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Tag, you're it! Share 10 facts about yourself and then tag 10 of your favourite followers. Cause you were one of my first followers & you're awesome. I love seeing you rebooble the wierd stuff that I rebooble and yeah you're just totes awesome }:-D

aw, so sweet. :)

okay. hmm…

1. i have an at home job that i hate. it’s bookkeeping (which is like accounting i guess?) and i hate it so much, but i literally don’t have any time to have a job that requires me to be somewhere else at a specific time, so i have to stick with this for now. :(

2. i drink a lot of tea, and i like pretty much all kinds. i haven’t come across any tea that i really can’t stand to have.

3. i bought my 3ds to play the new animal crossing game, pffft.

4. i drive a canadian car, so the speedometer is in km/hour instead of miles. so since i live in california, i’m always under the speed limit! haha, jk i just look at the small numbers on the inside of the dial.

5. i can’t do math in my head at all. i still have to do everything on paper. math makes me sad.

6. i’m the oldest of four kids (17 in two weeks!)

7. i really like character design. i like coming up with new characters all the time. (that’s why i used to want to be a writer.)

8. i don’t do well with really bloody movies or tv shows. also needles. stabbing things. etc. i barely survive watching snk.

9. i do really hilarious impressions of people all the time because i’m terrible. i’m good at voices though.

10. i am also very good at quoting spongebob. 

Zacharie Mask Eyes

(When people look at the lenses when the mask isn’t between them & direct light, they can’t see through them) More mask pics hear.

Someone asked me how made the eyes on the mask. Since I don’t know how to answer properly through the ask thing, here it is! }:-D

…shh I know I’m a tad tumblr impaired… 

So to make the eyes I used a pair of those flexible sunglasses that they sometimes give you at an optometrist’s office. They were given to me by a relative years ago and I have no clue where else you could get them. Sorry! :-(
They’re made out of a pretty flexible plastic so the were able to bend to fit the curvature of the mask. You could probably use normal sunglasses lenses if they fit well enough or were flexible enough to bend into the right shape. 

What I did was take a knife, cut off the arms, cut the front lens in half & cut off the stiffer plastic at the top & where the not-quite-nose-pad-things. 

(They’re super flexible) 

WIP of some glitchy dude who started out a girl and then started looking more manly and on a whim i added facial hair and now its a guy… yeah…

first time using corel painter 12 for anything other than scribbling 
everything just seems so complicated compared to what i’m used to…