babybatsy  asked:

Do you elves celebrate halloween? If you do, do you dress up in costumes and trick or treat? Although i'm guessing that monster costumes are strictly forbidden since they would likely cause a lot of problems... XD

Thranduil: Of course we do! The elflings go trick-or-treating (carefully watched so they don’t run too far into the forest), and I throw a Halloween feast, myself. Of course, the costumes are kind of complicated. No spiders, no orcs, no witches or wizards, unless of course, it is perfectly clear that it’s an elfling and not one of those creatures. 

Legolas: Ada had an unfortunate incident a few years back where he dressed up as an orc and was attacked by his own guard.

Thranduil: That was purposeful! I wanted to see how they’d react to an orc in the halls… and how well they could recognize their king…