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How The Venus Signs Express Love: Valentine's Day Special

Venus in Aries: Venusian Arians are very bold and forthright in love. The object of their affection is pursued with much fervor and tenacity. Once they have their eye on you, they will not rest until you are theirs. These people usually fall in love quickly and out of it just as easily, so be careful.

Venus in Taurus: Venus enjoys being in Taurus because this is one of its ruling signs. Although they are peaceful creatures, they are quite stubborn when it comes to matters of the heart. But once they fall for you, they are loyal to the bitter end. Their love is steadfast and unyielding once given.

Venus in Gemini: Venusian Geminians are very fickle when it comes to love. They often flit about from person to person and need mental stimulation in order to keep from getting bored in their relationships. If you can’t give them good conversation, you can forget ever making it to the bedroom with them.

Venus in Cancer: Venusian Cancerians are highly sentimental creatures, especially in love. Once you are in a relationship with them, you become their family and these people will go to great lengths to protect you. Appealing to them from an emotional standpoint is the way into their heart.

Venus in Leo: You can always expect grandiose expressions of love with a Venusian Leo, and they expect the same from you in return. In order for them to want to pursue you, you must have something about your look which is regal and glamorous. Once you have captured their heart, they will treat you like the royalty you are.

Venus in Virgo: Venusian Virgos aren’t what one would call a sentimental fool. It takes quite a bit for them to even admit they’re in love due to their overly critical nature of potential partners. They already have a checklist in their minds of the kind of person they want, and if you don’t meet the requirements, they won’t even bother.

Venus in Libra: Venus thoroughly enjoys being in Libra due to it being its other ruling planet. Venus rules relationships and Libra is the sign of partnership. A Venus in Libra craves romantic relationships more than your average Venus placement. Venusian Librans want nothing more than to find their other half.

Venus in Scorpio: Venusian Scorpions are very dark and intense when it comes to love. Their love isn’t easily given, but once you have it, it’s forever. In negative manifestations, this expression of love can become overly obsessive and destructive. What they desire most in relationships is intimacy through shared pain.

Venus in Sagittarius: Venusian Sagittarians are free spirits in love. If they decide to pursue a relationship with you, you must understand their need for freedom. Attempting to put out the fire in their hearts will only push them away. These people love adventure, so you can be sure they will bring you along for the ride.

Venus in Capricorn: Venusian Capricorns treat love like a business project. It’s something that they must see through to the end. Capricorn energy is very guarded, but if you can break down their walls and provide them with monetary stability as well as help them along their journey, you can be sure you will have a partner for life.

Venus in Aquarius: Venusian Aquarians are eccentric in love. They won’t go for just anyone. There must be something about you that stands out from everyone else. These people don’t go for “normal” relationships. Some of them might even forego relationships altogether just to be different.

Venus in Pisces: Venus loves being in Pisces due to its exaltation here. Venusian Pisceans are incredibly creative, emotional people who are in love with love. They enjoy sweet romantic gestures, especially reciprocating them. Some of them tend to wear rose-colored glasses in relationships, but don’t fault them for it. It’s just their nature.

In which Shigeo Kageyama’s family cannot handle the stress of a baby with psychic powers. Because of their fear, they leave their baby with their more-or-less trustworthy babysitter, Reigen Arataka. Reigen bears himself with the responsibility of becoming a single father after months of the Kageyama’s never returning, left to wonder if they’ll ever come back. (Edit: yes reigen’s 18/19 when this happens)

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Gosh. Stricklake is a world of adorable fun times but… Picture the first time Jim finally swallows his pride and goes to step-dad Strickler when he needs to know something about trolls and their history. (He’s a history nerd. Tell me that he wouldn’t know the history of the troll world as well as the human side and I’ll fight you.)

Strickler would probably go through a brief struggle with his villainous urge to gloat a bit, but squash it because Barbara doesn’t like him and Jim baiting each other.

So he answers the question, explaining thoroughly to make sure the young trollhunter understands not only the ‘what’ but the ‘why’ and 'how’ of it. And Jim would be kinda blown away at how much Strickler really knows and giving him his full attention and asking intelligent questions because this is something he’s invested in. It would be such a refreshing change from the usual lukewarm response Strickler gets from most teens that he goes into full teacher mode, expanding on the lesson with stories of past heroes and other bits of interesting folklore.

And Barbara comes home from a late shift, and finds them in the living room, couch and coffee table littered with ancient tomes and scrolls with maps and pictures of artifacts. Strickler is telling a story and Jim is sitting on the floor with a book on his lap, leaning forward and hanging on the man’s every word with his eyes shining with wonder.

And Barbara has to swallow a lump in her throat, because for the first time she is not seeing them as a young man and his mother’s boyfriend.

She sees them as father and son.

(Yeah, can you tell I really like me some platonic familial bonding with my smut?)

“She sees them as father and son.”

This is literally my face right now, I swear to God…

God, thank you so much for this. 

Touka is so lucky to have Yomo. He’s such a good uncle, so nice and supportive, never left her, he took care of her and helped her with the shop, he’s so faithful to her, and even tho he’s older and wiser, it’s like she’s the one in charge and he would follow her anywhere no matter what, they’re like a duo? I can’t think of Touka without Yomo nor Yomo without Touka, they come as a set. Both went to save Tsukiyama together, both went to help Hinami together, besides of being his niece and literally the living image of his sister, I feel like Touka is like a daughter to him. I love their relationship so much 😭

jackson and maggie are step-siblings for fuck sake, why are they suppose to be a thing and from where??? are we also going to ignore the whole japril ep??? like honestly derek rising from the dead would be more realistic than jackson and maggie being a thing

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Concept: Royai foster parents au. Ed lives with them first until they find out that he was separated from Al when they were little, so Mustang pulls some strings and they manage to get Al as well.

