I Hereby Retract any Support I’ve Ever Given to Gary Johnson

Listen, Gary’s a good guy that’s really likeable and has undeniably been one of the better state governors the US has seen in a very long time, but he simply isn’t the guy to carry the banner for Libertarians.  He doesn’t inspire.  He doesn’t communicate.  He’s an intellectual lightweight.  He’s an apologist for liberty, not a proponent of it.  This isn’t an issue of being a “non-pure” anarcho-capitalist Libertarian vs a Republican minarchist; I’m not concerned with nor interested in arguing to what degree of reduction of government size and influence is most beneficial - I will support any cut in spending, taxes, size, influence and power of government, and I’m sure Gary Johnson would do some of that.

Gary Johnson is spoiling this moment for Libertarians.  We have the two most unpalatable presidential candidates in history running neck and neck, people are dying to have a viable alternative and there’s Gary moaning on about how “sometimes government isn’t the most efficient manager” or how “there’s sometimes some unintended consequences when we get involved in regime change”.  Let’s not even get into the Aleppo gaffe and how he stumbled through that and then proceeded to go on an apology tour for a week.

Gary Johnson doesn’t understand the very core of Libertarian philosophy, namely the Non-Aggression Principle, nor does he apply the philosophy with any level of consistency in his political platform.  For fuck’s sake man, grab that foreign policy bull by the horns and make our position known!  Wars of aggression are immoral.  War abroad is the greatest threat to liberty at home.  War is what created this mess in the first place.  Wars on drugs, poverty, crime and any other “war” government engages in always ends badly.  These are the things any Libertarian should be able to knock out of the park blindfolded.  He doesn’t even mention the US Constitution!

Gary Johnson is a soft centrist republican, nothing more.  Bill Weld is basically a neoconservative republican.  This party does not represent Libertarian views, and it’s two candidates do not adhere to or inspire others to investigate or subscribe to Libertarian ideas.  The moment has been hijacked by ineptitude.  Gary Johnson does not inspire millions of millennials to read 1000 page treatises of economics, to understand the meaning and significance of the US Constitution and how it’s the most sublime document ever conceived by man.

Gary Johnson does not understand that Libertarian philosophy isn’t just the cherry-picked “good bits” from the left and right in that we’re “fiscally conservative and socially liberal”, that its a distinct philosophy of its own that has some things in common with both parties.  Gary Johnson doesn’t understand much about Libertarianism or the Libertarians that are begging, dying for someone to deliver this message we have for the world.

Gary Johnson is no Ron Paul, and Ron Paul was no perfect messenger - but our message is perfect.