made dinner for Seungcheol and him. (More like he forced Mingyu to make them a fancy dinner.) After everything was set out, he sent out all the boys, making sure that they left for the night, so that they wouldn’t be disturbed by the two eldest’s “boombooming”.

They had a cute dinner, Mingyu’s Jeonghan’s food tasted delicious. They had a big plate of spaghetti, Lady and Tramp style and a bottle of Seungcheol’s favourite wine. (It was expensive but totally worth it.) Throughout the meal, sensual touches and sexual remarks came from Jeonghan, causing Seungcheol to get turned on and wanting. When the two finished eating, Jeonghan stood up from the table and smiled devilishly down at Seungcheol, “ Go to our bedroom and wait for me there love. ” he stated simply, swaying his lips lightly as he walked to their shared bathroom, leaving the leader shocked and with a hard on. The elder quickly scrambled up and made his was to their shared room and sat down on the bed, anxiously waiting for Jeonghan to appear with pink cheeks, pink lips and lightly blown out eyes. Once he heard the door open, his mind when blank and his jaw dropping slightly at the sight, his erection straining against his jeans now.

Jeonghan stepped out of the conjoining bathroom, wearing only a pair of pastel pink lace panties that crossed in the back, matching thigh highs and a short silky skirt that barely covered his throbbing sex. He looked over at his boyfriend sitting on their shared bed, eyes wide and blown out with lust, eyes drinking in his barely covered body and looking absolutely ravishing with his white shirt and ripped jeans that made his thighs look unbelievably hot, perfect for riding.

Jeonghan walked over slowly, making sure to sway his hips, just how Seungcheol liked it. Once in front of the elder, he let his fingertips run over Seungcheol’s torso, leaning in close and whispering seductively in his ear, “ You can have me however you want me, ” pulling away with a kiss to the jaw, biting his lips and a mischievous look in his eyes.

Seungcheol swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbing, “ However, I want to…?” he asked, his hands on the younger’s waist already, rubbing his thumbs over the soft skin. The younger nodded, sitting down on those glorious thighs that Seungcheol was proud of, placing his hands on the chest in front of him. “ Any way you want me, you do so much for us and now it’s time to do something for you too. Let me take care of you daddy. ”

Hearing the younger’s sweet yet dirty words, Seungcheol pulled him in for a searing kiss, full of passion, love and lust. He was quick to make of his shirt, throwing it across the room and opening his belt, letting the younger take off his lower garments. He hissed when the cool air of the room hit his hard cock, standing proudly against his abdomen.
He laid down, pulling Jeonghan down with him, only to roll over so that he was on top. With roaming hands, Seungcheol kissed open, sloppy kisses down the younger’s body. Being sensitive already, Jeonghan let down soft moans and whimpers, hips rolling up only to be met with nothing. He let out a small gasp when he felt a kiss being pressed to his inner thigh. With a quick motion, his silk skirt was pulled down in a rapid movement and thrown across the room without a care as to where it would land.

Jeonghan could feel the smirk on his lover’s face as his face got closer and closer to his sex, peppering kisses that made Jeonghan’s head spin with lust. He moaned, his hands shooting to Seungcheol’s hair, tugging when he felt his lover pull down his panties, his teeth grazing over the younger’s length. “ A-Ack! ” he brought out, the kiss to the tip of his cock afterwards already feeling too much for him.

Usually Jeonghan didn’t receive blow jobs, instead he was usually the one to give them. Of course he got help when he needed, but they mostly consisted of hand jobs or being fingered. Blow jobs were pretty much only for special occasions, like birthdays or holidays. But he didn’t mind, in fact, he preferred giving blow jobs since he always got off on how drop dead sexy Seungcheol looked, sounded and tasted.

With a voice that was deeper than usual, Seungcheol purred out, “ Patience kitten. ” Jeonghan felt a shiver go down his spine at the sound of his boyfriend’s voice. “ On your hands and knees. ” Seungcheol commanded to which Jeonghan immediately complied to.

Staring at his boyfriend’s ass, Seungcheol rubbed over the soft skin of Jeonghan’s ass before quickly letting his hand land a hard smack on the younger’s right ass cheek. He smirked at his boyfriend’s reaction, a moan and his back arching. “ Doesn’t my kitten love it when Daddy spanks you? ” he cockily asked, already knowing the knowing the answer. Another spank came across the other cheek, to that also another moan. Continuing the spanking a bit, Seungcheol saw the bottle of lube and a condom foil lying on the pillow. He gave one harsh final smack to the younger’s ass before leaning down to kiss the raw and sensitive skin. “ Always so obedient and eager for Daddy. ” he mumbled, before pulling away and moving to the head of the bed to grab the lube and the foil.

The elder opened the foil and rolled the rubber onto his dick, pumping slightly, moans spilling softly out of his mouth. Jeonghan whimpered in front of him, pushing his ass back slightly, his cock red, throbbing and needing release. “ D-Daddy… p-please… ” the younger moaned out, gripping the sheets under him. Seungcheol smiled down at the younger cockily, putting some lube on his fingers, rubbing them together to warm the gel up a bit. His gelled fingers circled around Jeonghan’s hole and slowly pushed two fingers in, slowly pumping them in and out. Moans quickly filled the room, the air getting hotter and hotter with every second that passed.

Seungcheol pulled his fingers out, wiping them off on a tissue, throwing it and the condom foil away. “ Get on your back love. ” he said in Jeonghan’s ear, who was shuddering and painfully hard. The younger quickly changed positions and spread his legs apart for his lover, already needy and completely submissive for the leader.

Pressing his length to Jeonghan’s hole, he pushed in slowly, stilling for a moment, making sure that Jeonghan was alright, even after all the times that they had sex, he always made sure the other was comfortable before continuing anything, a trait that made Jeonghan’s heart swell in love.

