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1. spunbetweenherfingers

2. thelovelyshellfish

3. deadmanhunting

4. queenofmists

5. kalelle

6. fuchsbau-facade (where did you go???? -sobs-)

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9. p-a-t-i-y-k

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16. thelegendaryfire

17. askhenrysturges

18. p-a-t-i-y-k (the NSFW-BDSM thread)

19. theoriginalbloodcountess

Starting from the bottom. Let me know if you want me to drop the old thread and start a new one with you. I know I’m far too slow and sometimes there’s no mood for the older convo. 

Special place to Lady Loki because I didn’t save them on my drafts gods know why.

1. lokilaufeydottir part 1

2. lokilaufeydottir DAT THREAD

3. Sobbing forever because Sigyn NEVER keeps their thread with me going.

Panda-mun is sorry and will reply to everyone.