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Dorian and Bull would probably get over the mushy sweet honeymoon phase of their relationship fairly quickly (despite how I write them, haha) so have some “too comfortable” headcanons:

• Dorian sleeping with kohl on and waking up with it all over Bull’s pillows and his face
• Bull complaining every time a limb falls asleep from unfortunate cuddle positions
• Consequently, going to sleep on separate sides of the bed without cuddling because it’s easier to sleep
• Dorian unleashing some fury of a horrible bodily function and immediately going “Ugh, Bull!
• In the field: “Do these clothes smell too much, or can I wear them?” Sniiiiiiiiff. “You’re good for one more day.”
• Borrowing each other’s razors, then scolding them for dulling the blade
• Bull picking monster guts out of Dorian’s hair for him after a battle
• Bull putting his giant ol’ feet all over Dorian when he’s reading because he knows it drives him mad
• Dorian purposefully touching anywhere near Bull’s triceps/armpits because it makes him squirmy. “Dorian stop, I might punch you, I don’t wanna punch you!
• Basically doing anything to annoy the other or invade their personal space
• Having conversations while one is using the chamber pot
• Having conversations in a group setting without using a single word, only expressions that border on ridiculous
• Refusing to share… anything. Covers, food, “Get your own!”
• Laying in bed with the giggles and keeping the other up
• Kissing even when one of them is sick – because they’ll probably get it anyway
• Dorian returning Bull’s surprise ass slaps, and way too hard
• “Hey. Hey Dorian. Hey. Dorian. Dorian. Hey.”
• Dorian taking Bull’s eyepatch off and putting it on himself, imitating him

Just remember, for every Amatus and Kadan, there’s likely one of the above scenarios behind it. ❤️

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Consider this: Mafia RFA

mafia RFA does not let anyone get within five miles of MC without a full background check tbh

like omg just trying to think of yoosung as a mafia member is making me giggle.HES SO MUCH LIKE A PUPPY HE COULDNT DO THAT KIND OF WORK but then again yandere yoosung oho ho ho im into it

thinking about it now thats actually a really cool idea lmao??? like ooo im probably gonna think about this for a while, i might do a full hc list later