“ P-please move… ” the younger mewled out, his hips bucking up to feel any sort of friction. Dragging his hips slowly, the elder smiled down cockily at Jeonghan, “ Beg for it. ”

Jeonghan felt like he was about to cry, he couldn’t believe that he had to beg. All he wanted was for Seungcheol to just completely wreck him. With red cheeks and teary eyes, he begged like the good boy he was, “ Daddy, please fuck me so good, only you can make me feel so good! Please fuck me Da- ” He couldn’t finish his sentence, due to Seungcheol thrusting into him harshly. Seungcheol kept up this pace, gripping onto his partner’s hips. “ Such a good baby boy, only wanting Daddy’s cock. ” he growled, a smirk on his face.

​​​​​​Jeonghan was a moaning mess under his boyfriend, moans seemed to keep spilling out if his mouth endlessly. Pleasure and red hot lust seemed to fill every inch of his body. He quickly wrapped his legs around the leader’s hips and his arms around Seungcheol’s neck, bringing them closer and more pleasure.

Seungcheol was pulled down by the younger, his left hand going up next to Jeonghan’s head, letting out soft groans himself. No matter how often he slept with Jeonghan, it always felt the first time, it never got boring or undesirable. “ Fuck Hannie… ” he murmured out, dipping his head down and leaving bites along the younger’s neck and leaving small licks over the soft skin.

Jeonghan whimpered, he had the feeling that if Seungcheol would keep up this pace, he wouldn’t be able to last long and he has barely been touched from the elder. “ Cheol… ” he moaned out while pulling out the vowel, tugging on the dark locks of hair of the elder, gaining a growl from the other. “ M-More! ” he cried out, his back arching and head thrown back. Seungcheol willingly complied to the younger’s request, thrusting faster, almost pounding into Jeonghan.

Cries left the younger’s mouth, he could feel his orgasm coming quickly, the familiar feeling building up inside of him. The same applied to the elder, his own peak coming quickly as well. He felt nails run down his back, he knew that it would definitely leave marks and that the members would never stop teasing him about it, but he felt no shame in showing them off, knowing that the reason he had them was that he fucked Jeonghan amazingly.

A wail left Jeonghan’s lips when Seungcheol hit his G-Spot, leaving him with sobs leaving his mouth. “ R-right t-there! ” Jeonghan stuttered out, biting into Seungcheol’s shoulder. Without hesitation, the elder rammed into the spot, over and over again, bringing them rapidly to their release.

“ So close… ” Jeonghan brought out, bringing his lips to Seungcheol’s and into a searing hot kiss.

“ Let go. ” Seungcheol mumbled against his lips and two thrusts later, the younger’s back arched, head thrown back and a loud moan along with the elder’s name as he came all over his chest and a bit of Seungcheol’s tummy. Seungcheol was brought to the edge as well with Jeonghan clenching around him, a long and low groan leaving his mouth with his head hanging low as he filled the condom with his seed along with a few shallow thrusts, letting the both of them ride out their highs.

Seungcheol pulled out slowly, kissing Jeonghan slowly, a kiss full of love and passion. He pulled back slowly from their kiss, standing up to get rid of the used protection. Once discarded in the bin, he plopped down next to Jeonghan, who was already in a half sleep daze, having an after sex glow that made him look like a literal angel.

“ Was I too rough? ” Seungcheol asked him, kissing his forehead and pulling the younger into him softly, running a hand over Jeonghan’s side. Jeonghan just shook his head tiredly and cuddled into the elder with closed eyes, almost falling asleep and enjoying the warmth that was being radiated off. “ It was perfect as always Cheollie, I hope that you liked your present. ” he said, giving a sloppy kiss to the elder’s lips to which the other just smiled and nodded, eyes closing as well, “ I did Hannie, I really did, thank you. ”

“ Happy Father’s Day Cheollie, I love you. ”

“ I love you too baby. ”

BTS as Kingsman (Taehyung)

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-It here the final one!!!!!!

-Taehyungie lets GOOOO

-So tae’s code name is tristan

-And tristan is like freaking incredible

-I mean so is tae so!!!!!!

-Tae is kind of like the one!!!!

-The ONE


-Give my boy a break!!!!!

-Anyway no

-So taehyung’s favorite weapon is just a standard pistol.

-2 pistols. Dos. not just one. He has to have one for each hand

-But his are like custom as heck

-THeyve got like extended mags bc he needs to mess everyone up IMMEDIATELY no time for reloading

-Plus hes gone and named them and put the names on the guns one of them is Lady and the other is Tramp (((((GET IT)))))

-Oh my gosh i just realized TAEHYUNG IS BASICALLY DEATH THE KID


-Moving on.

-They’re a little bigger than normal because his hand ARE BIG YOU SEE THOSE HANDS GUYS

-THEY’RE ALSO SILENCED BC he’ll dole out a whole mag in like 5 seconds if you fuck with him and that’s pretty loud

-Could idk ruin a mission or something

-But i also have this BIG hc that he’s pretty clumsy with the pistols so he REALLY needs the silencer

-Like ‘oh crap i just got scared by a bird tweeting and i just shot the gun on accident. Well i guess my covers blown’ then BLAM BLAM BANG gun sounds you know

-Taehyung has the most kills on his record and not just because of the guns but also bc he get so emotional about stuff and bad people irk him and he just goes on a RAMPAGE but he never kills innocent people SWEAR

-This has kinda gotten long maybe we should get into that actual thing you know

-Okay so tristan is on a super secret mission.

-He has infiltrated the somin cartel. He’s finally got enough information and evidence to TAKE THE CARTEL DOWN. hes been sending it all back to the other guys slowly

-But also remember tae has had to integrate himself into this freaking group so of course he has ties with some people and sure he’s let some innocent people escape but you know all part of the job.

-So one day he sECRETLY contacts kingsman and he’s like’ umm guys one week from today is the day we expose this cartel for what it is and i get out of here.’

