Inequitable Want || Closed RP with thelandofheartsdesire

Victory. Victory. That was what they were calling it. King Roiben’s victory, the new Lord of the Night Court, he who had triumphed over the Lady Nicnevin, who had slaughtered her and her Knights, who had torn asunder the world order and rebuilt it anew, offering new unions, new appeasements, he who had refused to bend to even Silarial’s whim, his Queen.. And ye, it did not feel like a victory. It felt like a sentence. He, who was now immured within the Court he despised, and yet, where else could he turn? What else did h had, he who had fallen so far, so fast, who had built the ice around his heart and encased any and all emotion their, except for that one, single fissure, the weak spot that ran like a crystalline vein and ere it pulled by th root would be his undoing – The Pixie in mortal guise, so unsure, so unaware of her own world. And kind. Kindness.

Of all the virtues, kindness was not something that should be offered to the Unseelie Lord. For what, he questioned, had been done to deserve it? Perhaps, at one time, kindness would have been something offered him but now, with his hands pained with a sanguine palette, he deserved kindness no more than those who had bled at his hand deserved their demise. Yes, he had acted upon order, he had hardened himself to the cruelty and perchance, had tried to make amends, but now? Now he knew he had waded so far into the mire of his misdeeds there would be no turning back, he would simply sink into the fathomless depravity that enticed the members of his Court as he ruled them all. And yet, hope endured. Hope that all was not lost for him despite the ties he had made, once more by the forcing of his hand more than his wants, his choices, for he would not allow Silarial her victory this time. Hope that was offered in the form of a creature who knew so little, yet understood so much. Surely he could not drag her into such a torrid world – And yet, the world was her own.

And so, he waited. Waited in the hope that he would see her while the caprice of his emotions dictated he should not wish such a thing, that he should not drag the girl down into the depths of the struggle he had become embroiled in – Impending war between the Courts, the madness and cruelty that was the stem of the Unseelie Fae, she would be witness to all of it. Could he as any creature to bare such a burden in return for his meagre company, for spending an evening in his scathing presence? A sight passed his fine lips as his feet carried hi towards her home, her once home, the ageing timber subtly creaking in the sea breeze as he edged towards the window, climbing with inhuman grace to the ledge before he was weaving his way inside, serpentine and silent. Kay had left her mark on the little space, the scent of her lingered around the small space, the feel of her, and Roiben knew she was a comfort he should not seek.. Yet how did he keep from it? Without a word he lowered himself onto the bed, primly poised at the edge as he waited for the Pixie to arrive, is she would – She was almost more nomadic than the transients that littered the city streets. But then.. he could hope.