Concept: Me, laying in a puddle of my own tears as quiet sobs wrack my body, clutching this ask to my chest because of its beauty and perfection.


So I saw @honeyuuri​ ‘s post about Viktor’s moms and then discussed some headcanons with @liloloveyou024​ and here are my headcanons about them and Viktor

  • So Viktor’s moms are Russian and Vietnamse
  • They met when his Vietnamese mom went to Russia to train for theatrical acting around late 70s
  • His Russian mom was a choreographer and they HIT IT
  • They were 18/20 around that time
  • They helped each other with the other’s respective language
  • Viktor’s Vietnamese mom’s name is Hương
  • His Russian mom’s name is Veronikia
  • They were apart for 5 years from 1980-1985 because bác Hương ( Mrs Hương) had to go back to Vietnam to serve for propaganda purposes
  • They wrote the cheesiest letters in a mix of Russian and Vietnamese
  • After 5 years bác Hương and Madame Veronika reunited and they got married right away, both in Vietnam and Russia
  • It was a small and intimate wedding in Vietnam, yet it got all the customs and traditions: vu quy(proposal), ăn hỏi (engagement) and lễ cưới (wedding and reception). The reception only had some local sweets and fruits, as Vietnam was very poor.
  • And then they moved back to St. Petersburg
  • After 3 years they decided to adopt 
  • His moms trained acting and dancing with him since he was a wee baby
  • Viktor also showed fascination with story telling, which bác Hương was very excited about
  • However they moved back to Vietnam in 1990 as Soviet Union was about to corrupt
  • They lived in Mui Ne, a Southern City, which has THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SEASIDES AND WHITEST SANDS
  • Living in Vietnam for a few years is such a treasured memory to Viktor. He can speak Vietnamese fluently, with an adorable Souther accent. He can eat a lot of abnormal stuffs since Vietnam is full of tasty but really weird dishes (trứng vịt lộn- it is rather advisable not to google image search it, tiết canh- like duck blood, etc). 
  • Viktor has Ao dai (Vietnamese traditional clothes), and he wears it during Tet holiday (Lunar New Year)
  • When he turned into 8 he came back to Russia to train. His moms wanted to go with him but Madame Veronika got bad bronchitis and staying in Mui Ne was better for her health
  • Ever since Viktor visits his moms 4 times a year
  • His moms visit him even more
  • Viktor calls bác Hương “mẹ", as she is Northern, despite living in Mui Ne, where everyone uses the word “má"
  • Sometimes Viktor wishes he had long hair so his moms can argue over who gets to braid his hair as they used to argue
  • When Yuuri moves to St.Petersburg they make it a thing that weekends are cultural days. They try Russian, Japanese and Vietnamese recipes
  • Yuuri is obsessed with nem (springrolls)
  • When Viktor’s moms hear of Yuuri they immediately send him a set of Ao dai
  • When they visit them their family crew becomes very popular for having TWO ENORMOUS DOGS
  •  Viktor teaching Yuuri Vietnamese omg.
  • Yuuri ends up having a Quảng Bình accent (it is very hard to listen okay even Vietnameses sometimes cant understand what people from Quảng Bình speak)

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Hmmm what about the missus being really afraid and saying she can't do it (give birth) because it hurts so bad

It’s right in the middle of the pushing process. Just before she begins to crown, moments before the two of them become a family of three.

With Harry perched on the birthing ball rolled from the corner, she’s squatting between his knees, with her forehead pressing against his abdominal; just beneath the dip of his chest. Forearms braced on his thighs as he kept his feet planted to the covered floor to keep her stable, hands gripping and fisting at the hem of the t-shirt on his body, dressed in one of the most unappealing hospital gowns she’d been told to change into before things got a bit messier. His own hands cupping her shoulders as he whispered words of encouragement into her ear, cheek pressed against her head as she curled forward and let out tiny grunts of pain.

“I can’t do this,” she cries, throwing her head back and letting out a stomach-churning sob that broke Harry’s heart. A hand coming from her shoulder to wipe away the tears that dribbled down her cheeks and mixed with the sweat beads that covered her cheeks, catching at the corner of her lips, “Harry, I can’t do this. It hurts. It hurts so bad,” she sobs, gulping thickly as the words waver on her tongue, coming out wobbly and shaky and wet with tears.

All he wants to do is take away the pain but he can’t and it shatters his heart knowing she’s in a lot of pain and he can’t do anything about it but give her words of encouragement. Words of praise as he sits there helplessly and unable to do anything.

“Try not to push, my lovely. You’re about to start crowning so we need pants. Deep and heavy pants,” the midwife explains from her place behind her, cupping her hips and giving them soft pats, giving her back a rub to soothe her spine, “you’re doing so well. We’re very close to having the baby. This is just the tough part. Once the head is out, things will move much quicker. I promise you,” she coos, giving Harry a gentle smile.

“Hear that, Gorgeous? We’re so close,” he grins, teeth bearing and shining under the light of the room, “we’re going to have a baby soon. Our little girl. She’s so close,” he coos, cupping her face in his hands as he began to pant slowly, deeply and in a rhythm that was easy for her to catch on to once she’d calmed herself, “come on now. We practised this, didn’t we? In and out, in and out. No pushing. Just breathing.”

