the-last-dragoness replied to your post: M!a: for 24 hours you are wearing a silly looking elf costume. If you try to change out of it, it will magically reappear.

Rose, what on earth…? Is there something I need to know about?

Oh dear God, please Liss, can’t you do something? Every time I try and take it off… just watch….

*rips off horrible tacky elf costume*


IT DOES THAT. It keeps regenerating. Can’t you zap it with spirit or something?

I screwed up...

Ivan had heard that his Aunt Lissa was at the Academy and he knew that he couldn’t pass up this chance to talk to her. He didn’t want this stupid fight to haunt him for the rest of his days - especially when he wanted to become a guardian. However as he moved across campus he also had his 24 year old self on his tail because of some witch magic.

“So who are we going to see?”

“Aunt Lissa”


“We got in a fight a few days ago..”

“Oh! Yeah - good times, that ass hole so had it coming.”

The seventeen year old rolled his eyes while the man reminisced and they both made their way up to the office that the Queen occupied everytime she was on campus. They both knocked and when they gained entrance walked in - both tense and seeming to be in Guardian mode.

Friendship is a Bond too || Drabble Request || Lissa x Rose

This actually turned out to be more of a one shot than a drabble, sorry it’s so long!


It was unusual for me to be awake and functioning so early in the day. Everyone who knows me is aware of how much I value my sleep, so much so that they generally go out of their way to avoid waking me up for fear of incurring my anger. But today I had something that had to be done, and if everything went according to plan, sacrificing a few hours of sleep would be totally worthwhile.  I was so determined to make sure things went off without a hitch that the night before I’d set my clock ahead by an hour and a half, in an attempt to fool myself into thinking I’d had my normal amount of sleep, and surprisingly enough, it seemed to have worked. For once I was out of bed before Dimitri—although I’ll admit it was hard to get up and leave with him laying there sprawled out across our bed. Even asleep the man looked sexy as hell, making me want to crawl right back in beside him.

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