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So I have an oc that I'm trying to edit a picture for her (she is a Hiccup/Astrid child) and I want her to look more like Hiccup but I'm having trouble giving Hiccup more girly attributes so that I can THEN make the fem!Hiccup into his daughter. Do you have any tips/ would you be able to help me? ; u ;

Hi! I’d love to help you :)

Actually, I have some tutorialish things about how I genderbend Hiccup. Or at least the things I focus on. Right Here.  I also use the ‘liquify’ option a lot for shifting/growing/shrinking features.  Hopefully that’ll get you going. :)

That said, I find that a really interesting project!  Using photoshop to create their “kid”. It sounds like a fun challenge so I might try it some day :)

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