them bowlegs

rebelwithheartofgold  asked:

His bowlegs are the best legs

fun fact: jensen’s knees actually have a restriction order against each other and that’s why they can’t ever be in the same county together

i mean look at that, you could fit the entire damn state of texas in there

they make such a perfect bow, like do u ever just wanna *clenches fists*

the most texasest texan to ever come outta texas with them texas bowlegs y’all

[x] like,,,no wonder it’s such a defining factor about him that everyone uses to describe him bc!!!! dAMN BOI HOW THEM LEGS BEND LIKE THAT 👀 👀 👀  they’re gonna snap right in half one of these days, i swear

okay but my absolute favorite fucking thing tho??? when those beauties are oN DISPLAY Y’ALL. WHEN U CAN SEE HIS BEAUTIFUL CALVES AND NICE-ASS KNEES AND DAINTY ANKLES AND BLONDE LIL LEG HAIRS IN ALL THEIR NAKED BEAUTY *jenna marbles voice* heyll yeah

But when Dean’s bowlegs finally meet Castiel’s thicc thighs, bare and hot in an explosion of passion, a force more powerful than any we’ve ever seen before will be unleashed. An unstoppable force of love and all that’s good in the world and it will defeat the big bad of s14 and this is why Dean and Cas haven’t been able to fuck all these years.

There was something about the way Dean moved with that fluidity in early seasons, something more than just relaxed youthfulness. Pre-hell Dean was like ink flowing through water when he wasn’t having to move with quick reactions in a fight. Even stilted movements after a fight had a gracefulness to them, bowlegs crossing over each other to regain footing. Post-hell, he was faster, moving with purpose and full of tension that was released with little recoil. Then after purgatory, Dean was moving on autopilot -  cautious when relaxed and automatic when alert.  Watching him move is enjoyable for so many reasons.

salvachester  asked:

(testing ask limit...) Let's talk about Dean's legs, or how I like to call them, "The Bowlegs of Sex" :D

Hahaha!!! That’s just hilarious… if you’d see my tag on the post I just reblogged LOL

But, yes…. let’s discuss those sexy legs of his!!

DAMMIT that is sexy as hell.  Look at the way his hips move. LOOK. Makes my mouth water.