But she can feel the urge to push riding through her, fast and quick and it takes everything in her to pant out her contraction rather than pushing to the urge. Eyes locked on his green eyes as he brushed his thumbs over her wet cheeks, collecting the salty moisture on the pads of his thumbs, nails soothingly dragging down to her lips as he rid the build-up of liquid from her mouth. Panting with her in a gentle rhythm, and smiling when she was told to stop, the head of his baby girl sitting between her thighs and almost there in her human form. 

“It hurts so bad,” she cries out, eyebrows furrowed as she shuffled on her aching feet and changed to kneeling on the ground between his legs, wincing as she pushed out her bum and followed the orders given by the lead midwife, “you’re never getting me pregnant again. This is it.”

“Just a couple more pushes, and we’ll have a baby.” xx

Never Trust a Guy With a Metal Arm

Summary/Request: Hello again!!! Here I am with a new request Buckyxreader. The reader is Peter Quill’s younger sister, she can control electricity and is part of the Guardians of the Galaxy. During a patrol, she, Rocket and Baby Groot fell on Earth and the Avengers found they. The team bring they at the tower for the reader, finally, call to Quill. Bucky is impressed with her powers he meets her and starts to like her, but Rocket and Baby Groot are really protectors. It’s a little long but is this! Thank you! ( @mimisari234 )

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Nope i don’t think

A/N: I couldn’t have got this done without @winterxblood and her inspirational gif

“See? This is why I don’t like you driving my Milano!”

Peter scowled at you as he tried to shake off the restraints from his wrists and ankles.

The four of you were on duty somewhere beyond the galaxy. Having time to spend, you decided to gear up and start your brother’s Milano so the team would get to your destination faster, without having to wait for the ship to cool and start.

You thought it was smart, but Peter, on the other hand, thought the opposite. You insisted on driving and before you knew it, you crashed the ship on rocky grounds in the middle of god knows where.

 The group was immediately taken into a big truck where several people bound you at the wrists, ankles, and even took your weapons. You had a shock collar on in case you’d try your powers on the poor people. They obviously knew who you guys were.

“My apologies, brother for trying to help you out back there.” You huffed, resting your head on the cool surface of the vehicle’s wall.

“How thoughtful of you.“

“Where are they taking us, anyway?” Rocket asked. The four of you rocked back and forth in the car, trying your hardest to see what was on the other side of the driver’s spot. Groot shook in his tiny space in the little glass jar he was in, banging on the walls which clearly didn’t help.

“Hey, asshole,” You shouted out the window to the driver. “Where are you taking us?” Nudging your elbow to bang on the cement. The man in the uniform said nothing, only to glare at you through the mirror and shut the door.

“Thanks a lot, Y/N.” Peter rolled his eyes. You kicked his combat boots with yours.

“If only Gamora was here, she’d side with me and I’d have you kick your-“

The vehicle stopped in a halt, causing the four of you to roll and accelerate in opposite directions on the floor. You groaned slightly as your back hit a wall. The large doors opened, sunlight shining through the green scenery in the background. You pushed your body to sit up, back leaning against the wall again but only to be dragged out harshly.

You, Peter, and Rocket were now held up by numerous people who seemed to be dressed in blue stealth suits. One person held Groot (who was safe in his jar) as they followed you into a big complex.

Looking around, you got a glimpse at the scene surrounding you. This place looked familiar, you thought. Clearly it wasn’t from your former planet, but the planet you came from.

The big building was grey, a few stories high with a garage at the bottom. It was in the middle of a nice open green area where trees surrounded it, a big ‘A’ was labeled at the front. You saw people who looked like they were being trained all lined up to the right who were being instructed by their trainer, another building which looked like a storage space in the back, and numerous recruits surrounded the area.

“Let us go..” You heard Peter say from behind you. You saw him struggle in his restraints as the agents were trying to keep him still.

“Peter, stop moving.” You hissed as you entered the building. You looked up in awe when you were greeted with various jets plastered on a second stage, computers and tactical gear all around.

“Holy shi-“

“Is this?” Rocket asked.

“Cap.” An agent spoke. They nodded at the man who was now walking in front of them, dressed in a casual blue shirt with a brown leather jacket and jeans.

“Good lord.” You whispered to yourself.

The agents pushed the four of you to follow the blonde man into a secluded area. They sat you down in chairs, Groot on the table.

Once everyone was settled, the man spoke. “You can release them now, guys.” He said. The agents obliged as he smiled politely at them, shooing them off to leave.”

“Driving an aircraft into a privately owned land, I see?” The man asked, looking up at the projection in front of him. “Do you know why you’re here? Where you are?”

“The mighty Captain America, Steve Rogers.” Rocket smirked, rubbing his wrists. “Y’know, you could’ve let your men handle us a bit more with care.” He joked. Steve nodded.

“New complex, I see?” You asked, turning to a few others who stepped into the briefing room.

Steve was about to speak until another man spoke for him. You could recognize him, these people, anywhere. “That’s right, space girl. Proudly paid for by the one and only.” The man winked as he took a seat.

“Holy. That-This is Tony Stark!” Your brother exclaimed. “Big fan of you.” He smiled, shaking Tony’s hand.

A man with long hair and a metal arm took a seat next to you. He gave you a smile as you met his eyes, you doing the same as Groot climbed up your jacket and onto your shoulder, frowning at the man.

“Easy now.” You whispered.

Chatter started in the room as everyone sat down. “Alright, everyone settle down.” Steve announced. Once everyone was quiet, he started to speak. “My name, as you know, is Steve Rogers. My fellow Avengers and I have brought the four of you here because we want to announce something to you.” He explained.

