Kustom Klassic- Pool Party Klassic

Our Klassic Kustom Theme celebration is a 11th Pool Party Birthday Celebration. Some of our party in the box favorites are featured. Such as our large sign cupcake toppers & favor tags. We decided to be creative a create a chalk board sign in board and each guest ( total of 3) received a gift / favor bag of flip flops and sun glasses. What a fun party this was to put together… Making this a Kustom Klassic!

The Kustom Shop Klassics - Sweet Shoppe 1st Birthday!

This classic design was created for a special little girl 1st Birthday party celebration. This was one of our original party in a box collection. We created custom lollipop invitations & various other party items to customize this special celebration.  Using a colorful wrapping paper for the background design Created variety of cute colors for the party logo design.  This was a really cute theme for a special little lady! 

The Kustom Shop Klassics - O'Baby Shower -2009

Using the trending colors of baby blue and brown this was my breakout year of creating Personalized Party Decor. Trendy cupcakes with custom cupcake toppers, painted and hand written clothing pins, tissue paper wrapped toostie pops with personalized favor tags “Thanks for popping in” Advice cards with the theme logo and my very favorite maternity dress form. The dress form was inspired by the many wire dress forms featured on blogs that I admire, I decided to created my own using paper, printer, foam board and the infamous “wire hanger” It turned out for this occasion. Memorable Occasion Making it a Klassic for The Kustom Shop!