-So yeah that’s set.


-You didnt think i was gonna let this go off without a hitch did you

-No lol im not that nice




-Somin has been suspicious of taehyung since he entered and she made sure he wasn’t up to anything bad (but good actually bc shes the bad guy here)


-o h fuvk

-So thats how he ends up in the infamous room of horror

-The morgue

-They call it that bc dead you know

-Tae has been in this room many times but he was never on the receiving end.

-Now he’s sitting in this chair with a busted lip, a black eye and what could possible be a broken nose but theyre not sure yet

-Dont get me wrong taehyung is one of THE BEST kingsman agents and yeah he could get out of this in the blink of an eye but this mission has been in the works for a year and he’s not going to risk failing

-But he also literally has no way of getting in contact with the other guys to tell them whats going on

-This was probably going to be the end but tae has come to terms with it you know

-At least maybe the mission would still be a success

-Oh my gosh imagine if this were some jason x kaneki type torture fuck that

-No,  taes torture has more like very very hard hits and extremes like forcing his hand in ice water for long periods of time, or maybe umm cigarette burns idk anything about torture im a softie

-Getting back to it

-So its time for a lil shift change and in enters YOU

-They call you THE REAPER


-Its because everytime you walk into this room you come out with a dead body and oh my gosh what has this become

-Tae is like looking down at the ground and he looks like a freaking limp noodle because he just cannot hold himself up


-You look at everyone around you and point at the door

-‘Everyone out unless you want to end up 7 feet under’

-everyONE IS OUT BC THEY WONT fuvk wiith you

-So everyone exits the room and you lock the door and nobody can see in and you crack your knuckles and walk over to tae and he’s like hopeless (where’s j hope when you need him?) at this point

-And you walk around behind him and

-‘I want to hear you scream baby’



-You probably guessed it though

-Taehyung is confuse because you’re the reaper what the fuck

-‘Wait wait what are you doing’

-‘I’m getting you out of here. I need you to scream for me. Like you’re in pain’

-He starts screaming like this boy has got some lungs so you know it sounds real

-‘I’m undercover for an organization I can’t tell you the name of but from what I’ve gathered in your time here you’re not a bad guy. I’m sure you can get out there and start a new life for yourself. ’

-Taehyung is?????? YOU. THE REAPER. ARE ALSO UNDERCOVER!!!!!

-‘Oh my god I’ve heard you’ve been here for 3 years. Have you really been undercover that long?’

-‘Less talking. We need to make this seem real. I hope you aren’t too fidget because im gonna need to get you into a body bag to get you out of here.’

-‘I’m undercover too…’

-You stop what you’re doing and look at him in disbelief

-‘How did you get yourself caught?’

-‘One of somin’s men heard me reporting back to my agency. We’re taking them down at the end of the week but now i’m thinking we have to do this a lot sooner. Do you have any way i can get in contact with them?’

-You grab your key chain and hand it over to him.

-‘The little baseball doubles as a communication device. Trace the path of the stitches with your finger and it’ll open up’

-Tae is like wtf yet again bc what. He looks at the baseball and gasps bc he’s seen this symbol before

-‘You’re a statesman?’

-You turn to face him SO FAST

-‘How do you know about us?’

-‘I’m Tristan. A kingsman agent’

-‘Nice to meet you. They call me Tequila.’

-Tae begins laughing but not like a wow this is funny laugh but more of a delusional laugh because what are the chances and he really thought he was going to die today but now he gets to live and he’s leaving this place with a BANG

-‘I have an idea’

-You look at him and ask what he’s got in mind

-‘I’m going to tell the other guys to release everything now and how about you and I give these scum of the earth hell.’

-‘I’ve been waiting to do that since i got here’

-You shake on it but taehyung has one more request

-‘Listen, I can’t get out of here but i also need my guns. I can’t do any damage without my babies.’

-‘You can use mine. I’m better with a baseball bat anyway.’ You motion over to the baseball bat on the table of weapons that could be used to torture

-‘No…I need my guns. They were confiscated when I got here. They’re labelled. Lady and Tramp. You can’t miss them’

-‘What makes you think they’re still here?’

-‘I sneak into that room to check on them every once in awhile. I was planning on leaving with them soon so I made sure they were there yesterday.’

-‘Sit down. You need to look like you’re barely hanging onto your life unless you want to get caught.’

-Tae walks over to the table of weapons and grabs a large wrench. He wipes some of his own blood on it before literally throwing it on the ground the noise is so loud that even if you just watched him do it you were still startled

-But fuck that was kind of hot????

-Are you okay?????

-He forces himself to hyperventilate as he lays down on the ground.

-After settling down in a somewhat awkward position taes breathing is very shallow and it really sounds like hes been injured

-This guy could be an actor seriously hes got the looks and he can do this shit.

-‘Okay ill be back soon’

-You walk to the door and open it up and when you walk out you leave it slightly ajar so that people looking in could see him a bit you know

-You walk into the room designated for confiscated stuff and begin looking around in the weapon section.

-You find them at the very bottom meaning hes been here for a bit longer than you thought.

-But umm how are you going to get these out of here

-You remove the extended mags and put them in your back pockets and you put lady in the back of your jeans you know what im talking about right and you cover it with your shirt and tramp goes IN YOUR BRA bc what else are bras for if not holding hidden guns you know

-You walk back to the morgue slowly to not draw attention to yourself and you close the door and lock it and youre safe and taehyung gets up and wow its time to fuck shit up

-‘Umm where are my guns?’

