thelma's african romance


Good Times: Thelma’s African Romance 

an interesting episode of Good Times i just found that exemplifies the representation of Africans in African American popular culture.

Ebay, from Nigeria (although strangely sounding like Sidney Poitier…), gets boo’d up with Thelma and asks her to marry him. after she finds out she may not be the only wife he’ll be married to, she leaves him. 

what’s interesting is that all the ideas, stereotypes rather, about Africa and Africans are in these 2 episodes. Ebay, being a benevolent and proper, yet still a male chauvinist is a common idea of African men. Thelma insults him by telling him to go back to “the jungle”, another common theme. and the idea that his customs represent not only Nigeria, or west Africa, but all of Africa is also quite constant in African American media. 

pt. 1, pt. 2, pt. 3, pt. 4, pt. 5, pt. 6 (above)

any thoughts on this representation or know of any other representations? what are some other film representations you know of that portray Black people from the continent or the diaspora that are outside your respective country/region?