oh, the girl's locker room
  • Nicki: [to some girl] God, could you stop looking at my ass? It's creepy and lesbian.
  • Me: Jesus Nicki, why would you think anyone would want to look at /your/ ass?
  • Locker Room: Oooh, buuuuuuurn!
  • Nicki: That wasn't a burn, that was a valid question!
  • Me: You're right. I mean, people staring at my butt I would understand, I have a nice ass.
  • Nicki: Yeah, for a fatass in a size 6.
  • Me: Excuse me, I find that offensive. I'm a size 8.
I got tagged.

I got tagged.


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Tagged by thelimabeaan (of the Shelby variety)

1. Where would you go during a zombie apocalypse?

I would be the zombie and I would kill Shelby for shipping me with every guy I have ever been friends with ever ever ever

2. There’s a truck sized dog in your lawn, how do you fix the problem?

Name it Clifford and color it red and have a hit animated TV show about him

3. Favorite song?

cubicles by MCR

4. Fanfiction reader?

sometimes, I prefer actual books

5. How much sleep do you get?

none :P

6. Ice cream flavor that you would eat for an entire day?

pumpkin or samoa

7. Did you just lose the game?

did you really just ask me that?

8. Do you have a One Direction Erection?

Another reason I’m killing her during a zombie apocalypse. What do you think, Shelby?

9. How many questions is this thing?


10. Really?


11. Is it over yet?


new questions!

  1. if you could be in any movie ever, what would it be?
  2. one question you would love to be asked on anon?
  3. one question you would hate to be asked on anon?
  4. favorite celebrity?
  5. what’s your worst nightmare?
  6. most embarrassing thing that happened to you this year?
  7. most obnoxious person you know irl?
  8. do you talk in acronyms irl?
  9. look in your inbox. who are most of your messages from?
  10. how many messages do you even have?
  11. most common phrase you say? (not fuck off that’s mine)

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