i love that some of you like the story posts, or at least you say you do. i’m guessing it’s like 40/60. even though those ones always end up getting the most uniques. i figure it’s because i pick good tracks for the scores.

today’s track is a really gorgeous ambient score from German producer, Essáy. and the story is about a recent trip i took and the discovery that even the most seemingly worldly people have the mystic within.

Scott Hansen (aka Tycho) is one of the more self-realized electronica producers.  based in SF, he is part of a tribe of insanely talented kids (his site is one of the coolest design/music blogs on the net).  he’s been busy for the past couple of years, but this new release from the upcoming album, Dive, puts him right back up in the annals of superchill superstar:

last May they elevated protest art to new heights with the iconic and gutturally uplifting video for their first single, Dirt. then Manchester’s Wu Lyf did everything in their power to annoy and alienate the UK press (even charging them 50 pounds for demos), but that only made them their darlings.

now they’ve released their first album, Go Tell Fire to the Mountain, which is being loved up by critics across the oceans. it’s hard to categorize their music, but this track’s title does a good job of it. download Heavy Pop, and definitely check out the band’s various sites…

Bon Iver’s first album Emma, Forever Ago is now the stuff of music history… but we all move on. and the really talented artists learn to tell stories beyond their moment of immortal inception. they know instinctively how to channel the zeitgeist, not for the reward it holds but for the place it brings them to. surrender… release… communion. otherwise, where would you find lyrics like these?

…and at once I knew I was not magnificent/hulled far from the highway aisle/(jagged, vacance, thick with ice)/I could see for miles, miles, miles

get Holocene here (if you don’t have it already):