them becoming family

In which Shigeo Kageyama’s family cannot handle the stress of a baby with psychic powers. Because of their fear, they leave their baby with their more-or-less trustworthy babysitter, Reigen Arataka. Reigen bears himself with the responsibility of becoming a single father after months of the Kageyama’s never returning, left to wonder if they’ll ever come back. (Edit: yes reigen’s 18/19 when this happens)



Looks like they’ll be starting fresh on Viktor and Yurio’s home turf to begin preparing for the new challenges that will lie ahead.

And while they don’t know what may happen along the way, they’re love for each other will most likely continue to serve as their guiding light.

My mom is trying to convince me to get my wisdom teeth taken out before they start to do their growing thing (somehow mines aren’t out yet and I’m 18 lmao) but like, hell no, if I get high I might start talking about Undertale or Homestuck or some dumb shit and I don’t want my family to be around me if I do so there’s no way I’m gonna get that done while I still live with them

I want 100 Years by Five For Fighting to play on the final episode of Voltron Legendary Defender.

And while it plays, I want it to show a montage of the Paladins’ lives after it all. Shiro and Allura getting married, Lance and Keith finally going on a normal date, the whole Holt family going on a trip, Hunk and Shay opening the cutest fucking flower shop ever. Coran getting to travel around earth visiting as many places as possible. Not just the main tourist spots, everywhere! Just in general, everyone getting to have a happy life! Please! Give me this!

I’m such a mess right now - mostly because of Happy falling apart trying to take the crib apart.  And even though she is so upset and broken at the thought of not getting to wait outside a school for someone she doesn’t push Toby away when he re-proposes.  That could be extremely painful but instead she desperately clings to the idea of someday and the two of them becoming a family as soon as possible.  A family that will eventually get added to and have the happy home she never had as a child

I'm feeling the need to make a confession

I read kaisoo smut on my phone at a wedding reception surrounded by children and my very catholic conservative relatives

(Inspired by a close friend of mine who actually tried to do this)

For Jack and Bitty’s wedding, everyone expects Bitty to make the cake. SMH and all of the Falconers plus a few hockey legends (Zimmermann family friends) show up expecting to gorge themselves on Eric R. Bittle’s famous desserts. Well, it isn’t quite what they expected.

There is an entire length of tables filled with mini-pies and cupcakes baked by Bitty himself for the occasion. But the main dessert for the evening, the actual wedding cake, was a special commission from MooMaw Bittle and her team of fabulous Georgia bakers, fashioned to look like the Stanley Cup with both of their names (Eric Richard Zimmermann & Jaques Laurent Bittle) engraved on the front in an elegant script.

Also consider: They wear each other’s Samwell jerseys during their first dance as a married couple

Wow, this sketch is old. And unfinished.

Drew this after the release of Chapter 700 and before Sarada gaiden.


Interview with the Hetalian characters:

Question to America 

“in the five people here (Japan, Italy, Germany, England, himself?), who would you most likely not marry?’ 

America’s answer 

“hmm, I guess England? I feel like his emotions becomes too heavy for whatever I do” 


Just a reminder that England is not the only tsundere, America is also a tsundere 

By Heavy, it can be taken in many ways, like for instance: love 

America and England used to be a ‘family’ and now they are ‘strangers’ but it must be scary for both of them to become a ‘family’ again in a different form.  

England who’s scared he’s going to lose America again through independence(divorce) 

England’s love becoming too heavy because he doesn’t want to lose America 



the royal couple say hello to their fans

Harley Quinn and Rocket Raccoon being half siblings headcanon:

-Same dad and different mums
-Were told about each other when they were around 10
-Rocket made phone in which they can call each other on where ever they are
-Visiting each other a few times a year
-Extra visits when the other is in trouble (obviously a lot)
-Rocket giving Harley a space ship for her birthday
-Harley giving rocket weapons for his birthday
-Rocket being the one to convince Harley to leave the joker (because he’s an abusive dick) 
-Harley getting along really well with all the guardians and them becoming her little family
-Rocket slowly getting used to the squad and becomes good friends with Deadshot 
-Teaching each other about their planets and their culture/customs 
-Harley likes making jackets for Rocket every time they see each other because “It gets really cold in space and sometimes fur isn’t enough”
-Working with each other sometimes 
-Harley calling him ‘Rock’ and Rocket calling her ‘Crazy’ (even got jackets made) 

do you know what i want?

