thelegendoflink art

I had to go. 

I just had to. It was my job to stop this hacking idiot. I knew that I would get beaten up for interfering but I couldn’t let him do this anymore. This had to stop. But no matter what I did… he was always stronger than me.Now…he was right in front of me, with a big, wide smirk on his face. I could see it because I did damage his mask which pissed him off even more. The Virus took ahold of my red shirt, slightly lifting me up with such strength as I could feel his eyes, literally eye-fucking me. “V-Virus…” I began. “W-Why are you doing this..?” Virus’s smirk grew wider. “I believe that it’s none of your business, Anti-asshole. But know this… interfere with me again I will corrupt the fuck out of you and kill you, got that?!” Virus yelled, his voice echoing, creepily. I didn’t say a thing. I stood silent, with him still lifting me slightly as he would chuckle darkly. And with that, he threw me away and I just laid on the ground.. thinking it was completely over for me. ———————– TO BE CONTINUED?