“It’s alright sweetheart”

Don’t apologize for talking to me or asking me questions. I’m always happy to talk! When I feel like everything I draw turns out bad or if I just can’t find any motivation at all, I take a pause for maybe one or a couple of days where I may not draw at all. If I really wanna get things going again, I take an empty sheet of paper or a canvas in painttool SAI and I doodle. I just sketch up whatever I feel like or whatever my brain may concoct without my active interruption. I just wipe my brain clean of ideas and let the pencil flow.

Another advice I can give if this all seems to abstract is to simply decide to draw something you don’t usually draw but that is not a real challenge. For example, I rarely draw cute girls with huge anime eyes and large heads but it’s not hard for me to do it (maybe that’s why I never do it). So when I get stuck I just scribble down some cute girls or a cat or whatever that I don’t usually draw. It can help you clean your brain from old ideas gone wrong and can also help you getting re-started! 

I hope my advice is of any help and since I had the time, I drew some cute jackrabbit for you to cheer you up. Have a nice day sweetie <3


Connichi Saturday
little Red Riding Hood - Riren Version

me as Wolf!Eren
and as little Red Riding Hood!Rivaille
photo and Jean made by

thelittlewinterspirit asked:

This is no ask, but I wanted to thank you *^* I just scrolled past my activity page on tumblr and saw that you've put an art of mine I dedicated to your fanfiction on favourites. I just feel so honoured right now about this...

oh gosh no i’m the one who’s honored! <3 people being inspired by or drawing stuff for audacity really makes my day, so thank you!

thelittlewinterspirit asked:

Hello : 3 I wanted to ask where you got your shoes for your lovely demon lord corporal cosplay and what would be the best paint to spray it in the wished for colour : 3


Ahhh hi there~! I’m so sorry for the late answer! D’:

The thing is: I already had the shoes at home. They‘re a few years old already, so you probably won’t find them in the stores anymore… Also, they’re real leather so they might be a bit expensive if you buy them new….

The brand’s name is Zanon & Zago if you want to try searching online!

As for the paint, my shoes were already grey from the beginning…. If you want to paint your shoes, there’s car interior paint or Angelus leather paint which I’d recommend. Normal spray paint might not dry well and stay very sticky. Acrylic paint out of the tube could peel off of the smooth surface.

In my opinion, it’d be better to sew a shoe cover rather than painting your shoes. :)

Here’s a nice tutorial by mechafaux.

I wish you good luck!!!! Feel free to ask if you have any more questions~ <3