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how would you sort the 7 + reyna and nico

Uuuh… Good question
I call them the Sacred 9, it’s easier to type and to remember
Percy is forever Slytherin. Say what you want, he’s pure Slytherin.
Annabeth usually is a coin flip between Slytherin and Ravenclaw - she’s smart, but extremely ambitious. She’ll most likely end up in Slytherin
Piper? She’s quick on her feet, has charmspeak, extremely convincing… Hufflepuff. Why? She went against the winds of a storm to make sure students, people who weren’t kind to her at all, got in safely. That’s Hufflepuff material right there
Hazel. Ravenclaw! She thought her way out of the Labyrinth, fought tooth and nail to make sure she got her friends out alive. She told Hekate straight up that she wasn’t picking one of her paths AND ACTUALLY SUCCEEDED IN SAVING EVERYONE. She’s brilliant, she’s a Ravenclaw
Jason… Dividing Jason is tough, because my brain says Gryffindor but my heart says Squib :/
Reyna is Slytherin too. She just is. Fight me.
Nico is Hufflepuff. He’s not really Slytherin like people make him out to be. Take a look at 10 year old Nico and say that he’s not Hufflepuff to my face
Frank is Ravenclaw. He knew he needed to burn his life to free Death. He figured out (maybe with a bit of help) what his family gift is. He’s sweet, yes, but Ravenclaw.

Leo is Ravenclaw. Fight me
Funny things, horses. Dirty, dangerous, greedy beasts, they get into your blood like a virus, and once you’ve got it, there’s no cure. We all moan about them; most of us try to leave the game at some time or another, but it’s hopeless. Within days you’re fretting for the sight and sound and smell of them.

Gallier, (1988:9) -  

Gallier, S. 1988. One of the Lads: Racing on the Inside, London: Stanley Paul

ok so last night I decided I was finally gonna rewatch all of lazytown bc nostalgia and memes right? right but just ?????? sportacus????? is so extra??????? why is he like that

but also! the mayor told stephanie that there used to be a superhero that lived in an aircraft with the number 9 on his suit. but like sportacus??? he’s number 10. but clearly sportacus isn’t an immortal being and the mayor just forgetful, as robbie rotten is also old enough to remember this number 9 as he incredulously exclaims “there’s another one??” which begs the question what happened to number 9? why did he leave lazytown? what happened to the eight before either of them? was 9′s name also sportacus or did each of these heroes claim their own name?  is sportacus number 9′s clone? how has he survived alone in a blimp for so long?

what is sportacus hiding?

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2, 5, 9, and 23 ! (also thank you SO much for the icons page help ! you are a lifesaver !!)

you’re welcome!!

#2: Are there any popular fandom OTPs you only BroTP?

honestly, i kinda only BroTP Sterek……. 

#5: Has fandom ever ruined a pairing for you?

i don’t think so, i mean i ship who i ship, regardless of other’s opinions on them

#9: Most disliked character(s)? Why?

gonna get so much hate for this lmao, but i strongly dislike damon salvatore. i mean.. i don’t know, i like him but then i remember he actually raped caroline and how he ruined stefan’s life and was all about elena????? oh, and gerard… he can suck my dick.

#23: Unpopular character you love?

okay ooooo, from teen wolf, i love danny and greenberg. from the originals, i love josh oh my gosh he’s great and from tvd i fucking loved aunt jenna. from the 100, i fucking love harper and WELLS OH GOD WELLS DESERVED TO MUCH BETTER HE’S SUCH A SMOL BEAN MY POOR BABY!!!!!!!

Being white with Trump as president but not for him is interesting, because now you get to see the deep underlying beliefs and perspectives that allow a man like that to get elected

Some shit waaay down where it never feels like they are x, y, and z -ism, but looking at their reactions closely you can tell. They don’t even know it. Like society is just so far down they fall into the trap

Like my best friend for years, right? Like 4th to 10th grade

Then the election started
Trump became candidate

Sure, people get busy, but we don’t even text, especially not after the group voiced their opinions on Trump over time

And the whole immigration thing

He’s never been an -ist kind of guy, but it’s the simple privilege and ignorance where society can dig it’s claws and break through the cracks

He isn’t racist, he’s just more worried about Americans than immigrants
That’s 100% true
But that stance, that perspective, that leaning, that tilting neutrality where things fall out of focus from fear or nationalism, it’s that sort of behavior that allows people like Trump to get elected

It’s that sort of thing where you know society won out and that deep down, they can change, but active forces are more likely to make them cement and radically shift to the bad side instead of questioning their views and changing

