Dont Look At My Girl
Dont Look At Her Ass
Dont Smile At Her
Dont Like Her Pictures
Dont Inbox Her
Dont Compliment Her
Dont Give Her Your Advice
Dont Send Her Goodmorning Or Goodnight Txts
Dont Facetime Her
Dont Buy Her Nothing
Dont Ask Her To Go Somewere
Dont Touch Her
Dont Try To Be “Besties, Fake Sibling Or Twins”
Dont Worry Bout Her Shes Mine !

My Opinion about Kanye West .

Kanye is the most beautifully diverse artist in the industry currently. He is years ahead of other artists. Constantly evolving after each album. He is extremely intellectual as well. Also the amount of music he samples is incredible. Tracks used for MBDTF ranged from 1960-present, he is a genius and the sad thing is so many people beat him down for past incidents he has made that they don’t even give him a chance. Each song is filled with deep passion and emotion. A legend.