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❛ i should have assumed we would cross paths. ❜


* “ 𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐚𝐬𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐞 𝐜𝐨𝐫𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐥𝐲.”

        The artificial light cradled the looming figure’s shoulders, and set him alight in a golden halo. The Judgement hall was quiet and broken down, laden with the fine touches of fresh dust and blood. He wasn’t meant to be here, nor was the human meant to discern his presence–* [REDACTED] wondered if it meant the fabric of time had finally given way to the screaming, if only to show the forgotten monster what his futile attempts to rake his talons across the dirtied tiles of the world he’d abandoned truly was.

Too little too late.

A Cheshire grin gripped the strange monster’s features and pulled it taut, and cruel along the path of a smile that had once been kind. As he stood, the light seemed to dim from the ornate windows that crowned the structure in false hope, as though the fluid darkness the offending monster oozed sought to devour it all.

* “So then,  l i t t l e  m o n a r c h …

☹☜❄ 🕆💧 👌☜☝✋☠📬

                          [LET US BEGIN.] “

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mix tape.

child i will hurt you // crystal chronicles
my secret friend // imax ft. imogen heap
not afraid to die // hot sugar
reading in bed // emily haines & the soft skeleton
what we’ve been given // brando chemtrails w/ special guests


*[ You made a mixtape for the both of you. ] || @thelocket || selectively accepting.

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1 & 20.

ask the oc trash queen stuff about her babies

1: Origins! How did you come up with the concept for your OC?

Fun fact: Katie actually started out a long time ago (‘when I was in 6th
grade’ long time ago) as a Full//Metal Alchemist OC for a roleplay forum.
I remember filling out the profile and everything in the middle of class
and giggling to myself like an idiot. But, she started out as a young
alchemist shooting to become a part of the military, similar to Ed, and
had a pretty happy family life (a mother, a father, a little sister).
Back then I didn’t know character development all that well, so she was
relatively cliche, but I loved her anyway because of how cute she is. (I
still have SUPER old drawings of her laying around back from 2012, I
think.) Of course, she eventually fell off my map, and I forgot about her
for quite a few years until months ago when I wanted to make another OC
blog, BUT I wanted to make one that was FANDOMLESS. So, I did. Katie began
as a fandomless OC and because she was barely structured, I could sort of
reform her and make her into whatever I’d like. I somehow managed to form
her back story on the fly, which I’m kinda proud of. I was super excited
to get her blog going but somehow, along the way, she just. Started con-
forming to Under//tale?? In all honesty her original Under//tale verse
was a complete accident but then it shifted into something that I fell in
love with rather quickly. The rest history to get Katie where she is now.

20: What are Tropes you associate with your muse? 

Already answered!

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❛ let’s get out of here before this beeping drives me crazy. ❜

Didn’t know I had this in queue.

   I’d LOVE to get you out of there, sweetie, but this is part of the GAME!
   You have to find the source of the beeping before the time up there runs out.
                 & if you don’t? HA HA! Well then, you DIE! GOOD LUCK! ♥

                                           Need a hint as to what you’re looking for?
                                                                      It’s a BOMB.

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‘ i'm interested in taking over the world, and i was wondering if you could be my friend. ’

❛ history of japan ❜ starter meme

                 ‘a… friend?’ 

                 to take over the world? what was with this kid? still, he didn’t
                 back away despite the look that flickered in the child’s eyes. 

                 ‘why do you want to do something like that?’

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has anyone told you they don't ever want to lose you?

You were asked. || @thelocket || accepting.

                    *[ You blurt it out. ]
                                 “ Yeah! Mom. Says it everyday.

             You beam at that answer, hopefully satisfying the other. You do recall one instance where someone else said those same words…

                                              ━━━but you didn’t like it as much.

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their eyes are narrowed. their fingertips are itching whilst they stare the robot in the face. that's all the warning chara gives before they flick up their wrist & toot the first few notes of a battle intro on the plastic kazoo that rests between their lips.

   HE’S SEEN STRANGER ways of introduction in a performance…
  Which is why he doesn’t excuse the child straight away & instead, waits for a DRASTIC turnabout ( he’s keeping his fingers crossed, to be honest with you ). But for what it’s worth, he does take slight interest in the tune that’s currently being played. Not the best ‘instrument’ of choice, but there’s still hope.

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10 & 16.

10: How do they deal with strangers?

Ava can handle strangers rather well, but it all depends
on their initial attitude and what first impression they
give on her. Strangers who are polite, light hearted, joking,
nice, or all around welcoming are typically characters Ava
gets along rather well with.

However, characters who are rude, snotty, sarcastic, feisty,
or aggressive are typically characters she won’t like and 
won’t get along with. If they’re sarcastic or feisty, Ava will
return the attitude. 

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*[ @thelocket is at ??? health. ]

                    You sigh, hand rubbing your forehead as thoughts rush through your tired mind. It had been quite some time since you actually spoke ( or rather, written ) such a language and utilized the linguistics, but some vague recollection was enough to pass on the bare basics. And it seemed like a fair exchange anyway, guidance for a small lesson. An exchange of knowledge, if you could imagine it as one.

                              *[ You explain. ]
                      It’s like telling the computer what you want to
                               do. I uh… don’t know how well the computers
                               down here will hold up though.

                                                                                Do you even know what a computer is?