-You toss him the extended mags and grab lady from the back of your jeans before inspecting it

-‘This thing is huge’

-‘Thats what she said’

-You are not amused by his joke

-Anyway you hand the gun over and pull tramp out of your shirt

-Taes eyes are wide bc wo wo wow wowwwww

-You hand the gun over and tae is like umm this thing is warm oh my gosh it was against her skkin fuck thats HOT

-you and tae are a little weird okay

-‘I got in contact with the other boys. They’re releasing everything in approximately two minutes and they’ll be waiting on the west side of the building in a black vehicle. License plate number 287KMN’

-‘I’ve got a bone to pick with Somin. How about we pay her a visit?’

-‘It’s like you read my mind’

-I don’t want to say you guys busted out of that room guns a blazing but



-You walk out and suddenly manhi manhi manhi gunshots

-BUT you and taehyung are both 100% careful not to shoot anyone that is absolutely innocent in this place.

-You literally look over a taehyung for like 2 seconds and you’re like in a trance.

-This whole man is not letting up with his fury of bullets

-Its kind of like he has aim assist but he doesnt because this is real life and that isnt a thing in real life.

-He really is just pointing and shooting and hes hitting the kill spot every time

-There are men going down like bowling pins as you make your way through the halls.

-He’s not even hesitating. No matter how close or far anyone is theres going to be a bullet in them.

-He’s getting people in front of you two, behind you two, approaching from the left or from the right nobody is safe


-Since. He. got. Here


-Youre like standing outside somin’s office door and you know shes in there bc theres a lot of commotion going on in there and you figure shes very heavily protected rn


-Cue another barrage of bullets but this time its from you and its taes turn to be in a trance because you’re taking them down two at a time with ONE GUN how is that possible.

-Statesman secret apparently

-You take down the last guy in the room and now its just one lee somin.

The final target pretty much

You lift your gun and point it right at her.

-This is it

-You pull the trigger and


-No more bullets



-This was gonna be a badass moment and now its ruined.

-‘Tequila.’ you turn to face tae and he tosses you tramp before stepping forward to stand next to you.

-‘Some of the guys have a bone to pick with her too. I’m gonna do it on behalf of them’

-So now here you two are BOTH OF YOU HAVE A GUN POINTED AT SOMIN

-Somin has given up because she knows its over

-At the same exact time you both pull the trigger and somin goes down.

-Its over


-And then theres a grand escape

-Okay its not grand

-You just jump out a first floor window into a rose bush and its totally romantic and you might stare at taehyungs bruised and bloody face a little longer than you need to and he might have landed so close to you he can smell your vanilla scented shampoo and he’s completely smitten because not only can you kick ass but you look beautiful while doing it

-Wow  he’s so whipped for you already and it hasnt even been a day

-The way you handled tramp made him want to WIFE. YOU. UP.

-And the two of you just took down a drug cartel together if this isnt fate then what is

-‘Here’s your gun back’

-‘Keep it. You look good using it. Plus I have a feeling we’ll be spending a lot of time together after this.’


Not Dead Yet (Part 33)

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Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Warnings: language

Before Peter and I left to grab more supplies I handed Candace off to Devin. She didn’t like that I was leaving her with some stranger but it was riskier taking her with me to another realm. We grabbed a handful of coins from the treasure chest before leaving.

I had to force Peter to go shopping before we went and started having fun. He complied but was groaning behind me the entire time as I picked out new blankets, tarps, cots, clothes, and canteens to replace all the ones we lost. In the end we had to steal a cart just to lug everything.

“I only came because you said we’d have some fun. It’s been three hours now and I’m still bored to death.” Peter grumbled as he pulled the cart alongside me.

“We’re almost done.” I assured him, “We just need candlesticks and matches. Where do you think those are?”

“How should I know?”

“I thought you said you’ve been to this market before.”

“I’ve been to the inn.”

“I’m not gonna say anything.” I rolled my eyes as we walked past a string of vendors. “I take that back, was the whore you shacked up with the last time you were here happen to be the candlemaker’s daughter because I cannot find the shop anywhere.”

I turned around but Peter was gone. “Peter? Peter?”

I spotted our cart near the corner and saw Peter browsing in a shop. There was a woman that looked to be in her late thirties showing him an array of pencil and charcoal sets. “Ahem,” I stepped up behind him, “I thought you were tired of shopping.”

“For dreadfully boring stuff.” He picked up a wooden case filled with pencils, quills, and an ink pot.

“You gonna get it?” I asked, “If you want it then get it. We have enough money.”

“No, just thought I’d look at it. We need more important things.” he set the case back down. “Do you know where the candle shop is?” He asked the lady.

“Down this lane, take a right, it’s next to the flower shop.” the woman explained.

“Thanks.” Peter walked out of the shop and headed in the direction of the candlemaker.


After Y/N was done buying the supplies Peter and her settled down at the local tavern for her promised drinks. Currently he was trying to show her how to down a shot to hilarious results.

“You are hopeless. You have to shoot it back not nurse it.”

“I tried the first time, it burned my throat.”

“Come on pet, stop being such a princess.” he poured her another shot. “Go.”

“You’re just trying to get me drunk and you should know that no amount of alcohol is going to get what you want from me.” she took the shot a bit easier this time but still coughed. “Can we stop with the shots? I’m just not getting it.”

“You are no fun.”

“I am tons of fun.”

“Prove it. You said we’d celebrate however I wanted and this is how I want to celebrate.”

“Not my words but I did say we celebrate.” she reached into her pocket and pulled out a little wooden box. It was the same one from the parchment shop Peter had looked at earlier. “Consider this a celebratory gift.”

“I told you I didn’t want it.”

“When do I ever listen to you? You treat yourself all the time, this time it’s my turn.” she pushed the case closer, “Take it. You’re gonna need it.”

“Why would I need it? I already copied down the Believer’s face.”

“Not for that. I know you like to draw. No one gets as good as you without practicing a lot. You just don’t because it’s not the kind of activity the others expect you to enjoy. Stop being the fearless Peter Pan and just be you once in awhile.” she handed him a ream of fresh parchment tied neatly together with string.