And it’s just so fucking interesting to watch

My dad
A straight white middle class Homeland Security agent. He was always a Republican leaning left
But toss in a guy like Trump and he doubles down, going against a lot of things I thought he was for. He’s a federal worker with a masters in international affairs and he was always fair and unbiased and really made things understandable. He showed how there is so much gray with politics, but now, he’s so far from neutral.
I can still talk to him. I like him. We’re on good terms, but I know when it comes to politics I can’t empathize or honestly, respect him when it cones to things like that.
That tide has shifted. Our core values are different. We don’t talk politics any more and we grew apart quite a bit

My best friend
We always got along and he was always leaning towards the right
Trump comes, my friends get worked up with politics, and he’s an odd man out. Haven’t seen him since

I’m not saying they are bad people
I am totally saying the propaganda worked and society robbed them blind

Hogwarts Series – 001: Platform 9 ¾s

This is the start of an AU preference series based at Hogwarts :) I really hope you like it!

Harry – you’re muggle-born and he is pure-blood
No one had been more surprised than you when a strange woman arrived at your house and told you that you were special, magical even. You knew that sometimes you did things that couldn’t be explained, and your parents had noticed them too, but these things just got brushed aside as unusual coincidences. But now here you were in the middle of King’s Cross Station nervously staring at a brick wall.
“Th-that n-nice lady said that you just have to run at the wall.” Your mum tells you a little nervous herself, referring to the woman that said you were a witch.
“I don’t know about all this.” Your dad says a little indignantly. “It sounds ludicrous to me!” He snaps.
“Well, it’s all been quite a shock, but… it must be real. All those shops on that wonky road…” Your mum starts.
“It’s called Diagon Alley, mum.” You remind her, speaking up for the first time since you arrived.
“Yes… Right. That place.” She says, still a little dazed just at the thought of that experience.
“Is it definitely too late to change our minds?” Your dad asks your mother.
“Dad! I want to go.” You tell him. You were incredibly nervous, but as soon as you’d bought all the required supplies the excitement had started to kick in. Suddenly another family appear nearby.
“Go on then Gemma! You want to get a good seat.” The mother encourages and she shoos her daughter towards the wall. You watch in awe as she runs full speed and then suddenly disappears, failing to notice that the woman’s son is watching you intently.
“Harry, your turn.” The woman says and you only just notice him. He looks the same age as you, and he has beautiful green eyes. “Harry?!” She calls again as the boy failed to answer her because he is still watching you. When Harry still doesn’t answer she follows his gaze. She looks at you and your parents and appears to notice the apprehension in the air.
“What is it like… Through there? Is it… Is it safe?” Your mother suddenly asks her, and the woman gives a genuinely sympathetic smile.
“Yes, it’s very safe, I promise.” She reassures your muggle parents. “This is, Harry. He’s been through before to wave his sister off, but this will be his first year as a student.” She says rather proudly.
“Hi.” Harry says shyly, still with his eyes mostly on you.
“Hello.” You reply bashfully, under the glare of his stunning eyes.
“Harry can go through first, and meet your daughter-”
“Y/N.” Your mother adds.
“He can meet, Y/N, on the other side. Then I can see you both through and join you all after.” She offers and your parents agree. “Right, off you go then Harry.” His mother instructs. Just before he begins to move he looks back at you and flashes you a cheeky smile.
“Good luck, Y/N.” And then he runs and is gone. Your dad grips your shoulder and your mum pulls you into a hug.
“Good luck, sweetheart.” Your mum says.
“We’ll be right behind you.” Your dad adds. You nod, take a deep breath and then run towards the wall. Suddenly you appear on a platform that looks just the same as the ones you left behind, only right in front of you is a huge scarlet steam train, and there is a thrilling atmosphere in the air. You don’t realise your jaw drop open, but Harry does.
“Impressive, huh?” He asks, watching as your eyes sweep over every visible surface, desperate to take everything in. All you can manage is a nod in response. Next thing you know your parents have arrived behind you, followed by Harry’s mother. You all shuffle along the platform to find spaces on the train. The goodbye with your parents is long and emotional, but you eventually tear yourself away. As you do you overhear Harry’s mother talking to him.
“Now, this girl is going to have a steep learning curve, being from a muggle family. You take care of her, Harry. Help her settle in, yes?” She is warning him and he is nodding, you blush a little and pretend you haven’t heard. She hugs him and then he pulls away.
“Do you want to sit together?” He asks you, and you nod eagerly.
Once you are settled in a compartment together you wave out the window to your parents as the train leaves, and then you are alone.

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