Your files started appearing in a row in the middle of the table for everyone to see, projected on the little device. “We know you four, and all of the others up there.” Steve nodded as he looked at the screen.

“Flying raccoon, large-“ Tony looked at Groot who was held on your shoulder. “Small tree man, and two twins, basically.” He explained.

You frowned. “Fair enough.”

“We know what you guys have done. Your powers, abilities..” Steve explained. “Especially you, Y/N.” He smiled.

Tony stood from his spot, swiping the hologram. “Which is why we brought you here to recruit you. Of course, we were gonna send a ship to get you, but conveniently, you decided to wreck the land and show up.”

“Yeah about that,” You laughed. “Terribly sorry about that. You see, my brother and I-“

“Oh, we’re not looking for an apology, Quill. All we ask is for your assistance. Stay here on earth, train with us, earn your badges as an Avenger.”

“I mean, we would have to think about it first.” Peter interrupted. “We can’t just leave the planet for another team.” He sighed.

“Well, just know that you’re always welcomed here.”

And so you were. With four months of training again, your team decided to leave the galaxy for a while and come back to earth to help earth’s mightiest heroes. You got to know the team within the months, them becoming like your new family. It took time to adjust, but with a few bonding sessions and common interests, you were able to adjust quickly.

It was a nice day outside, so you and your friend, Wanda decided to train outside of the compound. You got along with her the most, since you two had powers that were useful together during battle. Tony joked how the colors of your powers went well.

You saw Peter training with Clint and Bucky on the grass, Rocket sat down on a nearby tree with Groot as he stared down at the man with the metal arm. You rolled your eyes.

“So, you got any missions this week?” You asked Wanda as you held your fingers up to attack her. She blocked your electricity with her powers, as you went back and forth on the grass.

“Nope. I’m free until Tuesday. I do have to train the newest mutants, though.” She sighed. “You?”

“Yeah.” You said, pausing quickly to attack her forcefield. “I’m suppose to go on a mission with Barnes tomorrow.” You smiled, a blush creeping up on your neck.

Wanda gasped, walking towards you to counterattack. “No way! You and Barnes?”

“I know right..” You smiled. “I’ve never gone on a mission with him. Hell, we don’t even talk to each other. I don’t think he’s ever seen me in action.”

“What do you think of him?” She smirked, noticing your blush as she floated in the air, you on the ground. “Oh, Y/N…” She teased, reading your mind as you laughed out.

“I’m excited, honestly.” You said as she lowered herself on the ground. “That’s why Rocket and Groot are..You know.” You tilted your head to see them.

You noticed Bucky sparring with your brother. He was in a black long sleeved shirt and jeans, barefoot as his hands were wrapped. You bit your lip as you watched him in action, rejoicing in your head as you got to see what he can actually do. Your eyes began to turn a light blue, signaling all your energy being built up.

You didn’t notice Wanda talk to you, but when you weren’t responding, she sent you flying back onto the grass, back up against the tree Rocket and Groot were on. She floated towards you, smiling as you groaned out.

“What was that for?” You frowned.

“I didn’t say we were done.” She smiled, holding a hand to help you up.

“I hate you.” You said, grabbing her arm to send a small bolt of electricity through her, causing her to punch your arm.

“Nice powers there.” A voice spoke from behind you. You turned around to see Bucky smirking down at you, unwrapping his arms and tossing the remains into his bag. He called for a break with Peter and Clint as they walked off into the compound, Wanda following behind.

“Thanks.” You smiled. “I could’ve done better. Probably send her off flying first.” You laughed.

Bucky smiled at the trail you left on the floor. “Took it hard, huh?”

“That’s Wanda.” You shrugged. “So, you ready for our mission tomorrow?” You asked him, leaning against the tall tree as you watched him pack up.

“Definitely. I’ve never been on one with you alone, though. I’m somewhat scared at what you could do.” He winked up at you, sending butterflies in your stomach.

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“So you should. Your powers are amazing and come in handy with any enemy that come in contact with us. You and Wanda especially.” He said, slinging his bag over his shoulders.

“You too, soldier. Amazing combat training skills, a metal arm… Good with a gun and knives.” You raised your eyebrow. He walked toward you to listen closer. “Electricity does wonders with metal. You should be careful.”

“That so?”

“Mhmm.” You looked up at him, his chest meeting yours under the big tree. “But sometimes it can help out defeat the opposing team.”

“How strong is this electricity of yours?” He asked, arm resting on the trunk.

You smirked, slowly taking the knife out from his holster along his waist. You threw it at a nearby tree, and as it hit the trunk, you held your hand up to conjure your strength, sending the tree to cripple right then and there as it slowly started to send in sparks.

“Shit.” he muttered, looking at the tree.

“I’ll buy you a new one, don’t worry.”

He only smiled down at you, teeth sinking into his bottom lip.

We exist, you know!” A voice called from above you. You rolled your eyes to see Rocket come down and climb up your arm to rest on your shoulder. Groot did the same and sat in the pocket of your jacket.

You sighed, smiling as you met Bucky’s gaze at the creatures on you. “They’re a little over protective. Only want me to engage in contact with men in the galaxy.”

“I can see that. They’ve been eyeing me for the last two hours.” Bucky said. “Especially him.” He pointed at the raccoon who slowly frowned.

“If you do anything to her, boy I swear I will rip-“

“Rocky!” You shouted, pulling his tail. “Be nice.”

Bucky smirked, guiding you into the compound again, greeting others as they walked by you.

He walked you up into the elevator, which took you to the avenger’s rest areas and walked you to your room. You let Rocket inside as Groot sat peacefully in your pocket.

