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The Lucky One Music Video from (Fan Made)

Hello! I was immediately inspired by the Wildest Dreams music video to use the hollywood glam vibe of the video (and other videos of Taylor) to make a ‘The Lucky One’ Music Video. I am a huge fan and I hope you enjoy this! I’ve made other videos similar to this style so I’d love if you’d check those out on my tumblr. I’d also love if you’d reblog, give feedback, and maybe tag Taylor or anyone who would like this? Thank you so much!!! taylorswift

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ur favourites blogs???

i swear i mess this up everytime!!  @weaksorry @557am @s3xnoise @affectioms @unsends @highschoolhandjobs @pressurizes @xan-scum @drunkenlyhere @aoq @naughttyangel @loviely @extrasad @emptygrl @etherealangels @rlyalone @toothprick @ughgoth @sodascherry @oddcrush @prozacgirl @patheticgoth @dreamgrl1998 @deathtml @suckeyangel @writun @wreckurs @to-theluckyones @tbhalone @inkskinned @crazhe @night-rooms

ezioavditore's follow forever~

Hey guys! So two things: One I reached a milestone awhile back but forgot to do anything about it. Two, I’m doing something about it now and made a follow forever. I’m keeping it simple though (^▽^) Also, I’m going to be adding to this over time because the first one I was working on was deleted (if you got a notification from me that’s why. Sorry!) and I almost guarantee that I may have accidentally forgot someone, and also because I’ll be following more people in the future so there’s that. I’m going to be making something later on this week as well, (probably some sort of post? I’m open for suggestions) for all the people who follow this blog that I don’t follow back, because I just don’t want anyone to feel left out, I’d cry if someone did, and all of you contribute to my Tumblr experience so thank you ;u;

Also a good majority of these blogs are gaming themed, some are art, some are Marvel and a few are SNK, so if any of those topics are your thing then check some of these blogs out! 

Thank you for bringing interesting topics, art, edits, etc. to my dash! All of your blogs are awesome. Keep doing your thing! ~

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i apologize for this awful edit but it seems weird that i’ve never done one of these before and i really wanted to so here it is!!! these are all of my mutuals and i really hope i didn’t forget anyone!! if i did, please know i didn’t mean to!! ily guys so much :-) (bolded means we’re friends or i just see you a lot on my dash and really admire your blog!!)


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