List of all Hamilton ask blogs

I’m sure I don’t have everyone, so if you’re not on this list, or if you’re in the wrong category, let me know and I’ll update it.

FYI, @hamilask-roster keeps a running list of Hamilton ask blogs organized by alphabetical order that says their ages and whether they are sfw or nsfw

Google doc that includes relationships, who shot whom, etc. here

Update: I finally arranged it by alphabetical order. Children are arranged by alphabetical order of names, not by date of birth. I also added more detailed categories.

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“Hey, sorry I’m late. I thought I was going to get off work earlier and that didn’t happen.” Remy took a seat across from Eli, having hurried the rest of the way to the little cafe. “So, how have you been? Anything fun going on?”

Satisfied - Lams edition
Written: loudmouthhamilton
Satisfied - Lams edition


So the AMAZING @lesbianschuyler wrote a Lams version of Satisfied, and I decided to do a recording of it. Here is the full song! Hope you all like it! If it doesn’t work let me know and I’ll re-upload. (Also that’s not my art, I just thought it was cute.) Lyrics under the cut.

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Cool things abt the Hamilton RP community

-everyone is alive and somehow knows each other

-there are like three hamiltons and they all wanna have an orgy with burr

-mulligan (me) is that one drunk uncle that ruins christmas by yelling too much and like falling off of a table and ends up having to go to the er

-the rps are all amazing and really well written

-everyones just friends with everyone else??

-madison and jefferson are trying to deny that they’re dating and fail spectacularly

- @fuckboyaham‘s blog, like, in general

-the crack

-even though it is never talked about i would like to bring attention to my teacher au and the rp going with @ask-thelaurens

- sam seabury eats royal ass

-g wash and king george flirting

-everyone (especially jefferson) making fun of madison for being smol

-philip and theodosia being really cute together

-burr and hamilton trying not to kill each other bc their kids are together

-hamilton using his son to hit on burr

feel free to add more, this is in no way a complete list

Smthn gr8 about the HamilAsk blogs

br>@ask-alex-hamilton funny and kind and makes bad puns

@ask-aaron-burr is always happy to participate and is deliciously in character and gr8

@ask-lafayette so FUNNY AND WONDERFUL

@ask-john-laurens literally a muffin

@ask-philip-hamilton feisty and sweet and adorable

@fuckboyaham literally 100% hilarious Hamilton trash who graced us with funny stories

@ask-alexander-hamilton great and makes bad jokes?? And cute??

@ask-herc-mulligan so helpful and always there for everyone and so inclusive and is a cute bab

@ask-thomass-jefferson is patient and takes part in jokes and plays along w/ craziness

@ask-theodosia-burr small puppy. Must protect

@ask-charles-lee puts up with so much shit. (You’re a champ <3)

@ask-eliza-schuyler literally our mom. Has no flaws.

@ask-martha-wasington mom #2. Looks out for us and is adorable

@ask-maria-reynolds 10/10 hot and funny and beautiful

@ask-james-reynolds ur so faithful to ur fuckboy role amen praise your good acting

@ask-jmads cute and gay and gr8

@ask-king-george-iii hilarious and noble and so sweet and actually incredible.

@ask-thelaurens ur a nerd and ur hair is nice

@ask-henriette-lafayette cute adorable munchkin

@ask-adrienne-lafayette wonderful mom and hot?? Ur a milf ok

@ask-anastasie-de-lafayette cute Smol gay, keep it up.

@ask-alexandra-hamilton great and funny and sweet!

@ask-marthawashingtonsferaltomcat cute and fluffy. 8/8 gr8 m8
Ask-Hamilton accounts!

@ask-alex-hamilton @ask-thehamilton @fuckboyaham @ask-aaron-burr @ask-angelica-schuyler @ask-peggy-schuyler @ask-george-washington @ask-herc-mulligan @ask-lafayette @ask-john-laurens @ask-thelaurens @ask-t-jefferson @ask-j-madison @ask-king-george-iii @ask-sam-seabury @ask-maria-reynolds @ask-charles-lee @ask-georges-lafayette @ask-theodosia-burr @ask-philip-hamilton @ask-elizaholly-hamilton @askangieham @askpresidentjohnadams @ask–angelica–schuyler @ask–peggy–schuyler @ask-benedict-arnold

Satisfied - Lams edition
Writer: loudmouthhamilton
Satisfied - Lams edition

So the AMAZING @loudmouthhamilton wrote a Lams version of Satisfied, and i decided to do a recording of it. Here is (approximately) the first half of the song; the next part is really fast and I’m still working on getting the rhythms worked out. Hope you all like it! If it doesn’t work let me know and I’ll re-upload; i know there are some odd clippy bits. (Also that’s not my art, I just thought it was cute.) 

@ask-james-reynolds @ask-aaron-burr @ask-maria-reynolds @ask–george–eacker @ask-benedict-arnold @ask-eliza-schuyler @fuckboyaham @ask-alex-hamilton @ask-alexander-hamilton @ask-herc-mulligan @askpresidentjohnadams @ask-philip-hamilton @ask-theodosia-burr @ask–angelica–schuyler @ask-elizaholly-hamilton 

Closed starter for @ask-thelaurens


Oh god, she hoped that someone nice lived here. Or at least decent. She’d stolen some food from the wrong shop and now there were people after her and–oh fuck was that a gun she heard? She banged desperately on the door, praying whoever loved there would at least let her hide inside for a few minutes.

bodhirookdeservedbetter  asked:

DO IT (not the grope one tho please) ask-thelaurens

8. Kiss

Herc was drunk, that much was obvious.  He was out with his friends, Laurens, and Alex and Lafayette.  Alex and Lafayette had gone home, Laf being a lightweight and passing out already, and Alex needing to get some work done.

So it was just him and Laurens, just gotten kicked out of a bar (it wasn’t their fault, those guys shouldn’t have been saying those things in the first place).  Herc leaned against the park bench and looked into Laurens’ eyes.  He smiled and, very quickly and gently, pressed a soft kiss to John’s lips.


bodhirookdeservedbetter  asked:

Mon cher Adrienne, I know you are upset and worried about Lafayette. While I may not be able to provide the... Specific comfort you desire, perhaps there is something I can do all the same? ((Kissing and cuddling and making hot chocolate, stuff like that. He's just very worried about her.)) (ask-thelaurens)

*breaks down in tears* Mon, cher ami, John, merci! *hugs him hella tight and kisses his cheek.

bodhirookdeservedbetter  asked:

🗿(ask-thelaurens; I'm always a slut for OCs)

((At first I was like “should I use a different oc” but then I decided “fuck no I want to play as Damian.” So this is the protagonist of my superhero comic that I’m working on.))

Damian stayed in the shadows. The guy might have seen him, but that didn’t mean he actually had to show himself.

“Just… don’t call the cops, okay?”

He hadn’t done anything illegal (that the stranger had seen), but he was also snooping around what probably looked like a random back alley, which was suspicious to say the least.


bodhirookdeservedbetter  asked:

'Where does it hurt? Can you show me?’

Herc panted and put his hand on his chest.  “Here…  Right here…  It hurts my heart…”  He fell back into the chair, trying not to laugh.  “You’re hurting my heart bro.”


((Send me ❅ for my muse to cuddle up next to yours while asleep on the couch


They’d been reading together on the couch after dinner, until Susan had stopped mid-sentence with a huge yawn. John had tried to convince her to go to bed then, but she’d insisted on staying up, making him read to her for a few minutes.

Before she knew it she was asleep next to him, resting her head on his shoulder as she unconsciously cuddled up to him.