“You know, you really gotta tell me more about yourself, and your friends.” Bucky spoke. “I’m interested.”

“Well me and Peter were originally from here so we’re not any different from you guys.” You spoke. “These guys, however, are obviously different, but we’ll get to that some other time.” You smiled, taking Groot’s small hand to place him on your shoulder. He hid behind your ear.

“Maybe after our mission I can take you somewhere where we can talk about that.” Bucky offered. “Maybe somewhere in New York?”

“That sounds nice.” You agreed. “Yes, definitely. Without any distracting animals or guns and knives..”

“Great! I’ll see you in a few hours then.” He winked, placing his hands in his pocket.

“Will do.”

You walked into your quarters and sat down with a smile on your face next to Rocket. You laid your head back on the couch, sighing in content before you felt eyes on you.

“What?” You asked, meeting rocket’s eyes.

“Never trust a guy with a metal arm.”

Big Role

Warnings: Like one cuss word
Characters: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, SPN cast member!reader, Misha Collins(mentioned)
Summary: You’re an actress on SPN and you get a big role in a new show and it comes up in a con
Reader’s Age: Roughly 15/16 years old. It could work for any though.
Word Count: 1049

Y/N: Your Name

A/N: This originally had Misha in it too but it became too much of a hassle to include all of them so I just did Jensen and Jared. Enjoy!

You, Jensen, and Jared were all backstage getting ready to do a small panel. Ever since you were no more than three years old you’ve been acting on the show. Sure, a three-year-old doesn’t necessarily have much acting skill, but you had enough to get by. The boys loved having you on the show. You always brightened up their day, and you’ve also got a little bit of Jared, Jensen, and of course, Misha in your personality.

Of course, school was always a problem until your parents decided to pull you out and let you become homeschooled. The set would take breaks every now and then to let you do some school throughout the day, and if you needed any help then you just went to one of the guys.

You’ve just always been there and around them. They’ve become your family. You love doing conventions and meet-ups because it means you get to meet your even bigger family. The Supernatural family.

You’re a pretty popular character on the show. Most girls look up to you since you started acting so young and haven’t gone down a bad path, probably because you have such good influences in your life. Occasionally, you get to do your own panels, but you mainly prefer to have one of your boys there with you.

“You ready, kid?” Jensen asked as he handed you a microphone.

“As ready as I’ll ever be!” you responded enthusiastically.

Jared walked over and flashed you a quick smile before turning towards the stage. The band started playing and you three made your way onto the stage. The crowd cheered as the band played along. You three smiled and waved at everyone until you all realized the end of the song was coming up. You all, hilariously, got into your jumping stances and waited for the right time. Just when the song was about to end you all jumped up and slammed back down as if you were playing an electric guitar.

Lights blinded you as you looked out into the crowd, you smiled and waved back as the screaming never faltered. You walked over to the mic stand and put your microphone in it.

“How y'all doin’?” Jared asked. The crowd cheered in response.

“That’s great because we need you guys to get our energy up. Jensen has been dragging his feet all day,” you teased, looking over at your co-star with a shit-eating grin.

“Hey! Blame the two new munchkins!” Jensen retorted, earning laughs from you and everyone else.

For a few minutes you three told a few stories then went into questions. A young girl, no more than sixteen was next to ask a question. She had short brunette hair and was wearing angel wings with a trench coat. She took a deep breath before blurting, her voice young and shaky, “So, Y/N. Rumor has it that you’re gonna be one of the main roles in the new show Stranger Things. Is that true?” Jensen and Jared both shook their heads slightly with small smiles.

“Yeah, yeah. It’s true,” you responded humbly.  

“Yep. It’s official! She’s leaving us!” Jensen threw his arms up. “After years and years of being on Supernatural, she’s gonna drop us like a little kid playing with an old toy!” Jensen teased.

You slapped his arm with a smile that just would not go away; it never did at these events “It’s not permanent! It’s just for one season.”

“For now. One season will turn into two, which will turn into three…” Jared chimed in, trailing out his voice as he stuck out his bottom lip in a pout.

“I’m still on the show, ain’t I?” you replied with a giant grin.

Jared walked over and engulfed you into a hug and fake cried loud enough for the crowd to hear, “She’s growing up so fast! Moving onto bigger and better things! I’m so proud!”

“Get off me, Moose!” you playfully pushed him away, hearing the crowd laugh.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad you got the role, but just don’t forget about your family here.” Jensen got serious for a moment and pointed to everyone.

“Y'all have nothing to worry about, I could never forget you,” you smiled and hugged Jensen while the crowd awed. “Anyway, next question!” you turned to a man holding a mic.

“Oh. Uh, yeah. Um, are you excited to be on Stranger Things and will it interfere with you being on Supernatural?” a man asked on the other side of the room. You stared at the ceiling as you thought about the conflicting times.

“I am very excited, but sadly, it will interfere with working on Supernatural. I’ll probably show up here and there in a few episodes, but as of right now my main focus is Stranger Things.” The crowd awed, but not from an adorable moment like before, it was for the inevitable chunk in time without you on the show; they did it just to try and keep you staying stuck with them and you loved the family more for it.

“I know, I know. It’s sad, but it’s not forever! Like I said, it’ll probably only be for a season.”

“She’s a big actress now, huh?” Jensen pursed his lips, a smile tugging at the ends. “Soon enough you’ll see her name on every billboard in every city!”

“I think you’re going a little overboard there,” you chuckled.

“Nah, you can never go overboard when it comes to our favorite sister!” Jared pulled you into another warm and familiar hug.