“I will take this if you chug a mug of mead right now.”

“How about this. You take it, I’ll chug the mead, but you also have to draw me a new picture since Candace burned my last one.”

“Deal. Two meads.” the bartender set two steins in front of them, “You go ahead and start and I’ll get started on this.”

“I am going to hate myself in the morning.”

“Should we get a room?” Peter asked as she started taking gulps of the frothing drink.

“You had better. I’m not going back to Neverland like this.” she grimaced in dismay at the half drunken glass, “Two rooms. I am not sharing a bed with you again.”

“One of these days you will.” Peter took a sip from his own drink.

“Yeah but we won’t be sleeping.” Y/N muttered and Peter choked. He caught the devious smirk on her face as she downed the rest of her mug. “There, now get drawing.”

“As the lady wishes,” He picked up one of the freshly sharpened pencils and set a piece of paper on the bar. What to draw? Last time he had just given her a portrait of herself but seeing as how she was leaning tipsy on the bar that didn’t seem the best muse.

Y/N is a strange one. Without any effort she can worm her way into his mind and make him do whatever she wants. Keep the phoenix that burnt down the camp? Of course you can. Come shopping for supplies for hours when he had more important matters to attend to? Sure. Get some drinks and stay the night but with little to no chance of finally having sex?  Why not!

He knew he had to respect her. Not doing so came with consequences. What he couldn’t stand was how she knew that she had a certain level of control over him. She knew and she stretched it. She crawled and fought her way into not only being his best friend but also his most trusted confidant and second in command finally knocking Felix from his long running position. She had her own little posse that were more her followers than Peter’s anymore. She was dangerous, strong, clever, sly, and confidant. He didn’t want to think what she could do if she knew magic. If he didn’t know any better he’d be scared she might try to overthrow him on the island. His vicious little Lost Girl.

There she sat giggling to herself and stealing sips from his drink. She had brought him out to celebrate and she was getting drunker than him very fast. “Slow down, pet.” he pulled the mead away from her, “You’re gonna make yourself sick.”

“I’m fine,” her words slurred slightly, “You really think I don’t know my limits?”

“The last time you drank this heavily was years ago. You don’t know the meaning of pacing yourself.” he took a long pull from the mug.

“Who’s the fuddy duddy now?” she leaned heavily on him, “I thought you was drawing me something. There’s nothing there.”

Peter stared back at the blank paper. “Just not inspired enough I suppose. Come on Y/N, I think you’ve had enough.”

“No.” she pushed off him and almost fell off the barstool, “I think I want to try another shot. Get me another shot.”

The bartender gave her an amused smile before setting a shot of whiskey in front of her. She picked it up and shot it back as if she was doing it for years. “See? I got this.”

“If you say so.” Peter packed the pencil set and parchment away, “You stay here, I’m gonna go get us a room. Okay?”

“Yes sir.” she gave a salute that threw herself into another round of drunken giggles. He was going to love lording this over her when she was sober again.

“Good girl. No more shots.”

“Fuddy duddy.” she stuck her tongue out at him before stealing his mug again.

Peter left to get the room. He knew better than to leave her alone and got a room with two beds for the night. He also paid off the tab for all the booze Y/N drank. The whole exchange plus a quick check to make sure their cart was still outside in the stables couldn’t have taken more than ten minutes. He grabbed the key to the room and went to collect Y/N.

When he got back to the bar though his Lost Girl wasn’t where he had left her but instead was hanging off some redheaded clotpole in a corner like some common floozy. Without a moment’s warning he tore the guy off her and pushed him away. “Whoa, what’s your problem?” the guy snarked.

“Back off before you do something you’ll regret.” Peter threatened through clenched teeth.

“Petey, what’s the big idea?” Y/N glared at him, “Why you gotta ruin my fun?”

“I am never taking you drinking again.” Peter muttered to himself and pulled her towards the stairs. “Let’s go.”

“No!” she ripped his arm from him and stumbled back into the redhead. “I was having fun with…this guy.”

“Sorry, looks like the lass has made up her mind, Petey.” the idiot mocked.

“Big mistake.” Peter used his magic and the guy’s neck snapped with a sharp crack. The inn fell into silence as they took a moment to process the dead body on the ground. “Upstairs, now!” he growled as he pulled a stunned Y/N up the steps and shoved her into the room. He doubted anyone would come to throw them out unless they wanted to run the risk of getting killed too.

“Way to go. I finally get some attention and you break his neck.” Y/N pouted as she collapsed back on the one bed. “You’re such a prat.”

“I’m the prat?” he snarled, “What the hell were you doing acting like a tramp for? I thought you were too good to let alcohol affect your judgement.”

She rolled her eyes and started to tug off her boots. “So what? You can go off slipping it to other girls but the second I lay eyes on some other boy and you get all jealous? Hypocrite.”

“I ain’t slipping it to other girls and you know that. There’s no reason for you to be looking at any other guys because if you want that kind of attention you just come to me. Got it?”

“Blah, blah, blah,” she chucked a boot at him, “You’re not so special y’know? Really looking what’s the difference between what he was doing and what you do?”

“Well how’s this for comparison?” he crossed the room and pushed her back on the bed. He pinned her arms up by her head before pressing a hungry angry kiss against her mouth. He was half expecting her to throw him off but given her drunken state she instead kissed him back.

Y/N broke her arms free and wrapped them around his neck to pull him closer. She was certainly stronger when she was drunk and a lot more clingy. All of which was fine with him.

She reached to tug off his shirt. “Not yet,” he pulled back away from her, “No need to rush things we have all night, pet.”

“I thought you liked me.” she mumbled.

“I do.” he pulled her up into his lap, “But you have to let me lead this time.”

“Okey dokey,” she ran her hands through his hair.

