Five Question Friday: The Librarian on the Run
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12 days into her skirts-only year and two months from a move, and still serene.

1. Can you tell us about your current position?

Currently, I’m job hunting for library positions in the Northern Plains/Midwest, since I will be returning home pending a military move across-country in 2 months!!

2. How did you get into librarianship?

My mom was a librarian for the Catholic schools in my small home town for over 25 years. One of the school libraries she worked at was my junior high/high school library. While working with the other head librarian, she found out that there was a library page position open at the local public library, and I applied. It started out as my first real part-time job, but evolved into my realizing that public service and librarianship was a calling, so much more than “just a job.” I grew up  in that first library job and I’ve continued to work in libraries ever since!

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Economist on the run?

The Librarian On The Run is an awesome blog I’ve been following since I started mine, she’s a lovely librarian who runs half marathons distances on a daily basis, and this has been lasting for years! 

Now that I’ve made up my mind with my studies… Wait, what? 
Oh yeah, I’ve decided to complete this year with my current majors (maths/economics) and to start this second year all over again with new majors (economics/management) in September, and I’m happy about it.

So… Now that I’ve made up my mind with my studies, and since a blog is a personal space where you can talk about stuff you like/love/enjoy/desire, I’m seriously considering talking about my passion for economics in this blog along my diet and running stories. I’m not sure of what’s going to come out of this combination but I really want to give it a try. 

To sum it up, I’m probably going to change the URL of this blog soon. I’ll make an announcement when I found a new awesome name. 

Also, feedback and opinions about this idea would be appreciated :D

thelibrarianontherun replied to your post: SO. After a week of laying on the couch crying…

Hey! How did your hives survive the party at the store?! Hope everything went okay! Those were some HIVES, MAN!

Somehow, it went better than ever. We sold out and had to turn people away, it was lively and there was a whisper campaign for an afterparty at my favorite bar where I was toasted (literally, not physiologically), people are raving about it all over the place…. it was amazing.  and thank you for asking!

I have two complaints. One, I had marriage counseling IMMEDIATELY before. Like, Alan dropped me off from marriage therapy at the bookstore. UGH.

Two, my guest author wound up having oral surgery that morning, so he arrived doped up on vicodin and occasionally BLEEDING FROM HIS FACE, which he was too drugged to feel, so I had to have one of my minions follow him around and whisk him away to the bathroom when blood would start dripping down his shirt. So, that wasn’t very fun. But! At least someone looked more freakish than I did with my hives!

(PO, if you’re reading this, which you aren’t I’m kidding, and you’re a TROOPER.)