“Anyway,” you huffed after you’d pulled away from Jared, setting your hands on the mic which was still in the mic stand. “Who’s next?”

Jared and Jensen answered a few questions, then came another for you. “I was wondering if we would see a crossover episode between Stranger Things and Supernatural?” the woman asked. You pondered on it with an intrigued smirk at the idea, but then it dawned on you:

“Probably not, considering that Stranger Things takes place in the 1980s, way before my time,” you chuckled sheepishly.

“Maybe you time traveled?” Jared suggested with a shrug.

“Maybe,” you replied deviously, deciding not to completely destroy the idea and at the same time making them even more enthusiastic about the possibility.

I hope y’all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!

Requested by Anonymous:
“Can you do a fic where the reader is a teen that’s been on spn since she was a kid and they are at a convention and the rest of the cast is teasing her (nice teasing) because she got a really big role in a new show for instance (stranger things) or whatever show”

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Some ReySky Feels™ for your consideration:

-How awed and grateful Luke will be to meet and train with his daughter at last.

-Rey’s prickly exterior slowly melting as she comes to know and trust him.

-How many emotions they’ll each have about their time apart. How often they each think about could-have-beens. 

Luke tries to ask gentle questions, to start conversation in hopes of moving forward. He wants to build something new with the girl now in front of him, not waste time mourning the ghosts of the past.

Rey, who’s not used to showing vulnerability in front of anyone until Finn burst into her life and warmed her frozen heart but that hurts too much to think about, just now doesn’t open up at first. Luke can sense emotions swirling all around her, but he gives her her space. For months, they train and talk about everything in the galaxy - everything, except their past.

One day they’re sparring, working on a tricky new technique, and Rey can’t get it right. She falls again and again, getting increasingly frustrated with each failure. She finally throws her hands in the air and stalks off, going to sit on the cliff’s edge to watch the sea. 

Luke comes up behind her, tentative as usual, but feeling that maybe finally, this time, she’ll let him in. He sits beside her, a bit of distance between them, and doesn’t say anything. Luke knows better by now than to try and touch her - Rey won’t permit that - so instead he gathers gentle, soothing thoughts around himself, and then pushes them her way like a warm blanket, hoping to offer comfort through the Force. 

It only causes her to shudder and turn away. Luke’s heart breaks just a little bit more, and he’s about to go inside, and tuck his hope away for another day, when she speaks, her words low and broken.

“Where were you?” 

And oh how his heart breaks, but he’s hopeful too, because this, at last, means that she’s ready to talk. That they can begin to heal. 

-It takes time for them to become a family. Rey is slow to trust, and Luke doesn’t push her. But things are different now, between them. Rey’s quicker with a smile, and she asks him questions about the past. Questions that aren’t broken or accusatory, but curious. Inviting. 

He tells her about her mother, and about his memories of her as a little girl. About how happy they were, for a time.

Rey remembers things too, just little details. The flowers her mother used to keep in the house, the memory of Luke’s gentle hands in her hair, carefully braiding it back from her face. 

Together, they heal.

-Leia comes by regularly to report on the Resistance, and to check on Rey’s progress. Luke walks with her by the water, breathing in the fresh sea air. She smiles at him, and he feels his chest loosen. It’s like he only now remembered how to breathe, after all their years apart. 

Finally reunited with Leia and Rey, Luke is almost content. Something is still missing, though, and he doesn’t know what it might be.

-Then one day, Finn wakes up and joins them on the island, and everything falls into place. One misty morning Luke watches his long-lost daughter train with the man he already considers a son, and now, at last, his heart feels whole.

My life as a volunteer.

When I first moved to NYC, I was so defeated.  I spent all my little money incredibly fast and nobody would hire me.  I was crashing with a friend from boarding school until I found a job, but the thing they don’t tell you about moving to a big city with your college degree in tow is some degrees are good for landing a job immediately (even entry level is still a paycheck), some degrees are good for internships while you wait tables to pay the bills, and some degrees are only good for sending you back to school for your masters where hopefully you will also gain some kind of experience in your field.  There’s nothing you can do in your field with an anthropology degree or an economics degree unless you have already gained some magically elusive experience in that field already.  

I worked my way through college, but I worked retail because the schedule was flexible and it paid a lot (retail management is a really nice paycheck, especially in a lucrative chain).  You can’t get a retail management job in NYC unless you have “New York Experience” which I most certainly didn’t have coming up here from South Carolina.  I took a job as a cashier in a Bed Bath & Beyond with extremely high turnover because I would be promoted faster and catch some “New York Experience” as a manager.  Until I got that experience, I was trying to survive in NYC making $9 an hour at a part-time job.  When I did find an apartment, it was an overpriced, newly (but shoddily) renovated building way out in Bushwick where the first floor residents were selling crack all day.  I was pretty much living on Top Ramen and lunchmeat, begging for extra shifts at work, and trying to keep it together.

But I had a roof.  And I had a job.  And I was paying my bills.  And I could eat.  All around the city you see people every day who don’t have that, so I wanted to put it all back into perspective for my own sense of wholeness and to remind myself that I did have a lot to be thankful for regardless of my struggle.  So I went to volunteer at a homeless shelter.  

I don’t talk about volunteering a lot, but when I do, I’m never shy about what I feel is the selfish aspect of it.  The general feeling toward people who give up their time for strangers is that it’s a selfless act of extremely giving people who want to make the world a better place, and that’s true and warm and fuzzy and all that, but for me (and most of the volunteers I know) you do actually feel better.  It’s not just that you are helping another person, because I would hope that everyone feels a little bounce in their step if they made someone else’s day easier, but at a place like a homeless shelter, you’re also thankful that it’s not you who needs the help.  I wanted to stop feeling sorry for myself living above a crack house and eating ramen every night, so I went to volunteer with homeless people to help make their lives easier.  While I was there, one of the administrators told me I might be interested in a battered women’s shelter organized by a Catholic church that was looking for more volunteers to help some of the women with job interview skills.