The heavy stench of alcohol on her breath hit him like a runaway carriage. She is really drunk isn’t she? Like, probably won’t remember most of what’s going on tomorrow level drunk. A part of him, a very loud part, told him to take advantage of this like he had been hoping to. Another very annoying voice told him that if he went through with this she would never forgive him.

“Son of a bitch…” he pushed her back. She gave him a confused look. “Sorry my dear, not tonight.”

“Huh?” she nestled closer into him batting her eyelashes, “Don’t you want me? Cause I want you. I really really want you.” she leaned in to kiss him again.

“I know you do.” he grabbed her wandering hands, “But you are very drunk and in the morning you won’t remember any of this. When we do get to it I want you to be able to remember every second of you giving into me and wanting me. Okay?”

“Boo!” she pushed off his lap and fell on the floor.

“Come here,” he helped her back up and set her on the bed, “Get some sleep.”

She rested back against the bed before the sound of her soft snores assured Peter she was fast asleep. He fell back against the other bed with a sigh. One day he’ll mute that stupid conscience of his for good. That didn’t mean that he couldn’t have a little fun. He looked back at Y/N as a devious thought drifted into his mind.


Oh sweet lord above. My head is killing me. I sat up slowly feeling like I was gonna be sick. I am never drinking ever again. This has to be a hundred times worse than the last time Peter and I went drinking. At least this time I didn’t do anything embarrassing. Or did I? I can’t remember much of anything.

I squinted against the harsh light streaming in through the window. Where was Peter? I could use a magical hangover cure. “Look who finally woke up.” Peter was sitting at the small desk near the door. “And it certainly is a good morning.” he eyed me hungrily.

“What are you–” I looked to where he was staring and yelped. I pulled the blanket up to cover my bare chest. Why the hell am I naked? “Peter? What happened last night?”

“You don’t know? I would have thought it was a night well worth remembering.” he smirked at me.

“Oh god,” I buried my aching head in my hands, “Did we…?”

“I’ll let you come to your own conclusions.” he reclined back in the chair. “After all last night you wanted me. Really, really, wanted me. Who am I to deny my Lost Girl what she wants?”

“I think I’m gonna be sick.” I rolled off the bed.

“Now that’s just harsh.”

“No, I mean I’m actually–” I clasped my hands over my mouth as a wave of nausea swept over me. I threw the window open and heaved over the side. Once the contents of my stomach were gone I sunk down to my knees and pressed my burning face against the cool wooden sill. “Kill me…”

“How about this instead?” he pressed his hands to either side of my head as my hangover started to abate.  “If this was gonna be your reaction I’m glad I didn’t actually go through with it.” Peter tsked.


“Y/N, do you actually believe that you and I had sex last night? I know you were pretty far gone but seriously, does anything feel different?”

Now that he mentioned it I didn’t feel any different. At least not in the way losing my virginity should feel I suppose. “But if we didn’t have sex, then why am I naked?”

“Just a bit of fun. I wanted to see how you’d react if you thought we really did the deed.” he dangled my knickers off his finger, “I guess you’ll be wanting these back.”

“You ass!” I snatched them from him as I rushed to put my clothes back on, “You inconceivably obnoxious asshole! Don’t do that!” I proceeded to smack him over the head with my boot.

“Hey! Ouch! Hey–Ow–Quit it!” he grabbed the boot out of my hands. “It was just a joke.”

“Not to me! You don’t joke about that kind of stuff with me!” I shouted at him. “You are so lucky that you didn’t actually go through with it because if you did–”

“You’d chop me into tiny bits and feed me to the wolves?” he sat down on the edge of the bed. “Hate me forever? Never forgive me?”

“Well…yes,” I shrugged, “But most of all I would just be disappointed that you wouldn’t have respected me enough to wait for my sober consent for something like that. I know it’s just sex but I have some self respect. I don’t need your opinion of me lowered any more by giving you an excuse to think of me as nothing more than some drunk common tramp.”

“Y/N,” he sighed with a smile, “If I thought you were just some common tramp last night would have ended much differently. But you are not. You’re my Lost Girl and all that implies. Also I just got you to start talking to me again, why would I risk your wrath by doing something so dimwitted as belittling your value to me?”

“I guess I have trouble remembering that you don’t hate me.” I sat down on the other bed and drew my knees to my chest.

“You aggravate me for sure.” Peter laughed, “You’re annoying and stubborn and nosey and incredibly disrespectful–”

“Does this have an ending anytime soon?” I snapped.

“Almost. You’re also very hot-tempered, reckless, condescending, cocky, but also very kind, thoughtful, protective of your friends, loyal, and intelligent. Also if it wasn’t obvious you are an attractive minx.” I hid my pleased smile behind my knees. He noticed and reached to pull my face from its hiding place. “What I’m trying to say is that all those tiresome and endearing traits of yours are what make you my Lost Girl. You’re my friend, I can detest you but I could never hate you. Not anymore at least.”

I cast my gaze around the room so he couldn’t see how happy his words made me. “I don’t hate you either.” I mumbled under my breath, “I know I say I do but I really don’t. Not even close.”

“I know.” he held my face in his hands pressing my forehead to his, “If there is anything I can do to ease your worrisome little heart that you are not in fact just some floozy to me, name it and it will be done.”

“Anything?” I quirked an eyebrow up at the generous offer.

“Within reason.” he was quick to add.

I let out a small chuckle as I wrapped my arms around his neck. “Ironically, I can think of one thing.”

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Charm Pt. 1

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J Cody x Reader

Prompt: For the prompt #10. J starts dating another girl from school and Nikki though with Craig doesnt take it well and gives the girl attitude all the time. The girl loses it and threatens to beat Nikki’s ass and impresses Smurf and pope.

A/N: I luh him. There will be multiple parts to this.

“Can you believe he’s bringing that freak around here?” Y/N heard Nikki say to Craig as they were floating together in the pool.

“Leave her alone, Nik,” Craig, to his credit, tried to get Nikki to shut up.