i just want very quiet, background, domestic destiel

i just want a kiss here and there or some hand-holding sometimes or dean falling asleep on cas while cas is reading and dean falls asleep as his laptop screen goes dim and we just see a glance as sam goes by i want dean to get regular love and hugs and affection and i want cas to understand the good parts of being human and i want dean to come out with food specially made for him and cas and then something extra for sam i want sam gently threatening cas with misery if he breaks dean’s heart (he doesn’t say “again” of course not) and i want sam patting dean on the shoulder and happily mentioning he’ll cut dean into ribbons if he messes this up and i want to see a shot of dean’s room where he makes use of that memory foam with cas on the other side and i want to see the three of them on hunts together and i want to watch them become a family and i want everyone to have more hugs i just think they all need more hugs than they give and get 

and also i need to see all three of them destroy metatron in a fiery painful explosion and pour whatever remains into a jar and give it to a hellhound :)

Things I Would Enjoy to See in the Rebirth Detective Comics Run


Bruce and Kate being awkward cousins.  Awkward bonding.  Awkward reminiscing of shared childhood memories.  Bruce awkwardly interrupting Kate’s dates.  Kate awkwardly interrupting Bruce at his events. Kate and Bruce outside of their costumes together in the same room.

Other questions that may need answering : Where does Tim live?  Still in an apartment by himself?  Does Cass now reside at the manor with Bruce (and Damian if he ever pops up)?  Does Steph still live with Cullen now that Harper has left for College?  

Bruce and Kate’s clashing ideas of what they want of the three kids.  This video here has Tynion talking about how ultimately Kate wants Steph Tim and Cass to work as a unit whilst Bruce wants them to be ready to go off and work on their own and be their own heroes one day, rather than remaining in a team.  Where does this clash of opinions come from?  Does Kate just not think they are capable of being self sufficient, or does she believe that they need a support system to keep them grounded?  Does Bruce still work better alongside Cassandra than Stephanie?  Kate’s always been slightly out of focus in mainstream bat books, so I wonder if we’ll get to know her individual relationships with Tim, Cass and Steph.  Is she less harsh on Steph compared to Bruce, especially as Steph just isn’t on the same level as Tim or Cassandra?  Or is it Bruce this time round who has faith she can succeed?  (Please let Stephanie be treated a competent character.  She may be learning still but I really would like people to believe in her)

Do Tim Steph and Cass get along, in and out of costume?  Before the reboot they did…because the 3 complemented each other wonderfully.  Will we see Tim and Steph learning the best ways to communicate with Cassandra?  Will they be helping to teach her to read like Barbara did a decade and a half ago?  How will Tim’s more closed off and arrogant behaviour (compared to the preboot) affect his relationship with Stephanie and Cassandra? Will Tim stop trying to bribe Cassandra with peanuts?  Will Tim still have surveillance cameras set up in Stephanie’s apartment like a creep?  Will we get to see the three hang out both in and out of costume?  

Will Tim and Stephanie finally make out again?  Will Steph and Cass make out instead for a nice change of pace?  Will all three make out for an even nicer change of pace?  Asking the big important questions here.

attention friends and fellow bloggers, if you don’t know what TV show you want to watch now, I am here to tell you that it is Leverage. Even if you think you know what you want to watch next, you probably really want to watch Leverage. 

  • it’s a modern day Robin Hood type thing
  • basically all the bad guys that they steal from are corrupt 1%ers
  • they usually con them into destroying themselves
  • it’s really satisfying
  • they even stop things that aren’t just illegal but also just really dick moves
  • all of the characters are fully fledged people
  • teamwork and camaraderie
  • Everyone is super good at their jobs
  • and they support each other
  • you get to watch them become a family!
  • almost no sexism, like if it’s there it’s either expressed by the bad guys, or to manipulate the bad guys
  • plus, it deals with the heavy, real world sort of stuff that could really get you depressed and angry, but it’s got so much great, really funny humor, and light-hearted moments that it balances out
  • Mark Sheppard plays a sort of lawful neutral guy who often works against them, because he he supports the institutions
  • They do not, because they know they don’t work
  • order vs. justice
  • but the show condemns inefficiency of the systems without making the people who work in them one dimensional
  • All five seasons are on Netflix and Hulu Plus
  • if you like paying for stuff/have someone else’s password, for everyone else, you know what to do
  • in conclusion: WATCH LEVERAGE
  • Me, recently: Steven Gerrard is retiring from Liverpool Football Club. I am really sad.
  • Everyone else: I'm so sorry. I know how much Liverpool FC means to you and Gerrard's a really important member of the club and I'm sure you're devastated. I empathize with your feelings, and validate them, because sport communities become families of a kind, and I know the LFC community is a big part of your life.
  • 1D fans today: Zayn is leaving One Direction. I am really sad.
  • Everyone else: What is wrong with you why are you so stupid it's just a boy band why do you care about such dumb meaningless things when you could care about stuff that really matters, like groups of adults attempting to kick a sphere into a net.