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Rambly thinky thoughts about why GotG2 is one of the best films in the MCU

So yesterday I saw GotG2 a third time (this time in IMAX), and let me tell you I have Realised A Thing.

Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 gives me the emotional satisfaction that I expected, wanted, but ultimately did not get from Captain America: Civil War.

After being utterly blown away by CATWS I went into CACW expecting All Of The Feels, but instead I got a bunch of dudes displaying the emotional maturity of concussed teaspoons, the most forced and pointless No Homo “"romance”“ to date, and a dull af colour palette that not even Chris Evans’ glorious biceps could brighten up. Plus a bunch of explosions and snappy oneliners, but that’s a given.

But mostly it was just a bunch of people getting into trouble and falling out because they just Would Not Talk To Each Other. And an ending to the friendship between Steve and Tony that didn’t really have that much of an impact ‘cause while we’ve seen them working together we’ve never really gotten to see them hang out, just the two of them, and actually be friends, so that big, dramatic end fight didn’t have the impact it should’ve had. And poor Bucky, who should’ve been the central character of the film, was barely more than a McGuffin who starts out just wanting to be left alone and ends up just wanting to be left alone to the point where he chooses to get frozen again. Hmph.

GotG2 on the other hand? WHOA.

HERE BE SPOILERS! (And I’m on mobile so no readmore for you)

They talk to each other. The “unspoken thing” between Peter and Gamora is still developing, in a way that feels a lot more natural than the Steve/Sharon thing. And there’s not really any room for superfluous, awkward romance when the film is dedicated to familial relationships, like Gamora and Nebula, who get a really good arc to themselves (Bechdel Test pass! And Mako Mori Test pass, for Nebula).

The whole Peter/Ego/Yondu thing is very well executed, ‘cause you can see how much Peter wants Ego to be the father he always wished for, but as soon as Ego reveals what he did to Meredith he’s dead to Peter. And Yondu won’t ever win any Father of the Year awards, but given his backstory it’s not really a surprise that he isn’t very good at the whole parenting thing, and I’m pretty sure he never expected to love Peter like he did. But he did right by him in the end, and actually told Peter that he thought of him as a son, and now I am verklempt.

The whole bit with Yondu, Rocket, and Groot escaping and taking back the ship? Fucking PERFECT. An excellent balance of humour (the toe!), genuine emotional beats, and 110% sheer, awesome badassery. And I love that they picked a song that on its own is kinda meh, but the way it builds along with the action somehow makes it the perfect choice. (This whole sequence has become my favourite part of all MCU films, can you tell?)

And the upshot of Rocket and Yondu’s bonding? Is that Rocket realises that he actually has a family, who won’t leave him behind no matter how much he tries to push them away. Emotional development for the acerbic asshole, woot!

Basically, GotG2 neatly sidesteps the thing that usually happens to the second film in an ensemble cast franchise. The thing where the first film shows the gang getting together, and the second film drives them apart, without there being any intermediate that shows them actually working together and enjoying each other’s company. GotG1 shows them becoming a crew, GotG2 shows them becoming a family. And I love that it’s Drax, aka the only one who’s actually had a family of his own, who defines their relationship out loud.

Of course, it’s quite probable that the expectations I had before seeing CACW and GotG2 has shaped how I feel about them. With CACW my hype was through the roof, simply because CATWS was so damn good, and CACW is a capably made film considering how much plot they had to cram into it. But beyond my initial squee at how they’d actually pulled it off there was just… Meh. It didn’t feel like it had the depth of CATWS, and thus didn’t invite me to explore it further through reading and writing fanfic.

Going into GotG2 I expected a fun, colourful romp through space, but not much else. And then I saw it and the Feels hit me in the face like a sledgehammer. And after a third viewing it still holds up; even though the ending isn’t exactly happy happy I still come out of the theatre grinning like a loon and feeling awesome. It’s not quite on par with the feeling Mad Max: Fury Road left me with, but of all the MCU films this is the one that comes closest to it.

And that’s just about as high praise that I can give.

[DMMD] Catfish [1/1] (NoiAo)

Rating: T

Summary: Can you even imagine what you’d do if you were catfished by your own photo.

Notes: This is a commissioned piece, so if you’d like a commission of your own you can find more info here. Many thanks to Bloops for beta'ing.

‭ ‬Aoba stared at the photo of himself he recalled posting online,‭ ‬just not on a dating site.‭ ‬Yet that was exactly where it was.

‭ ‬“And here I actually believed you when you said you never used these sorts of sites,‭”‬ Mizuki said,‭ ‬waggling his eyebrows at his screen.

‭ ‬“I‭’‬ve never been on this site in my entire life,‭”‬ Aoba said.‭ ‬“That‭’‬s…‭ ‬that isn‭’‬t me.‭ ‬I don‭’‬t know who it is,‭ ‬but they totally stole my photo.‭”

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anonymous asked:

Ohhh man I am in LOVE with your RevelationAU where both twins are alive.. If you have time or want to explore it more PLEASE consider drawing / writing about it bc it's SO GOOD.. Anankos Corrin.. and Xander standing up for him.. bless you

Ahhhh, Anon ;w; I’m super happy you find it interesting! There are more drawings from the same scenario - I just have to find the time to finish them all ;o; Here’s a little summary of the AU:

Corrin = Male twin

Kamui = Female twin

Corrin is raised in Nohr with the full knowledge that Anankos is his father and that he is currently possessing Garon. Due to this, he is not confined to the Northern Fortress , but performs his duties much in the same way as Xander. Instead of suppressing his draconic tendencies, Garon!Anankos greatly encourages him to use his dragon form regularly, to learn to control it.

