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Hi, Steph! I need to find a video for tomorrow and I can't find it! It's for an essay about queerbaiting that I'm writing and presenting at university. The video in question is the one where Mofftiss say John and Sherlock's relationship is definitely one of love, but not sexual. And then they say "Wait for s4!" at the end. If I'm not wrong, it dates from 2010. It was a question they answered for the public. Would you have the link?

Oh gosh, Lovely I’m so sorry, I have no idea, and sorry that I didn’t see this until now; it was an INSANE day at work so I didn’t get a chance to check my inbox.

You can see if it’s in my “sherlock videos” tag, otherwise, can anyone help out our Lovely here???

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Thanks, dear, one of your followers helped me found the video I was looking for. It's from a Q&A with Moffat and Gatiss at Clapham Picturehouse back in 2011, if you're interested. marcespot tumblr has it at /post/150728226764

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AH!! Oh thank goodness Lovely!! I didn’t want to disappoint; I got home late last night, and was doing things late, and by the time I finally sat down and went through my asks and saw it, I feared it was to late. I was all ready to reblog it this morning before work if no one found it for you! I am SO happy someone found it for you!! <3

Good luck on your presentation!! <3

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Update: Operation Norbury — thanks to @sherlock-is-my-pressure-point, we’re working on creating a site via firebase hosting instead of wordpress for now (because firebase is free, haha). I should secure the domain in the next few days (p.s. if you’d like to contribute actual dollars to pay for the domain please message me directly.)

What we will need to launch – contents, contents, contents! Here’s the site outline in case you didn’t see the previous post:

Our Mission

Holmes/Watson since 1887
- Queer reading in ACD canon
- Homosexuality in Victorian literature

Queerbaiting in BBC Sherlock
- Romantic Tropes used in Sherlock
- Queer Coding in Film applied in Sherlock
- Examining BBC/Heartwood Marketing Tactics (including Creator quotes)
- Meta Collections: (this is where we need to be very specific - how did the narrative/filmmaking techniques/marketing lead fans to believe the eventual culmination of Sherlock/John’s romance – links to resources in the sections above)


Calling for content creators, admins, researchers to generate submissions, and web developers to update and maintaining the site!

I’ve started a google group so we can coordinate directly  apology in advance that the UI of google group is atrocious, but I figured it’s likely the most accessible (only required a Gmail address) – if you have other suggestions please let me know. I’ve created posts highlighting tasks and positions needed - please check them out and sign up via reply.

Please message me so I can add you to the group, let’s get to work.

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Intriguing Photos of America’s Perfect Square Miles

Artists like to say they think outside the box. The anonymous photographer behind The Jefferson Grid is all about the box.

Well, the square, actually. His oddly addicting Instagram account is a steady stream of Google Earth screengrabs, each revealing an area covering exactly one square mile. It provides a riveting glimpse of landscapes that may look ordinary, even boring, from the ground while providing an easily grasped sense of scale.

The title is inspired by the top-down planning system established by theLand Ordinance Survey of 1785, which divvied up the vast prairies of the midwest into a neatly ordered checkerboard. Each parcel of land, suddenly defined by unnatural borders, began taking on a life all its own. “It’s fascinating that a survey system invented more than 200 years ago still affects the way things are organized and the way people live,” the photographer says.

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