Late Night Shenanigans || Gideon & Lily

Gryffindor common room, any hour of the day, any time of the week, any day of the month and it was his favorite place to be. A bit boring really as there were only so many hijinks one could pull (and he’d spent a vast majority of his years here thinking of each and every one of them) within its red and gold colored walls before it got a little bit…repetitive. Between himself and Fab, and the rascally Marauders they had stretched the possibilities to their limits and them some. One didn’t want to make too big of a mess in their own home away from home. What was that saying? Oh! ‘Never shit in your own backyard’, not only do you not want to clean up the mess, but it was tasteless and unprofessional.

Not that Gideon intended to shit anywhere that wasn’t a loo thank you very much.

He’d taken to parking his fine freckled arse in one of the plush armchairs situated by the homey fire that was the main source of light within the room. The flames flickered and danced in an alluring way which caste the most wonderful of shadows across the walls, furniture, and Gideon himself. It was late to say the least, outside of the odd hardcore student with their nose in a book and a dripping quill in hand he was alone. A bloke to treasure his hours spent sleeping, but also a bloke possessing a sleeping schedule as unpredictable as Peeves’ attitude it wasn’t exactly an odd sight to see the Prewett boy in the seat he’d been occupying the past two hours.

Barely two months into the new school year and he was already onto his third notebook of ideas, and he’d just recently taken to trying to figure out just what else he could do within the common room in the form of hijinks. Fab had been helpful enough, bloody wonderful bloke that he was but he had eventually gone to bed because the git actually felt like going to class tomorrow.


Stretching long legs out before him he twirled his quill in hand, he still had plenty of time to slink down the halls of the school and cause has much mischief as he could manage. It would be an adventure and he did so love an adventure. Right then, time to get up. “But this chair is mighty comfy.” he spoke aloud to the room, because damn this chair and it’s recent blooming affair with his arse.

Slumping down in the chair he stared ahead of himself at the wall, maybe he should just get it over with. Push himself with one loud 'oompf!’ Which was easier said than done apparently. Well he was laying here he might as well do some work, such as thinking just what kind of prank he could put into action if he ever did manage to get up and out of this dastardly chair. He had dozens, hundreds maybe even that he could put into action, it was always a trouble to pick one. Maybe he should decide between hallway or classroom? Which floor? And just how extreme should he be this evening? Should he leave it laying in wait for the following day? Or have it spring and wake everyone up!

Stroking his chin idly he pursed his lips, appearing in deep thought. He’d often thought of growing a beard, he could use a beard to stroke when in deep thought on how to be fantastic. Really, he’d even forgone shaving the past week and then some—Fab said he was starting to look like Aunt Muriel, and Gideon had simply said then at least they would look like twins for once– scratching at his unshaven jaw he narrowed it down to the lower hallways (maybe just outside the Slytherin common room) when he heard someone else entering the common room.

Rolling his head that way he squinted at his either soon to be company or source of amusement for all of ten seconds. “Well if it isn’t Lilaroo, Lily-Lally, Lil-Miss-Prefect!” he grinned lazily, still trying to decide just what nickname to use for her after all these years “And just what are you up to this oh so fine evenin’?’ he drawled, propping his chin in one hand.