Unfortunately, This Piece Is Not for Us: Handling Rejection

Rejection is a thing that happens to writers who seek publication. Getting a story rejected is a sad thing. It hurts. Rejection is universal, but that fact does not make the feeling suck any less. Because you have already been rejected or will be rejected at some point in the future, here are a few things to keep in mind regarding the word “no.”

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REVIEW: "The London Magazine" October/November 2014 Issue

Title: The London Magazine
Genre: Literary journal
Page Count: 143
Printer: Belmont Press

Recommend: Yes

About: The London Magazine is England’s oldest literary journal; it was founded in 1732. It’s gone through many incarnations since it was originally founded, and has continued to be a journal which celebrates literature and writing. Today the magazine is still a place of great creative writing, essays, and reviews as well as features on British locations. The London Magazine is published six times a year.

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The London Magazine is lovely literary journal which celebrates words in their various forms. The one downside for me is that there are very few short stories and poems in comparison with the numerous essays and reviews.

Many thanks to The London Magazine for sending me a copy of their current issue!

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