My they/them post is over 24 hours old and JUST NOW am I starting to get flack for it. AND FROM AGENDER PEOPLE TOO!!

What is this? Are you TRYING to make me intolerant of you just like everyone else in the world? I am trying to understand by asking WHY and you are focusing on minor details, like you think my sense of humor sucks.

Rather than insult someone that’s GENUINELY TRYING to understand and empathize, you could just answer the question and be done with it.

But, as the world truly is, it doesn’t matter WHO you are, white, black, thin, fat, straight, gay, male, female or agender….

You can STILL be a fucking asshole.

dapper-deoxys, you were right. I honestly didn’t think I’d get any flack for this… but you called it, friend.


Disney Princess Profile

*Elsa excluded because her royal title is not a princess*

To those that prefer the they/them pronouns

I wish to understand, which is why I am writing this post.

When I was in english glass, i was taught that he/she and him/her were pronouns for singular people, individual pronouns.

I was also taught that they/them were pronouns for many, plural pronouns.

This is why I get confused when people ask me to refer to them with they/them, my mindset tells me that they/them is plural, that’s what I was taught in ever english class I ever had.

So how many people you got in there? Is there a party going on over there? Can I come over and join the fun? Do I owe anybody in there money?

…this is my confusion. Can someone please explain why they/them is the chosen pronoun?

Thank you in advance.

So the commentary on Them

That Jude guy asks Norman how he played his grief

Not only does Norman trip over his words but also says that certain characters and certain people mean different things to you. Which I take as him and Emily are freaking close and that they shipped Bethyl just as much as the rest of us. Also the fact that he kind of stumbled a bit in how he worded that, idk man like he had to get his thoughts together so he wouldn’t blow a secret… Furthermore when you cut to the “we are the walking dead” scene, Norman only mentioned characters that are alive: Rick and Glenn. Yet Norman’s actions in this episode are pointed toward Beth, so maybe it’s cause he can’t spoil that she’s alive, Just saying.

PS: totally fishy there isn’t commentary for Slabtown and Coda, and that Emily didn’t do ANY commentary, I mean Chad did commentary for his death episode yet why couldn’t Emily for her “death.”

Also Sonequa saying that Daryl feels and felt sweetness toward Beth :D This cast kind of so ships Bethyl. She also says that Daryl fixes little Beth lol, your Bethyl is showing Soneque. :P And when Jude says that he thought that Daryl may of actually cried in front of Maggie, that’s my biggest hope for season 6 for Daryl and Maggie to have a heart to heart about Beth for some point, before they find out that Beth is alive

Lastly: Jude directed Still too…. just saying lol.

Thoughts Team D (mostly on the first point but whatever you want)?