“It’s true! She has like one friend at school and she doesn’t talk to anyone,”

“Gee, Nikki, did you ever think that I don’t talk to anyone because I’m trying to actually do school work? At school?” Nikki rolled her eyes.

“As if you’ll get anywhere,”

“Actually, dumb ass, it will get me somewhere. I have a 4.3 GPA and a full ride to just about any college I want to go to. How’s that D average treatin’ you? Because I know I was asked to tutor you in your repeating year of Biology, which you completely blew off because,” Y/N shrugged her shoulders, “Who needs a degree in this ridiculously competitive job market when Daddy can take care of you until he’s six feet under?”

“You bitch!” Nikki made like she was going to grab Y/N by the leg to pull her in, but Y/N quickly dropped to her knees and shoved Nikki’s head under the water. She thrashed around until Craig pulled Nikki away, and in turn pulled Y/N in head first. As she surfaced, she spit pool water out of her mouth. “I’m going to fucking kill you!” Nikki screamed and made to rush over to Y/N. Both girls started thrashing as they fought in the deep end. They both bobbed in the water until one pulled the other under with them. They each had a firm grip on the other’s hair, pulling as hard as they could under the water. Y/N’s legs thrashed at Nikki, successfully landing in her stomach, but she still didn’t let go of Y/N. It seemed like the girls weren’t surfacing anytime soon.

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anonymous asked:

In my HC Gladdy's favorite song is George Michael's Father Figure. Do you have any theme songs in mind for the boys?

Songs that the guys like or songs that make me think of them? I’m gonna do songs that make me think of them

For the entire game: [Smoke and Mirrors] by Imagine Dragons AND [We Will Not Go Quietly] by Sixx:A.M.

Noctis,  [Heart of Fire] by Black Veil Brides

Prompto,  [Immortals] by Fall Out Boy

Gladio,  [Diamond Eyes] by Shinedown

Ignis, [Wolf At Your Door] by Sixx:A.M.

Bonus: Aranea, [Gasoline] by Porcelain and the Tramps

Tasha and Deanna don’t keep their relationship a secret on PURPOSE. It’s just that Tasha’s a fairly private person when it comes to her love life, so they don’t engage in PDA, and their dates are fairly lowkey because Deanna prefers steady companionship to spectacle.

They’ve been together for nearly five months when Deanna has to miss the first hour or so of a poker game for an emergency session with a member of the crew–by the time she joins them, Tasha’s a little tipsy, all pink-cheeked and smiley, and she pulls Deanna into her lap and kisses her.

(After a moment of stunned silence, the boys go absolutely nuts cheering for them.)

Crushed Velvet Ch. 2

“What the fuck are you doing with a human girl Jimin? And why does she smell like that?”

The frustration in his voice was evident. Yoongi had an intense gaze set upon the poorly dressed young woman, devouring every single part of her with his mesmerizing eclipsed violet eyes. This caused a feeling of consternation to course through her body like electricity forcing her to stay frozen in her tracks. The tantalizing male, who looked as if he were some type of nobility, was capable of creating a completely contradicting feeling within Sky to stir. She was udderly terrified by him, although she couldn’t place her finger on why considering she wasn’t nearly as intimidated by Jimin or his protégés—even after almost being consumed by Taehyung. However, even with the fear that Yoongi invoked, she was incredibly drawn to him and couldn’t help but ogle at the sight.

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Silly Losers/Bowers Modern AU Headcanons (Post-Delete)

Patrick gets help. He sees a psychologist. It doesn’t change his perspective on the world, but it prevents a lot of damage.

Vic wears an LGBT bracelet. But the thing is no one knows if he’s trans or gay or something, and no one really asks. He’s just Vic, that’s what counts.

Belch loves video games. He’s really good at them too.

Henry gets tattoos. He’s got dozens of them all over his arms.

Patrick’s a clownfucker and would totally tattoo “daddywise” on his back like a tramp stamp.

Vic tries to bleach his hair at home with Belch and he screams a lot because it hurts but it looks cool so.

The gang loves heavy metal except Vic you know that boy is only as hardcore as MCR

Bill’s an emo low-key, he draws and complains and laments.

Ben’s a sweetheart who’s got a stack of books in his arms wherever he goes.

Mike’s a really nice football player who drives for his drunk friends and is the voice of reason.

He seems 2D at first, but he’s secretly super artsy. He’s got an Instagram aesthetic blog.

Stan is really sad but he’s bad about asking for help.

Richie’s exactly the same.

Eddie’s on the cheerleading squad, it took him a while to get there, but he’s small enough to pick up and feisty enough to not get pushed around.

Richie always goes to the games and screams “yEAAAAH THAT’S MY BOYFRIEND YOU WORK IT EDDIE” but the thing is he’s not dating Eddie and it stirs up some chatter.

Everyone thinks Bev’s a lesbian.

Her only social media is snapchat where she groupchats with the others.

Beverly and Richie are best friends and they’re both kind of asses.

When some jackass takes Eddie’s inhaler and mocks him, shit goes down and noses are broken.

When some jackass shoves Vic into a locker, shit goes down and noses can’t be found.

Nobody puts baby in the corner.

Patrick and Richie are the big show offs of their own respective groups, but they don’t go head to head because things get…a little weird.

They both love roasting their friends.

When Eddie gets a broken arm and a cast from cheerleading, in the ER, Richie says “well, at least the nurses are hot, AMIRITE” and high fives his broken arm and Eddie screams in pain.

give em hell kid

he’s hurt you, she’s a bitch, they’re all trying to piss you off

show them how badass you are honey!

- antivist/bring me the horizon

- primadonna/marina and the diamonds

- aint it fun/paramore

- ignorance/paramore

- fuck you/lily allen

- weightless/all time low

- my songs know what you did in the dark/fall out boy

- gives you hell/all american rejects

- weighted/frnkiero andthe cellabration

- snap out of it/arctic monkeys

- mnstr/crown the empire

- phantom/dead!

