“Why? Green makes plays like a guard and rebounds and screens like a big man, all while serving as his team’s Swiss Army Knife on the other end of the floor.”

When we talk about “Top Ten” players in the league, we always mean superstars – those known by single names or initials: Steph, Lebron, KD, The Brow.

The Logo didn’t mean that when he put Dray in the “Top Ten.” As a HOF player and HOF talent evaluator (remember he traded for Kobe on draft day and said he would walk if the Dubs pulled the trigger on Love for Klay last summer) he meant player that will most help my team win.

Steph is a superstar and The Logo knows that specific players can unlock Steph’s potential waaaaaay more than others. Dray, and I would add Klay, are about the best complimentary players you could put around Steph to make the Dubs unstoppable. Both D-up like crazy, both spread the floor with Threes, both can screen…both let Steph be more Stephish. Dray is taking the leap this year that Klay did last year.

Using The Logo’s terms, Steph is the “Top One” player with Dray and Klay “Top Ten” players that most help the Warriors win.

Honestly, who in the League would you switch out for Dray (or Klay) to make Steph, well, Stephier?


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