On A Cold Dark Night- Shane+Lori+Rick

Rick and Lori were having another one of ‘em long drawn out fights that they had been having for some time now. They’d make up most times but Rick said most times they hardly made up all the way. There was only some silences, that was all. Silences and then another fight. But Rick was still saying he loved her crazy. But she wasn’t talking to him, had him sleeping over at Shanes, crashing on the couch. Rick sometimes complained 'bout what it did to his back but Shane knew that he meant was what all this was doing to him inside, could see how it was taking it’s toll on him on the outside, too. It had been a week, one long week for them both. Then Rick was asking if Shane could talk to her, see if he could get her to see things his way. It was sorta crazy but Shane figured he oughta try for him.

Agreeing, well, that turned out to be the worst mistake of his life. He sat in his car now outside of the station, hadn’t seen Rick since the night he’d asked him that favor. He was sitting there replaying in his head what had happened with Lori. He rested his head back and closed his eyes on the images flashing in his mind like a movie you can’t rewind and edit. The worst part was the not knowing, not knowing if he would’ve gone back if he could.

He’d gone there at night, cold dark night, she’d been surprised. Carl was at a friends and she was a mess, all tears and apologies after every word spoken. He’d tried to mention Rick but she’d shaken her head at that. She’d been so quiet, so tense and it had gotten him feeling on edge. And the she had thanked him, like he was doing some kinda favor for her by just standing there. He wasn’t sure how one thing led to another but the next thing he knew was she was there, right there, so near. And all rational thought had left him then. He only saw her, the mess she was compared to how put together he was used to seeing her, the messy loose strands of her falling out from the rest that was tied back, the tiredness and tears in her eyes, the hurt. He could feel her, her reluctance, her hesitation. And then her arms soft and welcoming around his neck, her mouth moist and anticipating once it met his. And it had happened so fast, the falling away of her dress before he even got her to the couch, her weak words of protest that faded when she kissed him, his hands all over her, feeling her in a way he had never thought he would in his life. Maybe the thought had passed his mind once or twice. But last night, the actual betrayal…

He let out a heavy sigh as he lifted his head. He was gonna have to try and push it out. He had to. But what would he tell Rick? That she wouldn’t see him? Wouldn’t hear him out? And what would he tell her? He’d had a lotta one time things before. He could live with this guilt free. Had to. Didn’t seem to have much of a choice. But….

He shook his head at any other thought that was gonna come into his mind and then got out of the car. He reached inside one last time to get the paper bag with his breakfast in it and went into the station, rehearshing what he was gonna tell Rick once he saw him. Hoping he wouldn’t have to see him for awhile. Until he was composed 'least. The thought of her was still too damned present but maybe it wasn’t ever gonna go away, maybe he had to live with it. Maybe, well, maybe a whole hell of a lotta things. But he couldn’t go on lingering on them. It happened, it was done, over with. One time deal. What Rick didn’t know couldn’t hurt him.

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*hugs Murph and then hands him wedding gift* Im so sorry I couldn't make it to your wedding, darling! But congrats! I wish you all the happiness! :) *kisses Murphs on the cheek*

-hugs her and graciously takes the gift with a large smile- Aww, Lori ye didn’ ‘ave ta get me anythin’, thank ye so much sweet pea. It means a lot ta me.