“The Distance” Observations

So the night before in “The Distance,” Rick has himself, Glenn, Michonne and Aaron leading the way to Alexandria, and that goes awry.  Rick ends up separated from Carl and Judith, and has to abandon the vehicle.

Cut to the next morning.

Rick has Carl and Judith, with Michonne riding shotgun, trailing behind the trailer with everyone else.  Now it’s obvious that’s his intermediate family, so of course they’d be together.  But think of the positioning; think of the why.

Rick was…”paranoid” is an understatement.  It was to the point where it would have been detrimental to the group had it not been for Michonne’s intervention.  But Rick teamed them off that way because, should something go wrong, he would have his family with him.  They were trailing back in case they needed to make a quick getaway.  Having Michonne and his kids, even if he lost everyone else…that’s the one thing–the glue–to keeping Rick Grimes together.  It’s why Michonne has that seeming non-sequitur of “You’ve got to let it go.”  She knows he was preparing for the worst; she knows he was keeping them close in case the worst happened.  He’s behind the whele [and thus, in control of the situation], he has his family with him, and he’s ready to flee if necessary.  Michonne sees that, and [later] let’s him know it’ll be okay.

Anyway, I’m mad we didn’t have scenes of them inside the car on the drive over.  

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my daily struggle.

I feel so damn happy when people use the good pronouns. I hate it when people call me by my deadname. So yeah, i drew my piece of heaven, a galaxy far far away where everybody’s pronouns are respected. ♥