so this is my first follow forever and everyone’s doing them so I thought I’d contribute. These are the people I either talk to a lot or I just like having on my dash even if we don’t have a mutual follow so I love you guys and this is for you :)




austrulia, bangmiley, bangstagram, bangstilinski, blackskey, bradfxrd, brdaford, burgrs, caradiva, criscolfur deleperf, dimpls, doncastah


efystonem, eiffelts, electrichaz, elouvator, faultstars, fcukyoumalik, finnhorries, fosterpeoples, griffendors, grimmays, haeurry, harruld, harrypottar, harrysthefather, hazzstop, hey-hi-helloooo, hoeharuld, hoehazza, hoeskimos, holmschapul, homechapel


inspiremekid, johnlennin, juicylouture, ladsfm, landelsreys, lharry, longsbottom, loucum, lpaynes, lustlou


mackelsmore, makclemore, newyok, niails, niallgar, nopehoran, ofcaspar, ofskys, ogmez, passoinpit, paynasaur, poisonzayn, pokersface, poohsbear, posypayne


revolutionarry, ridemaliks, rupurtgrint, seeka-greatperhaps, theawkwardmuggle


waltdisny, wegotegetherlikeniallandnandos, winsnap, woahcurly, yeahzaeyn


the little ladies:

I really can’t describe how much I love you guys. You’re my first promo group and I just love you. I consider you some of my best friends and I really hope we can get as active as we used to be.

the little diamonds:

I love you all so much I cloud cry. You gave me my first nickname I’ve literally never had one. I just love you all so much and I don’t want to see the group become inactive again, we need to get everyone posting because I miss them!


I’ve only been in this group for a little while but I love you all even though you make fun of me for my gullable-ness. We’re already so close and I really just love it and I’m just really happy to be friends with you guys.

In conclusion:

i love you all <3

thelittlediamonds  asked:

Heeeeeellooo!! Omg first of all, I'm in love with you tumblr! Is amazing, is funny, is really great! Thanks for sharing all of this. My question is: what's the episode of "A Song for You" that LR went? I already searched it, but couldn't find ;^; please help me! Thank you so much in advance -3- you rock!

thank you so much ^^ As for the lr episode, you can watch the full episode here(x) and as far as i know, there aren’t any subs yet but there will probably be subs sooner or later