3D nails via TheLaserGirls!

Here at Lady Geek Girl and Friends, most of our posts focus on geeky media. We hardly ever broach the topic of the techie side of geekdom. But it deserves to be talked about, because women and POC are still massively underrepresented in technological fields. When we think of techie geeks like hackers, tinkerers, and makers, we still think mainly of white men.

There are many reasons for this, but one that I’ve personally heard girls tell me is that they just aren’t that interested in technology careers. Most girls in our culture simply aren’t raised to like the hard edges and so-called ugliness of the “guts” that make up the insides of our devices. So how can we get more girls interested in technology? One way is to meet them where they are, with things they’ve already been socialized to like, in order to show that there is more than one “right” way to approach technology.

Enter today’s Web Crush: The Laser Girls. They 3D print acrylic and metal fingernails. Yeah, you read that right.

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Are you rocking the latest nail trend? #azarialamode #3Dprinting is a big deal now and it turns out, these high-tech devices can be used for really useful things like #nails. Want #3Dnaillart? You can get it, thanks to @TheLaserGirls #TheLaserGirls
#SarahAwad and #DhemeraeFord are digital artists from New York City. The girls have started a shop on nail site #Shapeways which sells all their #nail jewelry made by 3D printing.

How do they look? #instabeauty

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We have just embarked on a new fun project.  The 30 Minute Modeling Challenge! Each day both of us will choose 1 randomly generated word.  From there we get 30 minutes or less to create a 3D model inspired by the word.

First Topic is “Mutation”…

This is Dhemerae’s first model, “daisy” 

This model is inspired by the common misconception that the famous mutated flowers in Fukushima were created by the radiation leak there.  When in fact, mutations like these are not all that uncommon in flowers.  This type of mutation is actually caused by a process called fasciation.

Dhemerae’s 30 MMC is inspired by the word “innocent”

Me being a science-fiction nerd, when I thought about the word innocence, I thoughts about Ghost in the Shell.  Mainly because the second film was called “Innocence”, but also because of what innocence means to robots/cyborgs.  We tend to personify, pretty much anything around us, including machines.  When we personify them, we also tend to gift them with our own ideas of ethics.  I tried to create a machine that looked menacing, but also familiar.  Something that you could personify and imbue it with a personality, an ethical code, whether that be innocent (naive) or malicious.

This is a weird one folks…