them black hole boys

ok but honestly what would i be without bangtan

Yesterday I mourned all the ways I would never be loved, and today I counted all the ways that I am. You are every gravestone I can’t stop showing up at, and the prayers are always the same. Please. Come back as a ghost and rearrange the furniture until it looks like someplace you haven’t loved me. Then come back, and ruin that, too. Make sure all the boys know that they can’t bury black holes. Make sure all the boys know that black holes will bury them. I spent every minute with you memorizing your back and all of its craters. It is no accident that every moon I’ve kissed is gone by morning. I’ve said the word sorry more times than I can remember but haven’t accepted it from my own bleeding mouth. If you’re still getting any of my mail, then it was on purpose, I promise.The countries that are moving away from each other are only drifting off to someone else. I want you to know that a piece of me will always live there. It will always belong to the language we were too afraid to speak.
—  Y.Z, do the walls still talk about me?