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Ok but like Mitch being so protective over his baby like Not even just like a little bit like protective as hell towards Jonas Like he used 'Mine' and 'My' whenever he talks about Jonas Like holy cow plus like he'll see jonas walking and just come up behind him and will wrap his arm around the smallers shoulder and Jonas getting flustered but is happy to put up with it because he loves the attention Band mitch is just like "My sweet baby" and Jonas is like "You big baby" constantly


I love it I don’t think I can like clearly be coherent just to say how much I love this?? They love each other so much? ? ?

“My sweet baby”

“You big baby”


my daily struggle.

I feel so damn happy when people use the good pronouns. I hate it when people call me by my deadname. So yeah, i drew my piece of heaven, a galaxy far far away where everybody’s pronouns are respected. ♥