He loves his Nohrian family very much, and it’s eating him up inside that he’s essentially betraying them by keeping it a secret that Anankos has possessed their father. However, with Anankos constantly filling his head with his version of the truth and promises of how they’re all going to be a family, Corrin decides that it’ll all work out in the end. They’ll all be happy somehow - wishful thinking, I know.

Unlike game!Corrin, he knows perfectly well that Mikoto is his mother. The truth, according to Anankos, is that Mikoto was the one who kidnapped him in the first place - he simply took him back. Killing Sumeragi was simply a part of the process. Believing his father, Corrin is extremely bitter about being parted from his twin.

It would take ages to type out what happens throughout the game, but to make a long story short:

The Nohrian siblings discover that their father is pretty much dead. Knowing that Garon is little more than a meat puppet controlled by some monstrosity, Xander confronts Garon!Anankos and is is ultimately imprisoned for it, along with Camilla, Leo and Elise.

Guilt-ridden and very aware that his siblings are in grave danger, Corrin defies Anankos and sets them free, enabling them to flee to Izumo. When the Nohrian siblings arrive, they’re surprised to find that the Hoshido family is already there. One thing leads to another, resulting in a tentative truce, and eventually an alliance.

After that, the AU is pretty much like the game itself, only with Corrin as a reluctant antagonist. Every time he and Gunter runs into them, Corrin tries to convince his Nohrian family to rejoin them. He obsesses over them becoming a family again - including Kamui. When they refuse him, knowing that Anankos is likely to kill them the moment they set foot in Nohr, he resorts to force, believing it’s for their own good. He grows more and more indoctrinated as Anankos exercises his magical hold on him, causing him to become increasingly mentally frayed.

In the end, Corrin is one of the gatekeepers, along with Sumeragi and Mikoto.The only difference is that Corrin is still alive and just barely hanging onto his sanity.

From here on, there are two outcomes

Outcome 1:

For the good outcome, the Nohr/Hoshido families all need to have either A or S supports. This will cause the Hoshido family to see Corrin from the Nohrian family’s point of view - as a victim, rather than a villain. The fight will result in a gravely injured Corrin, which is then healed by both Elise and Sakura - causing him to survive.

Outcome 2:

If the characters haven’t reached support level A or S, Corrin will die

And that’s pretty much it, Anon ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ There a ton of details I didn’t include, and it’s probably riddled with plot holes ( ◞・౪・) But that’s the gist of it!

anonymous asked:

How about RFA ( plus V and Saeran) reacting to MC already having a kid from a past lover or something? Like maybe the kids 3 years old?

“Hello. are you on the list?” Jaehee asked the parent holding a child’s hand.

“Jaehee? It is me MC.” They responded.

“MC? Oh. You have a son hello.”

“Yes, this is my son.”

-Is impressed when MC not only helps working on the party but also keeps their 3 year old son entertained.
-Not that weirded out they have son in the first place
-A couple months later she asks what happened to his other parent
-”oh we were not together for long, but I did get my little man out of it”
-respects MC for it.
-Cries the first time their son calls Jaehee mommy
-She is a strict mom but will sneak the odd pastry when MC is not looking.

-He first met MC’s daughter after he saved MC.
-Is surprised but takes it with stride.
-”Hello! I am zen your parents friend.” “Hi.”
-When dinner time comes around he tries to bond with their daughter.
-”Zen you really don’t have to do this I can keep her entertained.” “MC you have been doing this for 3 years by yourself and if we are together I would love to care for her.”
-Zen embraces that fatherly role with ease
-He does end up asking about MC’s past lover to know more on what happened.
-Wants to be there for MC like there lover was not.
-The first time the daughter calls him dad was one day where MC was out at work and he was helping her with math homework.
-”Thank you dad.” Cue tears.
-Lots of pictures as a family

-Thinks MC must have been in high school when they had their son.
-Is overwhelmed at first with a cat and a partner and a child.
-Actually gives him that much more push to succeed
-MC understands he needs to get used it it at first
-MC and Yoosung talk for a bit and give living together a try
-Actually living with MC and their son gives him a new light and is really good at it
-The three of them become a good family unit

-Already knew MC had a daughter
-He actually cleans up himself to prepare
-When MC comes by with their daughter he already has presents for her
-He is one of the first to take the child in as their own
-He is happy he has a family now

-Bonds well with MC’s daughter best
-Just accepts that MC had a past lover but does not need to know how it ended
-Has more incentive for him to marry MC so they can be how he sees family
-For the party also gets the daughter a new pair of shoes and a nice sundress
-Reads up on caring for children so he does not mess up
-Vows to be the best father he can
-Does not allow people to question his daughters parentage

-He has thought about kids when he was with Rika
-Mc’s son is quiet so they get along pretty well
-He teaches their son how to photograph when he is older
-He is the most prepared for fatherhood honestly about everyone
-He loves MC and sense that is MC’s son he also loves the child

-Lets just say he is terrified at first
-He can barely care for himself
-MC comforts him and says that they can help him learn how to care for kids
-He is far from the best and him and their daughter don’t really get along
-But they end up bonding over ice cream
-He is still awkward around kids and gets overwhelmed easily and MC understands it