This post is to say to all of you that I’m following: I love you and you deserve to know it. It’s a pleasure to be following each one of you. Thank you for making my experience on this site so great. 

I guess that running a blog here without having people to follow you, reblog your posts and give you feedback is pretty much like talking alone to empty walls. For that reason, I want to express how grateful I am to my followers that you never let me feel that. Being able to express yourself and be understood is truly an underrated pleasure. As is finding you have something common with other people. I really appreciate it when you like/reblog what I post (and I’m not only referring to my original posts but all of them), because it’s like saying “hey, I like that too” and it makes me really happy. Also, I’m glad to say that some of you, though we don’t talk, I know in some way. Sometimes I’ll reblog a post thinking to myself that you’ll definitely like it (not as in clicking like but as in honestly liking them). And it’s amazing when I find that I am right. So, thank you for following me, even if you’re not in this list. 

I want to close this with a special message to my Mentalistas, because it’s the fandom that I have closest to my heart. And that’s not just because of my love for the show, but because of the people here as well. You’re all so welcoming and kind. What I love the most is how simple and selfless the love is. There isn’t such a thing as “I’m a bigger fan” or “a more dedicated fan”. There are no ranks. You don’t have to necessarily give something to the fandom (art, gifs, theories, fanfiction etc) to be acknowledged as part of it. All it takes is to simply say you love the Mentalist or reblog a couple of posts and you’re instantly cherished by the fandom. “It’s just a show” some people might say, but it’s like we’ve all lived through the events in this show and the common experience has bound us together. I don’t know how else to explain it, but it feels that way to me. So, thank you for making me feel like part of the fandom. You’re the best. 

Sorry this was so long, it’s the first time I’m doing a follow forever and I had a lot to say. I tried to include as much of you as I could. Some of you changed urls and I couldn’t find you. However if you haven’t changed your url and still don’t find yourself in this list, I’m really sorry. It does not mean that I don’t love you or that you’re not important. It’s just that you were probably not active for a long time and also because it would take a really long post to include all the urls. 

Love you all and Happy New Year! :)


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