✿ | | gentlematriarch came back home | | ✿

     –Hearing the mild creek of the front door opening up, the little boy jumped to his feet, departing from the comfy couch he had been laying upon, bored, for quite some time now. He had been left at home, with not much to do, and was over the moon at the idea of aniki coming back early from his mission.

    With his little feed tapping away at the wooden floor boards, the boy approached the door, to be greeted with the warm smile of his dear mother. Honestly, at first, the boy felt a bit down that it wasn’t Itachi, passing through that door; but he always loved being able to get hugs from his mum, and always did feel more cheerful in her presence, too.

             “–Oh! Okaa-san!” he chirped, looking over to the bags in her hands.

   “Ano… what do you have in there? Do you need help?” his voice was full of life, and hope, as his black pearls sparkled up at the woman–he was always wanting to help, he always loved helping.