- tell me i’m a wreck/every avenue

- rat a tat/fall out boy

- i don’t care/fall out boy

- gold/imagine dragons

- hey i dont know/kongos

- b team/marianas trench

- shake tramp/marianas trench

- big girl (you are beautiful)/mika

- dead!/my chemical romance

- on the brightside/nevershoutnever

- this means war/nickelback

- so what/p!nk

- raise your glass/p!nk

- misery business/paramore

- happy/pharell williams

- why’ you bring a shotgun to the party/the pretty reckless

- zombie/the pretty reckless

- blank space/taylor swift

- shake it off/taylor swift

- burn down the cinema/ugly love

- forget you/cee lo green

- hail to the king/avenged sevenfold

now show them who’s boss!!

Random Pegasus headcanons of the day:

Duel Academy students come together to create their own extra-ciriccular activities, one of them being a theater club. Pegasus is so impressed with the effort that he coaches them through plays and manages to blackmail headmaster Kaiba into attending one at the end of the year graduation ceremony.

o To go along with the above headcanon, Pegasus doing singing warm-ups with rapt attention and enthusiasm.

o Pegasus inviting the gang, who reluctantly agree, back to Duelist Kingdom for a beach vacation before Anzu goes abroad. His guests unanimous favorite dish is the one he named after himself, “Creme de la Crawford” which is seriously just a plate of belgian waffles with whipped cream, fresh strawberries, and strawberry sundae syrup. He’s an eternal five year old.

Pegasus playing peek-a-boo with fussy babies at nearby restaurant tables.

Pegasus anonymously leaving food and blankets for the homeless.

o Pegasus later paying for them to have a place to stay, and an opportunity to learn a trade.

o Pegasus anonymously paying to replace the dropped ice cream cone of a small child - with a gigantic, twelve scoop, multiple topping sundae.

o Pegasus replacing the usual “-boy” or “-girl” endearments with “-dear” for the DM next gen babies. (Say we pretend *cough* headcanon *cough* that Yugi and Anzu have a son named Sugoroku) “Sugoroku-dear.”

o Pegasus spends countless hours watching disney movies to help stimulate his creative energy. (Anyone recognize the “John-dear” trend from Lady & The Tramp?)

(Not gonna lie, I will probably edit this with more.)

Disney Love Songs for FT Ships

Gray and Juvia: True to Your Heart from Mulan

“Baby I knew at once that you were meant for me. Deep in my soul I know that I’m your destiny. Though you’re unsure, why fight the tide? Don’t think so much. Let your heart decide." 

Not so much the movie itself, but this song pretty much describes their relationship at this point. Juvia literally needs to sing this to him. 

Natsu and Lucy: A Whole New World from Aladdin 

"A whole new world. A hundred thousand things to see. I’m like a shooting star. I’ve come so far. I can’t go back to where I used to be.”

I was trying to find something else because I’ve seen this comparison made a few times before, but nothing was more fitting. He did bring her to the guild after all. 

Gajeel and Levy: Can You Feel the Love Tonight from The Lion King

“I can see it happening. (What?) And they don’t have a clue. (Who?) They’ll fall in love and here’s the bottom line, our trio’s down to two. (Oh)”

Can we all just come together and picture Jet and Droy as Timon and Pumba? That’s pretty much my sole explanation for this choice. 

Jellal and Erza: Love Will Find a Way from The Lion King II

“In a perfect world, one we’ve never known, we would never need to face the world alone. They can have the world, we’ll create our own. I may not be brave or strong or smart, but somewhere in my secret heart I know love will find a way. Anywhere I go, I’m home, if you are there beside me.”

Okay. This is my favorite Disney love song of all time, but it’s terribly underrated because sequels generally get no love lol. This is basically the Jerza anthem. I cannot even put into words how beautiful their love is. 

Sting and Yukino: Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful from Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella (The 1997 film version)

“Am I making believe I see in you a man too perfect to be really true? Do I want you because you’re wonderful, or are you wonderful because I want you? Are you the sweet invention of a lover’s dream, or are you really as wonderful as you seem?”

So, am I the only one watching Yukino slowly fall for Sting 2.0? (The way she looks at him, though) Ugh, these two need more screen time together lol. But I could definitely see her questioning herself like Cinderella in the song (just, you know, not out loud to him. I think poor Yukino would faint)

Rogue and Kagura: So Close from Enchanted 

“So close to reaching that famous happy end. Almost believing this was not pretend. And now you’re beside me, and look how far we’ve come. So far we are so close.”

Alright, I know they haven’t really interacted on screen but hear me out lol. I think that after they met, they would begin to have feelings for each other and immediately start trying to rationalize them away. Frosch (and company) would plot to get them together in some outrageous way leading to a situation that could be described by the lyrics above. (I should just write a fanfic already lol)

Laxus and Mirajane: He’s a Tramp from Lady and the Tramp

“He’s a tramp. He’s a scoundrel. He’s a rounder. He’s a cad. He’s a tramp, but I love him. Yes even I have got it pretty bad." 

What can I say? Mira loves her bad boy. 

Bacchus and Cana: I Won’t Say I’m in Love from Hercules 

If there’s a prize for rotten judgment, I guess I’ve already won that. No man is worth the aggravation. That’s ancient history – been there, done that.“ 

Tbh, I don’t really ship this (I don’t mind it either) but Cana’s the only FT girl I can imagine having enough experience to identify with Meg. 

Elfman and Evergreen: Tale as Old as Time from Beauty and the Beast

Tale as old as time. True as it can be. Barely even friends, then somebody bends unexpectedly.“ 

This was pretty much the progression of their relationship in a nutshell. 

Sigh…finals week literally just ended and already, this is what I’m doing with my time.