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I know you have already done some, but I was wondering if you could do a series where you find proof of people of color in the respective Disney tales time periods. Since people are so adamant that Disney is correct in leaving people of color out due to "historical accuracy". *side: than you so much for this blog!*

The first problem here is that there mostly is no “respective Disney tales time period(s)”. 99% of the people who try to make the “historically accurate all-white history” argument just pick a totally arbitrary time/place origin based on whatever they visually associate with the film in question. Or they decide that the time/place origin of the story is “Medieval Europe”. Which of course is a span of about 1,000 years and encompasses a continent. You can’t really homogenize the entirety of that and still make any claim towards pinpoint accuracy. And then there’s the idea that a Disney film is necessarily based in the time and place that an original tale was assumed to have been “written” in (mythology and fairy tales don’t really work that way, FYI).

Secondly, there’s analysis along this specific line at feministdisney’s tumblr, although its topic overall is a bit more general. You’ll still find posts like this one that view Disney media from a sociological perspective when it comes to race and representation. MPoC is definitely meant to fuel critical thinking when it comes to representation of diversity in fantasy and historical media, but although I’ve had Disney-related posts, I’m not a Disney expert. I probably know more about the various permutations of the tales they’re based on than I do about the films in question, most of the time.

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So true.

Dragons, Elves: totally legit. Equality: NOO HISTORICAL ACCURACY BRO!