Cancer / Thelma & Louise update:

(Everyone’s calling it cancer now - i.e. the endocrinologists and neurosurgeons and stuff, so I am too). (Also I’m cutting and pasting from my Facebook update because I’m  too tired to rewrite for Tumblr, apologies!) .

Yesterday I saw the neurosurgeon, and things went about as well as I expected them to go. It wasn’t a total worst case scenario, which is if they couldn’t do surgery at all, so that’s something.

But everything else is kind of shitty, so let’s talk about that.

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Wayward Sisters

OK, so now I want the show to have episode titles from geeky pop culture, but leaning just a tad more feminist.  “The Problem of Susan”; “How To Suppress Women’s Hunting”; “Nevertheless, She Persisted” (even though Supergirl got there first); “Thelma & Louise” (or, ok, those can be Claire and Krissy’s standard aliases); “The Women Men Don’t See” or “The Screwfly Solution” – so many possibilities.

THELMA: Good morning everybody, this is a robbery. Now if nobody loses their head, nobody will lose their head. Simon says everybody lay down on the floor, right away, right away, except you sir. You’ll have a story to tell your friends, that or a tag on your toe, it’s your decision. Now you take this bag and empty the cash register into it.
STORE CLERK:: Yes ma'am.
THELMA: Let’s see who wins a prize for keeping their cool. Now you sir, lay back down, thank you. Hey, throw in a couple bottles of Wild Turkey while you’re at it.
STORE CLERK: Sure ma'am.
THELMA: Thank you, now everybody just stay down on the floor until I leave, thank you for your cooperation and have a good day.

Thelma & Louise (dir. Ridley Scott, 1991)

Favorite Episodes of Season 7:

  1. Ex Mach Tina
  2. Bob Actually
  3. Thelma & Louise Except Thelma is Linda
  4. Ain’t Miss Debatin’
  5. They Serve Horses Don’t They

Least Favorite Episodes of Season 7:

  1. There’s No Business Like Mr. Business Business
  2. Eggs for Days
  3. Large Brother, Where Fart Thou?
  4. The Last Gingerbread House on the Left
  5. Like Gene For Chocolate

26 years ago yesterday, the iconic film Thelma & Louise premiered. To learn about the crazy obstacles that had to be cleared to get that movie made, the powerful reaction to it from all directions, as well as tons of behind-the-scenes secrets (did you know Meryl Streep almost starred in it?!) pick up Off The Cliff on June 27th!

anonymous asked:

IMO season 7 was way better than season 6, I really loved it! What are your favorite episodes from this new season?

This season had some amazing episodes indeed. My top 5 are:

  1. The Laser-inth
  2. Mom, Lies, and Videotapes
  3. Thelma & Louise Except Thelma is Linda
  4. Teena-A-Witch
  5. The Quirkducers
unfuckthereallife replied to your post: unfuckthereallife replied to your post: …

weirdly enough, mean girls isn’t even about friendship in my book, it’s about how not to friendship. i can think of at least six book series off the top of my head that i read as a child that were about different friendships, between all ages. idk about girly books, i was all about adventures and sci-fi. they probably existed but were about like, high morals and how to be a good wife and citizen. again, I’m talking about middle 80s to early 90s, now everything ’s different of course.

yeah i said its “about” friendship but it really isnt lol its like…idk how to explain but maybe the one decent friendship movie i saw is thelma & louise lmfao and even then, that’s not the only thing about that movie so…

and yeah as a kid/teen i pretty much only read adventure manga “for boys” (but really are for everyone), and even the french ones i read were about like groups of kids going on adventures as well. idk girl books really woops!

mid 80s to early 90s sounds like the weirdest time tbh