A lot of people have found your office, River.
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River smiled softly, shutting her agenda for the upcoming week. She had finally gotten her lesson plans in order; now, her department head could back off. Though, it did feel good to be done with paperwork and able to do something when she left the office today. She tapped her fingers on the cover as she looked at who entered her office. “Hello. How can I help you? Professor Song, at your service.”

New Follower

River sighed slightly tapping her foot slightly as she waited in the queue at the reception of the hospital where she knew Rory worked. Andromeda had had a fever and seemed very restless over the last night and it had worried her but she couldn’t trust other doctors and nurses. She sighed as she got to the front of the line and was then directed to where Rory was working. She smiled when she saw him. “Hello Rory.” she said not wanting to call him Dad in case he didn’t know her.