them all


Time for a big post of all the TAZ arc fanart I did in order, for fun! 

If you guys haven’t listened to The Adventure Zone, treat yourself a go listen to it! I really love the podcast, the characters, the storytelling and the humor are just so wonderful! 

(ps: I haven’t done one for “The Suffering Game” yet because I’m waiting for the arc to finish! but I’ll add it to this post later when I finish)

An attractive white man spouts self centered bullshit due to his man-pain and a woman who claims to be a feminist apparently has no self respect and finds it appealing, all the while we clap ourselves on the back for including some lgbt and racially diverse characters even though they are basically set pieces
—  brought to you by the CW

ok, so here are all the new characters we’ve learned about in the past 2 days:

mirembe and kimiko, former overwatch agents who were present during the same time as ana. both probably around her age or 10 years younger ; efi oladele, an 11 year old genius who creates robots and AI; and (possibly) anchora, an omnic tank hero created by efi, but shes a leak so we cant be 100% sure

doomfist still doesnt have pictures but he is confirmed to not be an omnic, theres also a greek character whos voice actor has been found but no other details for now.