There had been an incident in the Panoptican. All she knew what it was being handled. Judging by the fact that there was no information to be found about it, she believed that, however aggravating having no information herself was.

She checked her schedule. Braxiatel was due. She sat back onto her chair and let her in.

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Romana had been frequenting the library quite a bit as of late. It was all she could do to keep busy, besides work on the TARDIS. But even the allure of the library was starting to lose it’s luster. She wanted to see more. How could she not? She was on Gallifrey, a Gallifrey still untouched by the ravages of war. The Gallifrey she knew and loved and had protected. Her very being ached to explore the lands where she grew up, to walk the Citadel where she did battle, to peer at the academy, where she worked so hard.

“My lady?" 

The voice brings her out of her reverie; it may still be a new one to Romana, but there’s absolutely no mistaking who it is. Her lips curve and she looks up from her novel, gaze falling upon the Lady Cardinal. She closes the book and places it gently down, head tilting a little, her expression a curious one. "To what do I owe the pleasure, Braxiatel? You’ve been frequenting the library almost as much as I have. She notes, especially since Braxiatel had discovered Romana’s presence.

The thought makes her smile.

"Am I not allowed to occasionally partake in a recreational activity, Romana?” Brax scolds, though her tone conveys that she’s teasing. “Even I need a break from the paper work, and the constant state of–”

“Being ‘on’.” Romana interrupts, crossing her arms and arching an eyebrow, “believe me I understand. Sometimes one needs to let their hair down after a long and hard day’s work. I was merely jesting.” She sits up a little straighter in her seat, gesturing for the other woman to join her.

The Cardinal takes a seat next to her, and Romana inclines her head, dropping her voice even though she’s fairly certain it’s only them in the room anyway, “I sense that you didn’t just come here to pick up a new book, Brax.”

And she’s satisfied to see Braxiatel blush. Just the faintest touch of color to pale cheeks.

“I did not.”

“Then why?” Romana asks, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear.

“… I wondered if you might accompany me to the… to the opera?”

Romana’s stunned into silence. Her brow creases and she stares at Braxiatel as if waiting for the other woman to say more, but then she realizes that the ball, is, essentially, in her court. She clears her throat. “I would… love to. But I’m under strict orders to stay on the grounds, Brax.” Her tone holds a note of warning, her expression a dubious one. “I’ve already disobeyed the Coordinator once,” her jaw sets, “she’ll likely throw me into a cell this time.”

“Leave Narvin to me,” Braxiatel quips, smoothing her hands down her robes and getting to her feet. “I’ll pick you up in twenty five spans?”

“I - ”

“Good.” And she sweeps from the room leaving Romana in a state of shock before she hastens to get ready. 

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Truth: Through all of my loyalties to you, and my betrayals against you -- what must you think of me, given all you know, and what I suppose I will have done?

I hold you in the highest regard, my trusted friend and adviser. It would take a whole hell of a lot for my faith to be shaken. And, though it’s fair to say we’ve had our… moments, know that I, will always care for you.