Elsanna conversation that took place in my head
  • Elsa:“I’m giving you the sun, the moon and skyyyy!”
  • Anna:“Wait, so you’re giving me yourself?”
  • Elsa:“Wait, what?”
  • Anna:“YOU are my sun, moon and sky. That means you’re giving yourself to me?”
  • Elsa:*blushes* "but…you know I’m already yours.”
  • Anna:“True. I just love hearing you say that.”

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Anna used her new fishing pole from Frozen Fever to 'catch' some of Elsa's paperwork and run away with it.

I JUST HAD A GREAT IDEA. HOLY SHIT. I was gonna do 3 sentences, or something longer that’s just pure silliness, but then–

I’ll just let you read on, Anon. :D

As much as Elsa loved her sister, she was starting to regret giving her that fishing pole for her birthday.

“What the–Anna!” the queen indignantly exclaimed as the documents she had been in the midst of writing suddenly flew off her desk, a fishing hook lodged in their corners. Her head whipped to the side just in time to see a flash of red as the princess bolted down the hallway with a giggle.

And, of course, Elsa chased after her.

“Not again!” That’s the tenth time this week!

“Go to sleep already, you stinker!” Anna called as she slid down the banister, trusty fishing pole resting on her shoulder as Elsa’s paperwork fluttered after her on the line.

“I’ll confiscate that if I have to! I’ll make it a royal order, so help me–

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HC #1

COTNL HC: Elsa goes out one day with her friends and Belle gets her to try a new dish. Unbeknownst to her said dish contains garlic.

Later on when Elsa gets back to her dorm Anna, feeling both hungry and in the mood, surprises Elsa and latches on to her neck…only to spit out the blood a moment later and run around the dorm waving at her tongue that’s sticking out of her mouth while screaming “it burns!”. Later, after Anna calmed down some, Elsa learns that garlic tastes to vampires like something VERY spicy tastes to humans. 

Elsa had put on those super cute, super lacy, and super see through panties on before she left for dinner with her friends. And Anna is now waiting for her to come home so should could remove them as slowly as possible.

But she’s also getting hungry… so she wants to feed beforehand. She figures the sex would make up for the nibble she would make on her lover’s neck.

As a bat she hangs from the rafters, cleaning her fur to pass the time. Her ears suddenly pick up the sound of locks turning and she peeks out of her wings towards the door.

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Prompt: long version, Elsa’s had a stressful day and goes to take a nice, relaxing bath, but her anger makes her freeze the water and she can’t thaw it because she’s not feeling the love. Hot water doesn’t help and it’s up to Anna to thaw her sister ;)

Huh. This reminds me of that one post where Elsa’s taking a shower, singing and stuff, but then she stubs her toe and freezes the water. xD Alright, I’ll try.

Honestly, Elsa wished there were more of her running around in Arendelle, or something. She could do with 3 or 4 more of her to help run the kingdom’s affairs and deal with irritating Weseltonian dukes that can’t seem to take a hint and–

“No. No, Elsa. You can’t…declare war on them,” the queen sighed, idly flicking at the warm water of her bath, “even though you want to. Very much.”

And on a few others…

“And the only way you can cut down on the absurd amount of paperwork would be if you introduce reforms to the system, replace half the members on the council, and–Ugh!”

Elsa actually thunked a fist against the side of the tub, sinking grumpily into the water until only her head wasn’t submerged. She glared angrily at the water, imagining them churning like the waves in the sea, driven by the force of her storm and–

Oh, dear.

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Recent Report on “Ships”

This just in: incestuous ships such as Wincest, Hidashi, and Elsanna are garbage! A whopping majority of the population agreed on this; scientists have come to a conclusion that only about 1 in 1500 of people are at risk of shipping such things, and suggested if you do to seek guidance in friends and family.

“It’s really just a phase,” says Dr. Walterson, “they just ship to ship.” It seems a great deal of people on this popular blogging platform, Tumblr, think any two decent looking white guys fall immediately in love. And when there is a lack of semi-attractive white guys? No need to fear! The fans will simply do a “cis-shuffle” or “genderslide” to the already existing female characters. (Source)

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Prompt thingy: Anna, despite her clumsy nature at times, is a top level martial artist. Her and Elsa don't know one another but happen to be at the same little gas station. Everyone is held at gunpoint as a robbery takes place, and Anna springs into action to save the day. During this whole ordeal, Elsa is clutching onto a large box of milk duds and when the robbery is over, Elsa catches Anna's eye and Anna says something totally not on point with the robbery like "those are my favorite too!"

Definitely can’t fit this into 3 sentences, so…longer it is! 

“Don’t move! All of you stay where you are!” the masked man shouted, sweeping his gun around and frightening the people in the store even further.

Elsa couldn’t help the whimper that escaped from her lips, and the robber immediately trained his gun on her. “You say somethin’, bitch?!”

She clutched the box of milk duds closer to her, as if that would stop the bullet. The blonde shook her head vigorously, tears already brimming her eyes.

“Hey! Leave her alone!” one of the other customers shouted, and Elsa looked up to see a young, redheaded woman in twin braids having a staredown with the robber.

He grinned.


Someone screamed. It might have been her. Or one of the others.

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Prompt: Elsa and Anna have come to terms with their feelings a while back and are secretly together now…only to find their parents are alive.

*narrows eyes suspiciously* You have reasons, baku-babe. I know it. You want a bread crumb, don’t you? …But in 3 sentences? I can try.

Warning: This is actually a bit more serious than the other 3 sentence fics I’ve done so far. So I apologize in advance, especially if you’re coming fresh from the blind date and first kiss ones.

“Only an act of True Love can thaw a frozen heart,” Elsa muttered dully, refusing to look behind her as she kept her gaze fixed on the window, where she could see the fjord and the ships out on its waters, “and…whether you like it or not, I am Anna’s True Love…and she is mine.”

A tense, moment of silence passed, and Elsa nearly froze the windowsill when she felt her father gently place a hand on her shoulder–for all that she had seen, she hadn’t expected him to approach her after learning the truth.

“Magic, as I’ve only recently come to learn is…a powerful force–primordial, some might say, with True Love perhaps the strongest of all,” Agdar said softly, and Elsa knew how hard he was trying when he awkwardly patted her shoulder, “and…that is to say, I…Well, if True Love is what saved everyone, what saved both of you, then…who am I to judge such a force?”

…I am a sucker for happy endings. Sorry to those who are disappointed I didn’t go the condemnation route. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Also I cheated a lot here