The Losers As Things My Family Have Said/Done 2017


grandpa threatens a new reporter outside of my school, stating that he will ‘hit him with his walking stick’ if he tries to interview me, manages to somehow get his statement in the local city newspaper underneath the news story.


i attempt a nice self care routine, i run a bath, light some candles, play some tunes, get out my veet (hair removal cream) so i can become a sleek dolphin

almost set fire to the toilet roll, face wash ends up in hair, i forget i have veet on and end up blowing up in a pretty gross rash.


fifty year old buff uncle cries at bambi.


it’s parent’s evening, my mother decided to bring a notepad and pen to take notes on what my teachers had to say. my maths teacher decides to comment on my lack of pi skills, my mother nods enthusiastically and writes;


on the paper. my maths teacher proceeds to stare straight into my mothers soul for five minutes before stating ‘i think that will be enough’

(bonus: my english teacher walked into a wall trying to check out my mother.)


it’s a family outing, my father decides it’s a good idea for some family bonding so he takes us to our local woods, where we proceed to get lost. my pissed off stepbrother picks up a FUCKING LOG, throws it at my other stepbrother and then shouts ‘duck’. 

cue a concussion and a trip to the hospital.


thirteen year old nephew won a spelling quiz, came top of his class in everything. at a family meal is in awe because he thought Dubai was the capital of America. 


dad got his thumb stuck in the empty hole of a fidget spinner. i had to lube it out with butter.


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falling back

…..ok im rlly proud of this

pairing → bill denbrough x reader

word count → 828

request → adi love, #4 from the angst prompt with Bill please x (from @strang-ersclub)

taglist → @a-l-o-s-e-r-r, @retrowrites, @willandspace, @wyattgoleft, @funelatra, @mikoalabearwrites, @babylovereddie, @finnie-the-pooh, @bitchinhanscom, @thelosers-lovers-club (if you want to be tagged, send me an ask!)

It wasn’t like you weren’t over him. You were, and even if you weren’t, you forced yourself to be. You couldn’t fall back into that hole, not again, not after how much it consumed you the last time.  But sometimes, you met his eyes, and the memories flood back in ways that spring tears to your eyes and a blush to your cheeks. Because you miss him, you do, and there’s no getting around that. You miss him.

Summer, within the past few years, had bounced back and forth between your favorite and least favorite season. Summer break, free of school. Fighting an evil clown. Finding the one who you thought you would spend the rest of your life with. Losing said person. Things were hard, but they got easier. And then it all went down the drain again.

Fireworks explode in the sky and for a few moments you feel at peace - nothing bad, nothing good, only pure neutrality. You think of all of your friends and how lucky you are to have them, and you think of the fact that the first time this summer you’re not feeling disoriented and hurt.

“Alright, let’s go inside. Fourth of July isn’t fuckin’ over yet, dickheads!” Richie yells with a hoot, followed by Stanley’s poorly unenthusiastic “oh, yay,” as they walk back inside Bill’s house. Bill starts to move, too, but you stay behind.

“You coming?” He asks, and you shake your head with a small smile.

“Think I’ll stay out here for a bit longer. The air’s nice.”

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IT and the number 27

Pennywise resurfaces every 27 years.

The 2017 movie was released 27 years after the 1990 mini-series.

Bill Skarsgård is 27 years old.

Jonathan Brandis, who played the original Bill Denbrough, died at 27 years old.

The film was released this year on September 8th, or 08/09/2017, and add those numbers together and it makes 27.

Chapter 2 will be released on 06/09/2019 and those numbers also add up to 27.

What if the projector scene in IT movie had started off a little differently. 😂

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New Year -

this year has been one of the craziest years of my life. i learned so many things about myself, and got better at so many different things this year, and i feel like i actually put an effort into a lot of things i hadn’t before.

there’s people and there are memories i’ve left behind and i haven’t quite gotten over the kind of loneliness that makes me feel. but i also feel so much more free then i did a year ago. i feel like i have this whole year open for me to grow even more than i already have and even though this year has had it’s ups and downs, and there were many, many long days and nights, i feel like i’m only getting better. i’m entering the new year with more hope than i’ve had in a while, and i couldn’t be more grateful for that.

i got so much closer to a lot of my friends this year, and i know that a lot of the things i learned this year i wouldn’t have learned without them. especially all of you. i am so happy that i got to meet all of you because i have been so much happier while talking to all of you and interacting with all of you. 

i somehow found even more love for my family and i can’t express how thankful i am for their constant support and i love them so very much.

i found more passion for the things i love doing, and found new things to appreciate.

i know that this is only one step closer to really finding myself, but at the moment i’m okay with who i am and what i’m doing and i am so grateful for that. i love you all, happy new year! <3

some people that i appreciate so freaking much - 

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Pairing: Bill x Reader

Summary: you don’t like your boyfriend’s reaction to your nose piercing

Request: “can you please do a Bill x Reader where the reader gets her nose pierced and he doesn’t like it and they have an argument and he does like a big cute apology? thank you!!”

It was a spur of the moment thing. You had always wanted to get a nose piercing and the tattoo parlor was just sitting there. So, you got one. You didn’t know how your boyfriend, Bill, would react. You certainly didn’t think he would react the way he did.

When he first saw it he stared at you for a few seconds and then you spoke up.

“I got a nose piercing.”

“Yeah, I, uh, see that.” he responds.

“You don’t like it?” you ask.

“It just surprised me. It d-doesn’t seem like y-you.” he says.

“It doesn’t seem like me?”

“I’ve never b-b-been into nose piercings.” he responds

“Well you don’t have to act like that about it. If you got a nose piercing, or anything else that is different done to you, I would be supportive. I certainly wouldn’t react the way you’re reacting.” you snap back.

“I wouldn’t get a nose p-p-piercing.” he says.

“You know what? I’ll see you later.” you say and storm away. Maybe you did slightly overreact, but Bill was rude about it, too. He could’ve at least pretended he liked it.

You’re sitting in your room that night, listening to music, when you hear the doorbell.

You open the door and your boyfriend is standing there.

“H-H-Hey.” he says. He’s holding a mason jar, vhs tape of Sixteen Candles, a thing of microwaveable popcorn, and some chocolate.

“I c-came to say that I’m s-s-sorry.” he says. You glance at the mason jar.

“Oh, th-th-this is a sea salt solution. It’s supposed to be good for c-cleaning nose piercings.” There is a pause.

“I’m really s-sorry, y/n. I didn’t mean to be rude. It looks great. You look great. It j-j-just took me by surpr-pr-prise.” he finishes. You look at the sea salt solution. They had told you sea salt solution was good for cleaning the piercing when you got it, but Bill wouldn’t have just known that. He had to have done research to find that out. You smile. It was sweet. You lean in and kiss him. It’s a soft, sweet kiss. When you pull away you say “It’s okay, Bill. Do you wanna come in and watch that movie?”

“Yeah, I’ll microwave the popcorn.” he says. He comes in and you smile to yourself. You truly did have the sweetest boyfriend in the world.

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